Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere And Not My Husband

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere And Not My Husband

Ever wonder why your dog follows you everywhere you go and not your husband? 

As strange as that may sound, dogs tend to pick favorites out of their family members even if its just you and your husband.

 Though it’s not a competition for a wife and husband to become a dog’s favorite, the truth is, the feeling of being less favored by our furry friend is not what anyone enjoys. Everybody wants to feel and look like the dog’s favorite!

So, Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere And Not My Husband?

 If your dog is following you around the house, you probably have nailed down four key puppy dog development factors that increase bonding between a dog and its owners. 

It’s all about how much effort you put in the dog’s socialization stage, how much attention you give your dog, what positive re-inforcement associations are you imparting, and what your overall personality connects with that of your dog breed. 

So, if your dog is following your other half and its making you feel like you are in the dog’s bad books, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details so you, too, can finally become your dog’s most sought after member of the family. 

And, in other cases, you probably just want to establish that you’re the leader of the pack and everyone is falling in line because they like your banter.

Our dog loves us all, but I also know that she follows my partner everywhere she goes, including guarding her by the bathroom door. As a watchdog, terriers are highly respected for their loyalty and commitment, feels like my partner has hired a personal protection detail to follow her everywhere she goes!

And, it’s not a secret in our house to tell who is in the toilet when our dog Tess is sitting on guard outside the bathroom!

Even the kids know that every time our Staffordshire terrier dog walks in our living room area, those sat next to my partner will be pushed over as the dog sandwiches herself in between.

 I remember when our firstborn child came home for the first time, even with the baby breastfeeding, and I sat on the opposite end of the room, our dog will always run to my partner and jumps on her lap every time she is sitting down.

 Though she was thrilled to have a baby home, you could also tell how unease she felt when she was wagged off by her favorite human friend away from the baby! It’s funny and mystifying at the same time how that little gesture destroyed the dog’s demeanor.

 At the back of my mind I would think how hard it must have felt for the dog. 

I bet it felt like she was losing the one person she favored the most to this human baby who seemed to have taken the shine off him every day. 

So, If you feed him, walk him, let him sleep on your bed…and do all the other fun stuff with your dog, the chances are that you will hit the right strokes of keys.

This is when the puppy’s brain receptors are actively engaged as part of their development stages where socialization, positive association and attention shapes the relationship of you and your dog.

On the other hand, pet owners can easily overlook key development stages in puppy dogs which occur in between 3-6 months of their life. 

Attachment and dogs choosing family favorites maybe a sign of jealousy tendencies that can trigger unnecessary attention-seeking behavior in dogs. 

This behavior also can manifest in the form of following you everywhere you go and includes guarding you when you go to the bathroom.  

Why Does My Dog Try To Get Between My Husband And Me?

 Having proven to your dog that you are the source of his best fun times and more, your dog is probably struck with cupboard love, and he is looking at you as a valued resource to your dog’s survival

When our rescue Staffordshire terrier came home, we knew very little about his past. But, one clear thing is how fiercely she guarded my partner.

 Every time we curled up on the sofa to enjoy Netflix or cable, our dog distracts us with his whining from the dog, it’s clear that this dog feels that my presence is threatening his resource

Resource guarding is an instinct among animals; infact, wild dogs, and other predators guard their kills. No wonder that most dog breeds guard their food bowls.

And some dogs will not only just jump at your lap every time you sit down. In fact, many pet owners have witnessed in awe when their dogs jump on them and immediately begin to lick them all over!

What Does It Mean When A Dog Jumps On You And Licks You?

If dogs had hands as humans do, they would give us thumbs up every time we do good. So for dogs, they use the only tools they have to explore the environment around them. 

 So, if your dog was to express her affection for you, you wouldn’t expect it to be her mouth she would use to express it! But that is exactly what dogs do! When your dog licks you, it’s likely they are extending affection and care towards you

Think of their unwelcome licking of toes or limbs as their way to clean you up as you bond. 

This is how the dogs know from when they are puppies, and their doggy mother actively indulges them in licking where the dog mother would use it as a bonding process while they were young pups.

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