White Small Dog Breeds: Facts to Know About White Dogs

For centuries, people have been fascinated with the idea of owning small white dog breeds. And that’s because Small white dog breeds offer many benefits to their owners including being easier to house train and carry around in public. This list includes some of the smallest white dog breeds available today. 

Can you imagine what it would be like to own a small fluffy white pet dog? As much more work as small and big white-coated dogs require on a daily basis, owning a cuddly white cute puppy is on most pet enthusiasts than you care to imagine.

If owning a snow-white puppy dog is something that appeals to you, then there are plenty of beautiful small white dogs out there who fall into the category of “adorable small white puppies to own this year.

The Yorkshire Terrier

Take the Yorkshire Terrier for example. This is one of those small white puppy dogs that you will find a lot of people mentioning as an ideal “pouch dog”. If you are looking to own a small white dog who can fit into your handbag, then you should definitely check out this breed.

The size and body mass of a full-grown white Yorkshire Terrier is ideal for the white dog owner who is always on the go. As lap dogs, the Yorkshire terrier is pretty content to spend as much time as they can snuggle up on their master’s lap.

Yorkshire terrier
Image of A White Yorkshire Terrier.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of those small white puppy dogs that are often referred to as “a big dog trapped in a little body”. This breed loves being around people and will follow its owner all over the house without getting too distracted by other things, such as food or toys.

However, this does not mean that it lacks energy. On the contrary, the Yorkshire terrier is an extremely active toy dog who requires breaks throughout the day for exercise and playtime.

As with any toy breed, the Yorkie needs to be trained from a young age as it matures into adulthood. In fact, young puppies tend to be more difficult than older Yorkies.

The White Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Needs.

As much as white fluffy dogs demand plenty of grooming and care, the white and fluffy Yorkie is no different.

This toy breed’s coat is made up of a double layer of hair, which makes it more difficult to maintain than other small white dog breeds. Furthermore, the Yorkie will not do well in hot and humid environments so it is best to keep this pet inside during summer days if you live in a place with high temperatures for most of the year.

The white Yorkshire Terrier should have its hair brushed on a weekly basis for proper maintenance.

If your fur baby isn’t used to being groomed often or doesn’t like being handled by strangers, then you need to get it accustomed to grooming from an early age so it gets used to having its fur tugged at.  Grooming needs include brushing the teeth at least two or three times a week to prevent tooth scale build-up. 

The nails of your fluffy Yorkie should also be trimmed once every month; otherwise, your dog will start to scratch your home furnishings or injure herself when scratching her ears and face with its claws.

Appropriate dog ear cleaning solutions may need to be used every now and then to keep the Yorkie’s ears clean from dirt and wax buildup that can accumulate over time.

You should wash the white fur regularly so it doesn’t get smelly as well as treat any skin issues it might have with proper health care products for dogs.

There are many specific skincare products for Yorkies out there including conditioners, moisturizers, and medicated scrubs you can apply directly onto your pet’s skin.

Also, remember that all these grooming needs can be met at a professional dog grooming near you, so you don’t need to worry about it too much.

How Big Do White Yorkshire Terriers Get?

The height of a white Yorkshire Terrier varies from 6 to 8 inches tall with a weight between 4 and 7 pounds. The breed is also compact and sturdy, so even though it is classified as a toy dog, you should not think of the white Yorkie as being fragile or weak.  As mentioned earlier, the Yorkshire terrier is an extremely active dog that needs daily exercise in order to stay healthy.

Is A White Yorkshire Terrier Right For Me?

So if you are asking yourself these questions about this breed of small white puppy dogs then it is safe to say that you might be thinking about owning one. The next thing you need to do is find a local breeder who sells them and visit it.

The Yorkshire terrier has some specific personality traits that might not be ideal for every dog lover. For example, the white Yorkie is not known to get along with other animals unless they are raised with them.

Furthermore, some puppies might develop a stubborn streak if you treat them differently than their littermates were treated or give them too much of attention during puppyhood. Keep in mind that as cute and cuddly as this breed is, it requires a lot of attention from its owner.

If you want a white fluffy dog but don’t have enough time to care for one then perhaps the Yorkshire terrier isn’t right for you. Yorkies are often stubborn and naturally become destructive if left alone at home too often.

So if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have enough time to properly take care of a dog, then perhaps you should get yourself another breed.

The Yorkshire Terrier Care and Training

Yorkies are not very big dogs, but they require an owner who is willing to put in the effort to train it as well as provide it with the attention and affection it needs on a daily basis.

When training your fluffy Yorkie make sure that you use positive reinforcement methods like treats and praise because dogs learn faster when motivated by their stomachs or by getting praised for a job well done.

The pet will quickly start associating good behaviors with rewards, so you need to be consistent when using these techniques if you want them to work. Also, never hit your puppy because this

The Bichon Frise

Another white fluffy puppy dog that many people consider as an ideal small dog is the Bichon Frise. Not only does this breed look cute with its extremely hairy coat, but it also looks good in any setting and with any outfit.

If you are looking to own a small pet dog that will be your travel buddy, then this is one of those white dogs who will get on well in all situations.

Image of A White Bichon Frise Walking on the Lawn.

Furthermore, a lot of people who have owned a Bichon Frise will agree that these fluffy white puppies make excellent therapy dogs too! As such, if you have children or elderly family members who need some extra care from time to time, then getting a Bichon Frise is a good idea.

How Big Do Bichon Frises Get?

This breed of small white dogs can be anywhere between 9 and 11 inches tall when fully grown, but in some cases, the height can get up to 13 inches or more.

Even though they are considered toy dogs, the weight of a Bichon Frise ranges from 13 to 20 pounds for females and 16 to 25 pounds for males.  

Because these dogs have fluffy fur coats, their weights vary so much from one dog to another depending on how healthy each dog is at any given moment.

Is A Bichon Frise Right For Me?

Just like with other toy breeds out there, if you want a Bichon Frise then you will need to have a house with enough space for them. They are known to get along well in small homes, so if you live alone or your apartment is on the smaller side then owning one of these dogs might be just what you need.

How Much Grooming Does A Bichon Frise Need?

In general, all white and fluffy dogs demand a considerable degree of care and grooming. So, if you are set on getting a Bichon puppy home, be aware that their furry white coat requires regular grooming routines and maintenance otherwise, they will look messy and unkempt more often than not.

If you want a dog who looks good all of the time, then this breed might be right for you. However, if you don’t like having to spend a lot of time maintaining your pet’s appearance then perhaps it is better that you go with a breed whose coats don’t require nearly as much care.

To summarize:

Bichon Frises do not need an excessive amount of grooming, but it’s still recommended to spend some time cleaning their coat on a regular basis and undertaking regular maintenance routines that require a brush or comb.

 They won’t be left alone at home long time if you are a busy working puppy mum or dad. So apart from meeting their grooming needs, you also have to take time out of your schedule just for them to get exercised and calm down their anxiety traits.

As mentioned previously, the Bichon Frise’s double-layered coat will need some trimming from time to time. If untrimmed, they can develop unsightly tangles in their undercoat which would make the situation even worse than when neglected altogether.

The Maltese

The popular small white puppy dog, the Maltese, is one of those breeds that you are sure to come across while doing your research on other small and fluffy white dog breeds.

Because there is such a huge demand for these puppies and because they are extremely small in size, it doesn’t take long before one becomes available.

If the idea of owning a small white fluffy dog that doesn’t shed its hair appeals to you, then one of these charming little critters should be at the top of your shortlist. If you have ever owned a Poodle or a Chihuahua then you will no doubt fall in love with

Image of A Maltese dog

The Maltese dog breed is a lovely little pet dog that has been loved by aristocrats and commoners alike for many, many years. It was particularly popular in Europe during the time period following World War II.

These dogs are yet another great choice for smaller pet lovers out there who like things on the more miniature side. They are adored and the most sought-after dog breed as they are a beautiful little white dog breed with hair that grows quite long and it has slightly rounded ears.

If this sounds like something that might appeal to your sense of cuteness, then owning a Maltese dog is for you.

How Big Do Maltese Dog Breeds Get?

The size of small and fluffy white dog breeds and their appearance can vary quite a bit. The Maltese is typically between 7-10 pounds. This means that it’s one of the smaller dog breeds in the world.

Although this adorable little dog will never get larger than 10lbs, you’ll want to watch out for puppies who are found to be significantly overweight or underweight as these conditions could cause long-term damage in adulthood.

Eating too much or not having enough food to sustain its nutritional needs can cause any puppy to become under or overweight which could lead to future health problems associated with being overweight such as diabetes or heart disease.

 It shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a vet who deals specifically with small dogs so you should have no problem getting affordable care for your Maltese puppy.

Are Maltese Dogs Hypoallergenic?

They are more hypoallergenic than would be expected from a dog with long hair. It is not just the hair, but also their dander that causes allergies.

The Papillon Small White Dog Breed

The extremely popular Papillon is another small-sized dog breed whose fluffy white coat makes him stand out from all other dog breeds. This little pup can be trained to follow a range of commands and he definitely requires regular grooming.

Because these dogs have such long coats, it means they will shed quite heavily when it comes to maintenance routines like brushing and combing. So you need to keep an eye on them as well as dealing with their shedding hair if you want them to look good all of the time.

As always, if you do end up getting your hands on one of these cuties then make sure you take good care of them. Otherwise, they will have a tendency to look messy more often than not.

Image of Papillon dog on the road

Overall, the Papillon is another breed of a small white dog that you should consider if wanted to get yourself a snow-white fluffy dog or puppy because he has been around for so many years and is also very popular. It is also one of the most hypoallergenic dogs.

Papillons produce little dander which would cause an allergic reaction on your skin if you are sensitive to allergies like asthma. If kept properly groomed they do not shed much hair at all and it makes great family pets.

The Shih Tzu 

If you want a dog who can keep up with you as well as be the perfect companion for your children then the Shih Tzu is a good choice. Their small size makes them perfect for homes with kids and their sturdy nature means they can take the rough and tumble that kids will give them! The Shih Tzu also has a long muzzle which gives them an adorable snubbed nose that is sure to melt your heart.

Shih Tzus are playful dogs so require regular exercise but are loyal, affectionate, gentle, loving, and protective of children in particular. They tend to be on the more stubborn side when it comes to training so patience and persistence may be needed here.

Image Of Shih Tzu on a sofa

As well as being extremely companionable dogs Shih Tzus have been used as service dogs for people who are blind or deaf. Due to being bred purely

Still, their very nature enables them to live alongside people who have allergies without causing any problems whatsoever.

If you own a white Shih Tzu puppy, then it will need grooming on a regular basis to keep its coat in good condition and looking beautiful at all times while keeping knots and tangles at bay.

As is the case with other small white dog breeds that have long and fluffy hair, the Shih Tzu also require frequent brushing or combing of their coat if they are not to shed their hair excessively inside your home or car.

If they do become untidy then this could be quite problematic as it will eventually lead to them developing an unpleasant odor about themselves that can cause embarrassment for a lap dog that enjoys cuddles.

The Chihuahua

White Chihuahua puppy dogs are the perfect choice for people who are living in a small apartment or home but still want a dog that will provide them with plenty of love and companionship.

Chihuahua puppies need to be provided with daily exercise so it is important to factor this into your day-to-day routine when you own one of these dogs. However, they are very happy being active either inside the home or outside as long as their owner is there keeping them company.

An interesting fact about Chihuahua dogs is that they were bred from two other dogs: The Techichi, which was found in central Mexico, and the Chinese crested dog, which originated in Asia. As such they have combined features from both breeds. 

Image of a snow-white Chihuahua Dog

Due to their size, Chihuahua dogs are often misjudged by people who aren’t aware of their true nature or history.

Chihuahuas make excellent companions for elderly people with health problems and the elderly in general as they are very gentle loving and loyal dogs who like to give affection to others. As well as being known for their friendliness, attentiveness, and independence; they are also thought of as slightly mischievous due to how inquisitive they can be and how easily amused they become when you take them out walking!

Unlike some other small white dog breeds that shed hair on a regular basis, Chihuahua puppies do not shed all that much which means that you don’t have to spend hours keeping up with untidiness inside your home. However, it is still a good idea to brush their coat every couple of days to keep knots and tangles at bay!

Even though this article was focused on small white dog breeds, you may be curious as to whether or not there are any large white dog breeds available – well I’m glad that you asked! Yes, there are several large white dog breeds out there but one of the most popular ones has always been known as the Great Dane!

It’s no secret that owning a small white dog is a very popular decision among dog lovers, but before you make the commitment to getting a small white dog of your own, you should always do some research into their breed characteristics and care requirements.

If you are careful about these things then it will be no problem at all for you to find yourself an adorable little lap pooch that is going to bring joy and happiness into your life!

If, on the other hand, you prefer not having too much hair around your home or car then the Shih Tzu might be more up your street as they don’t shed quite as much as some other breeds.

On the one hand, this can be beneficial because there won’t always be so much mess inside your home – on the other hand though, it

The Pomeranian

Pomeranian puppy dogs are extremely popular with all kinds of pet owners around the world. They are small in size and have a beautiful white fluffy coat that makes them look like miniature snowballs!

In fact, Pomeranian dog puppies are more commonly referred to as Pom dogs or ‘Poms’.

The word “Pomeranian” is actually quite difficult to translate into English because it originated from the Polish language. However, it is believed that this breed got its name from the region known as Pomerania which is situated in modern-day Poland bordering Germany.

Image of a Pomeranian Dog

Pom dogs make excellent companions for elderly people who don’t want much exercise due to poor health or general old age, but still want some kind of company around the house. In general, these types of small white dog breeds are very easygoing, friendly, and like to interact with people as much as possible.

Despite their size, they tend to bark quite a lot – which is something to consider if you live in an apartment block or somewhere where it might upset other neighbors!

In terms of grooming these little dogs, daily brushing is usually enough to keep their coats free of knots and tangles, but some owners choose to have them professionally groomed on a regular basis too.

Although Pomeranian puppies can be prone to showing aggression towards others from time to time, they are expected to build positive bonds with family members because they love spending time with the owner bonding with them, and making sure that everyone is healthy emotionally too. An interesting fact about this small white dog breed is that it has been known to be particularly good at detecting when people are sick long before the symptoms even manifest themselves outwardly!

This makes them popular amongst doctors who may ask their patients if they own a Pom dog so that it can act as a kind of ‘surrogate nurse’.

One thing that you should bear in mind is that Pomeranian dogs can shed quite a bit, but this is not usually an issue if you keep up with grooming on a regular basis!

West Highland White Terrier Dog Breed

The West Highland White Terrier dog breed is a Scottish breed of dog originally used for hunting small game such as foxes and badgers. The Westie was bred to hunt and kill vermin in farms.

The origins of this dog breed are still debated by experts, but some of the earliest descriptions of its appearance suggest that the West Highland White Terrier is one of the oldest breeds to have originated on the British Isles.

There is, however, a consensus that it came from initial cross-breeding between an older Scottish terrier breed called “toonie” (from which most other Scottish terriers descend) and old English white working terriers crossed with Skye Terriers in Scotland during the 19th century. It also has elements from Airdale Terriers, Dandie Dinmont Terriers and Bedlington Terriers.

Picture of A West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier dog breed (or Westie) can be easily distinguished from other white terrier breeds. It is smaller, with a more profuse coat covering its whole body.

The ‘toonie’ had been bred as an all-purpose predator capable of hunting any animal from fox to badger. By contrast, the modern WHWT is considerably smaller and tends only to hunt foxes and similar vermin; it was reclassified in the 20th century by the Kennel Club as a Fox Terrier instead of a Scottish Terrier. This has led to confusion among fanciers about what precisely is meant by “Scottish”.

The name has been used for the breed since at least 1857, before which it was known as “Roseneath Terrier”. An early reference to the name is found in Alexander Anderson’s The Scotch Deibrds, published in 1837.

In his 1925 book The Dog, Captain Bingham refers to the West Highlands and says: “The dogs are mainly of one variety (West Highland White), though there is a sprinkling of black-and-tan and brindle specimens.” Bingham goes on to describe these dogs further. They were small with thick coats and very good tempers. Later writers have suggested that they had one or two white feet, but this may not be correct.

Whatever their origin, by 1900 these terriers were well established in the area around Argyll. Traditional working terriers were often hard-mouthed, small, and muscular, with heavy bones for holding onto burrowing prey even if they had to dig through deep snow.

Captain Bingham’s description suggests that by 1925 these qualities had been lost; the breed was no longer used as a hunter or vermin controller. It has been suggested that this change may have been brought about by legislation from 1881 onwards which made it necessary to make licenses available for hunting foxes and that those who wanted such dogs simply resorted to importing them when numbers of native animals fell dramatically.

In 1907 the Kennel Club accepted two West Highland White Terriers, Ch Lochnell Lassie, and Ch Cassencarrie Bobby, into the studbook. In 1911 they accepted the first club dedicated to registering and promoting them as a breed, the West Highland White Terrier Club.

In 1919 The Kennel Club recognized it as a pedigree breed with separate classes for male and female dogs (unlike some other breeds that were registered simply on their color).

West Highland White Terrier’s White Coat Care.

The West Highland White Terrier is a small, white dog breed that needs special care to maintain its coat. The best way to keep their coats clean and nice looking for the long term is with dry shampooing every 3-4 weeks using products like FURminator deShedding Shampoo or Bathing Beauty Grooming Spray. These two are great because they moisturize as well! Unlike Bichon Frise, Westies are small active dogs with a white coat that is easy to manage without compromising this dog’s fluffy coat long-term.

Originally bred for hunting small wild animals, these adorable dogs have now earned a deserved popularity across many American homes just as much popular as the American Eskimo dog is or the Japanese spitz which is also a popular medium-sized white dog breed with an impeccable white coat.

Do West Highland White terriers bark a lot?

Barking dogs are not ideal for homeowners living in high-rise apartment buildings. No wonder that those looking at West Highland White Terrier puppies want to know if these dogs bark a lot?

In general, Westie terriers bark a lot. They are one of the most talkative small white dog breeds out there. The barking and yapping of these dogs can be very annoying for other people living nearby. Westies bark loudly at anything that moves or changes around them.

Before you decide to take a puppy home from a breeder, consider if your neighbors will appreciate an animal literally turning on the ‘barking machine’ all day long. If yes, then go ahead and choose this little cute ball of fluff as your new family member!

Are West Highland White Terrier Puppies Good Family Dogs?

Wonderful family pets are one of the most sought-after traits for any perfect dog breed out there. So, when families go out looking for ideal puppies to add to their family, they are not just searching for any small white dog breed with four legs on and a double coat. Families are always on the lookout for a small white dog that is originally bred to be easy to train, loves being around people, and other dogs if it’s a home with multiple pets.

In a nutshell, the West Highland White Terrier Puppies are the perfect choice for those who desire family-friendly pets!

These adorable little balls of joy can be trusted to keep watch over your home while you are away and won’t cause any damage or destroy belongings. They are loyal, cuddly, affectionate, and watchful of intruder activities despite needing plenty of love and attention from their owners who often get rewarded with unconditional affection.

A well-trained Westie puppy can become one of the best small dogs for families with children at home. Westies usually like playing games with kids, including tugging play toys on strings, running in circles or entertaining themselves by chasing each other around the house and garden. Their high level of energy means that the owners have to take them out for regular walks and playtime in order to burn off excess energy.

West Highland White Terriers can be left alone at home while the families are away at work or school since they hardly ever bark or show any signs of separation anxiety.

The Westie’s terrier spirit means there is a chance it might not like visiting dog parks where other dogs may challenge them, which leads us to how well do white westies get along with other dogs?

Do West Highland White Terriers Get Along With Other Dogs?

Unlike other dogs, siblings belonging to the same litter usually take turns lording it over each other, until one of the older ones decides enough is enough and takes charge of all pack activities.

There is no harm in allowing Westies to play with other dogs since their size and lack of aggression make them less likely to seriously injure others during playtime. Their small stature means they are more easily overpowered by larger breeds in dog parks, so you might want to keep your Westie away from those kinds of public spaces.

Do not leave young pups alone or unsupervised around another dog until there is a high level of trust between the two animals. It takes time for dogs to form that bond which usually comes after extended interaction and a lot of supervised interactions where both owners are present at all times.

West Highland White Terriers don’t get along well with cats as they have a high prey drive. Don’t leave your cat alone with Westie puppies, or you may return home to find scratches and bite marks on your poor kitty.

Do West Highland White Terrier Dogs Shed A lot?

Though most dogs shed, the West Highland White Terrier dogs maintain a clean, thick white coat that sheds a lot less compared to other gorgeous dogs like the double coat of the American Eskimo dog or the Japanese Spitz which is also has a double coat.

They maintain a smooth coat all year round and are easy to groom than other fluffy white dog breeds with curly white hair. The West Highland White Terrier is one of the oldest dog breeds with a thick coat and curly hair. They have a soft coat that is gorgeous to look at among the many small dog breeds with white coats.

Are West Highland White Terriers Intelligent Dogs?

West Highland White Terriers are intelligent dogs. They can be trained to do tricks, learn new behaviors and commands quickly, as well as perform general household tasks. Westies also enjoy learning because they like the attention that comes with completing a task or trick for their owners! However being an extremely high-energy breed requires them to get lots of exercise – so it is important for humans not only to train these small terriers but provide them plenty of time outside each day too. So if you’re looking for an energetic pup who enjoys pleasing its owner then don’t look any further than this fluffy white dog who’s ready to teach you how much fun life in a part-time human can be!

Toy Poodle: The Perfect Dog Breed For Families.

Unlike the West Highland white terrier, a Toy poodle is one of the smallest white dog breeds that was originally bred in France. They were bred to be companions for French royalty, and have since become popular around the world for their white coats. Despite their size, they are one of the most intelligent breeds out there! The American Kennel Club registered the Toy Poodle dog breed in 1887. They have loose hair and most toy Poodles have an average weight.

Image of a white fur Toy Poodle

These adorable dogs, come with a gorgeous coat and are incredibly cute dogs that make a great pet for families. They get along with both children and adults and will respond well to obedience training far much better than other white fur dog breeds like the American Eskimo who is a notoriously stubborn dog with a white hair coat.

Apart from their Wiley white fur, the toy poodle is intelligent, they are easy to train, and have the ability to be a good watchdog, making them perfect pets for companionship and guard dog. Though they are not a large dog, this breed of dogs require less exercise than other solid white breeds of dogs

Toy Poodle’s Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for Toy Poodles is way better than other pets. When looked after well, Toy Poodle’s life expectancy can be as long as up to 15 years. Compared to other solid white dog breeds, Toy Poodles come with few health issues that would keep them from living this long! Compared to the American Eskimo dog breed, these dogs enjoy a relatively long lifespan.

This breed makes an amazing companion for families with children

The toy poodle is a small breed of dog that was originally bred in France. They were bred to be companions for French royalty, and have since become popular around the world.

Despite their size, they are one of the most intelligent breeds out there! These adorable dogs come with a gorgeous coat and are a favorite for those who want a dog but live in an apartment.

If you’re still on the edge of whether or not to adopt this breed, read through the reasons why they are great dogs below!

They have a coat that can be cut short and it will grow back to normal.

These small pups only need minimal grooming, which is great for those with allergies.

They are incredibly intelligent and will make you feel like a genius when training them.

They can live in an apartment as long as they get the necessary exercise, but also enjoy trips outside

They love other types of dogs, except for small ones! If your friends with big breeds come to play, don’t worry.

Do White Dogs Hear Better Than Black Dog Breeds?

West Highland white terriers are one of the breeds of dogs that hears much better than most dogs.

This is achieved by using more advanced auditory abilities which enable them to pick up on a larger variety of sounds even at greater distances.

It is said that white dog breeds do hear better! Despite the obvious advantages, this heightened sensitivity makes them more likely to get startled in loud environments and become destructive if not provided enough care and attention from their owners.

In other words, it means they will need companionship and plenty of gentle handling when indoors.

Other Adorable Small White Puppies You Can Buy

Apart from the popular white Maltese, Papillon, or a Bichon Frise, there are other popular small and large white puppy dogs that make excellent pets for homes of all kinds.

But, if you are shopping around for a puppy dog for any woman, then it makes sense to get a small white and fluffy lapdog than getting a white German Shepherd or the adorable black German Shepherd.

Woman pet owners make excellent lap dog ownership as these dogs love being around people and warm up quickly to new faces it meets; in fact, the more attention this toy breed gets from its owner, the happier it will be.

Nonetheless, all dogs will still need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day at minimum for your puppy to stay happy and healthy.

As long as its hair is brushed on a daily basis with some specific brush sizes made for dog fur brushing, then the journey to owning a small white puppy dog should not need frequent trips to figure out how to better be the best pup mum or dad this year.

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