White German Shepherd VS. Black German Shepherd

white German Shepherd VS. the Black German Shepherd dog?

Wondering which puppy dog to get between the white German Shepherd VS. the Black German Shepherd dog?

White german shepherd puppies and black German shepherd puppies are fast becoming a household puppy dog to own for those looking to have a white fluffy dog or a black adorable black shepherd dog. And if you are looking to buy an alsatian puppy dog this year, a white or black german shepherd is the most adorable color to get. But, which color is better, black german shepherd or white german shepherd?

The white German Shepherd dog is better than the Black German Shepherd. The fluffy white color aside, all White German Shepherd dogs are temperamentally more calm and mellow than the Black German Shepherd. The same can be said about other popular German Shepherd dogs. This large white dog breed is the product of a recessive coat color gene, rare for dog breeds. 

However, with the popularity of big white dog breeds rising, white german shepherd puppies for sale are in demand. Still, the Black German Shepherd and the fluffy white german shepherd puppies are not true German Shepherd dogs’ true colors.  

Naturally, this dog breed tends to be black and tan, while the solid black color is more dominant in single-colored black german shepherd dog.  

On the other hand, the white german shepherd puppies result from the recessive white gene acting as a mask, blocking the dog’s actual color and pattern and causing it to appear white.

Alittle About White German shepherd Puppies

Sometimes called the Alsatian puppy, the German shepherd puppies’ parents are originally from Germany as the name suggests. Their parents are working dogs; they were originally developed for herding sheep. 

Because these dogs have got a lot of strength and are very intelligent they are generally preferred all around the world for many types of work that include disability assistance, police search and rescue as well as military roles.

German shepherd Puppies Lifespan

 If German shepherd puppies are well taken care of they can live up to 14 years as this breeds lifespan is 10 to 14 years. When they are born, these puppies come in a variety of colors such as black, black and tan, grey, tan, sable, as well as black and silver. 

This breed is very beautiful and loved globally mostly because of its appearance intelligence and strength. 

When they are grown their ears become pointy but when they are born they are born with ears down and before they reach four to five months their ears should be up.

  German shepherd Puppies Feeding

In order for these puppies to grow up and be strong you have to feed them high quality kibble, the kibble should not be the one that is meant for larger dogs but it should be the one that is meant for small sized dogs.

The feeding patterns should be the same each and every day this is so that your puppy can get used the routine and not get lazy when they have to eat.

If you adopted the puppy you should keep the same diet the puppy was eating before you adopted them, you should consider keeping this diet even for the adult dog. If you want to change the diet then it is better to do so after a few weeks of the adoption.

You will find that there are a lot of different opinions on what to feed your German shepherd but at the end of the day only you can make the right decision for your puppy. If you are not sure then it is best to seek advice from a vet doctor this should help make your decision easier.

While there are many good quality kibble diets they are not always the best. There are some foods that you should never ever feed your puppy according to the FDA; these foods could cause a serious heart condition that is called canine dilated cardiomyopathy DCM.These foods may include peas, potatoes, lentils as well as grains.

There are also some foods that can help reduce the risk of dysplasia and these foods include raw BARF however it may be a bit difficult to regulate a BARF diet to ensure a slow and steady growth rate in German shepherd puppies.

Most dog owners ofen wonder if feeding their GSD puppies homemade food is safe, but research in the past has shown that poorly balanced homemade diets have proven to be very harmful to these puppies.

 But, don’t just take my word for it! It is possible to provide a nutritional tailored puppy diet to your puppies There is a lot of information that is available to anyone who is willing and able to produce a safe as well as balanced meal for these puppies.

These dogs are considered one of the most intelligent dogs very spirited as well as agile

German Shepherd Puppy Appearance, Build, Height And Hair Type

The German shepherd is usually longer than it is tall and this is so to fully grown dogs of this breed. They have got a proportion of a 10 to 8 and a half. 

There is no standard weight range for this breed set by the AKC . These dogs have got a domed forehead and a long square-cut muzzle with a black nose as well as strong jaws.

These dogs come with eyes that are medium in size and brown in color, like most dog breeds they have got ears that are erect and large; the ears are open at the front as well as parallel but are often pulled back during movement of the breed.

This breed has got a very long neck, longer than most dog breeds, when you own this breed you will notice that the neck is usually raised when the dog is excited and it is lowered when the dog is moving at a fast pace or when it is stalking prey. The tail of the breed is bushy and it reaches the hock of the breed.

When it comes to the coat these dogs have got a double coat which is close as well as dense, it has got a thick undercoat. This coat can be accepted in two variants which is medium and long, the gene for long hair is recessive which is why the long haired variety is rarer. 

The treatment for the long haired variation differs across standards, it is accepted however it does not compete against standard coated dogs under the German as well as the UK kennel clubs mean while it can compete with standard coated dogs but is considered a fault at the American kennel club.

Care Basics

As a white large dog breed, the German shepherd need to be groomed at least once every 6 months, they also need brushing at least once every week most of the year. These dogs have got really perfect teeth compared to other dogs so you can keep these teeth in great shape by brushing them at least twice a week.

These puppies have got a very high prey drive so they need to be kept on a leash when they are taken for a walk or exercise, they also need to be kept in a fenced environment or yard so they do not wonder off chasing children or anything at all.

Temperament And Personality

German Shepherd puppies are known to be very loyal especially when they are fully grown, they are also steadfast as well as vigilant, and this dog exemplifies the faithful Fido.

A lot of people German shepherds because they make very good companions, family dogs as well as working dogs.

They are very energetic and playful when they are still young so they make perfect pets for those who have got young kids at home; they are also athletic and very active.

These puppies are also known to have above average intelligence especially when they are all grown up that is why they are most used by hunters when hunting, they are also largely used by police to sniff out staff such as drugs or buried things.

They are easily trainable so if you get yourself this puppy you will enjoy working with it, they just require positive reinforcement training methods and some treats for rewards of any good behaviour.

You will just love them for their protective spirit, they are also very friendly and sweet, they like to be around their owners making sure they are all safe and sound. They are also very trusting and so affectionate so if you are one of those people who are looking to get a dog that will cuddle with you in winter then this is definitely the one for you.

As playful and active as they are they are also easily bored if they are not given something to do which may lead them to barking a lot or simply just chewing.

They can also be rowdy and rambunctious especially while they they are still young. They can also be over protective of their owners or family if they are not socialized properly and scare off some visitors. 

If they are not trained properly from a young age to recognize that their owner is in charge these dogs can be very stubborn and not follow orders as they should so it is better to let them know who is in charge while they are still puppies. They must also be socialized to recognize other pets if not they might end up looking at them as prey.

Adopt A German Shepherd Near You

German shepherd puppies can be found for adoption in nearby vets, before they can be adopted ,the veterinarian have got to treat the puppies for any illnesses and let the owners know about the perfect diets to raise these puppies to reach their full potential.

Buying A White German Shepherd vs Adopting A German Shepherd

White German Shepherd puppy breeders are rare to find locally, still lots of people prefer to buy their white large dog breed from when they are puppies. 

Though it does require a lot of planning and searching for reputable white large dog breeders, once you get away things such as paperwork as well as welfare checks out of the way with a local breeder the wait is worth it. 

After all, adopting a dog comes with a lot of paperwork and the vet may need to check the family or the environment in which the puppy is being adopted into.

Advantages of buying a puppy

  • You get to choose what coat colours the puppy comes in
  • You get to choose whether the puppy should be a female or male

Advantages of adopting a puppy

  • The puppies are always adopted into perfect model homes
  • Adoption gives a chance for many more puppies to be adopted
  • Adoption is also very safe for pets as they cannot be adopted just by anyone

Both adoption and buying of pets have their own advantages but it is always better to adopt, more dogs find good homes because of adoption.

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