What’s the most hypoallergenic dog?-The Complete Guide To The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds With Pictures.

What's the most hypoallergenic dog?

Hypoallergenic dog breeds is the rage right now, and for good reason, many pet owners believe that if you can choose a good dog breed that does not shed more dander and her coat, then you can avoid all types of pet allergies. 

So if you are looking for the best hypoallergenic dogs, here are a few of the most popular dogs:

  • Komondor
  • Poodle
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Puli
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Shih Tzu
  • Wire Fox Terrier
  • Yorkshire Terrier

Can you be allergic to a dog?

Yes! Many people are known to being allergic to a dog or cat. Even though many people believe that dander, length of dog’s hair are the real problem to causing allergic reactions. The real calprit of pet allergies is dog saliva or pet urine from dogs and cats with a high concentration of a protein compound.

Contrally to popular beliefs, allergies in pets are due to a protein that is found in dogs or cats. So, if you thought that your allergies would not occur as long as you had a dog breed that does not shed more dander, you are wrong! In fact, Mayoclinic makes it very clear that there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed.

The one thing I know after thorough research into dogs that trigger allergies is that there are some individual dog breeds that have little to no protein compounds and its these dogs that seem to cause fewer allergy symptoms than others. 

So, Do hypoallergenic dogs have dander?

Yes! hypoallergenic dogs have dander as there is no dog that is 100% hypoallergenic and dander free. The great news is that it’s possible to find less-allergenic dog breeds as long as they do not have higher levels of a certain type of protein concentration in their saliva and tongue as any sniff or lick from that dog will surely trigger an allergic reaction.

 Though it is common that people promote the idea that getting dogs that have a predictable, non-shedding coat and produces less dander means you will avoid allergenic instances is baseless

Understandably, the theory that Dander which clings to pet hair is what causes most pet allergies in people is a lot easier to subscribe into.

No wonder that there is no shortage of pet owners who think that if they suffer from any form of pet allergies, then those allergic reactions are triggered by a dog’s or cat’s fur. 

Sadly, there is no merit to dander or fur causing allergies to humans. But the real source of pet allergies according to published reports, is a protein type that’s present in your pet’s saliva and urine of dogs and cats.

When it comes to making a choice about adopting a dog, a lot of factors can be considered based on personal preferences or type of living accommodations, among other things. Most people choose dogs based on their allergies.

It is always important to know whether you are allergic to dogs or not because this will determine the type of dog breed that you should get.

A lot of dog breeds cause allergies but other dog breeds can suit people with allergies and these are called Hypoallergenic dog breeds 

A hypoallergenic dog is a dog breed with a coat that produces less dander than that of other dogs, and their coat does not shed. 

This makes them a friendly breed around allergic people because it is the dander that causes allergies like a running nose or itchy eyes when in close contact with the dog which is always very annoying.

The other benefit of having a hypoallergenic dog is that, as I said, it produces less dander and its coat does not shed. 

This means you won’t have the tough time of cleaning fur every time the dog sits on the living room couch so you can keep that vacuum cleaner away longer.

Since it has been said that other people are more allergies than others, there are also breeds of dogs that produce more dander than others but despite being allergic to dander, you have so many varieties of dog breeds to choose from which will suit you. I have listed the 10 breeds below:


These can offer great companionship and can be big or small depending on what your preference is. 

Hypoallergenic Poodle

Smaller poodles obviously produce less dander and shed on a minimal other than bigger ones which makes them a very common choice to allergic people. This means that they also need less grooming. 

On a side note, poodles are very easy to train because of their fast learning capabilities. They are also very intelligent and can be left around kids. This makes them excellent family pets.


 Naturally, Havanese dogs seem a lot of hard work to keep them well-groomed. And with long hair coats, there is no way to keeping them nicely groomed without an established grooming routine that includes brushing out their fur and cutting clips of her coat routinely as it is essential. 

Now, as this dog breed’s fur grows very fast historically, you would think that they can cause allergies. And the good news is that Havanese are hypoallergenic. 

As long as you can keep up with brushing, you are assured of keeping the fur from becoming tangled an occcurence which is common in Havanese dogs. 

All in all, anyone looking for cute dog breed, that is smart, loyal and hypoallergenic, Havanese have been the best choice. 

And as a bonus, this dog breed is also known for having minimum shedding of their hair as long as you take time out to get your Havanese dog groomed all the time.

But that is not all! Havanese dogs are a household dog breed and here is why?

  • Dogs are good dogs for people that like go out. If you are looking for a dog that likes to spend time outside and will go on long walks with you, this is the right breed.
  • On the other hand, Havanese dogs are synonymous for their playful so don’t forget to carry that Frisbee with you when you leave the house.

3. Maltese Dog Breed

These small white dogs are very friendly to the whole family and their fur is more hair-like which makes them very easy and fun to pet.

At the same time, their hair-like fur enables them to shed less than non-hypoallergenic dogs which makes them perfect for allergic people

Another thing is that they are very playful and lovable which makes them suitable for people with a less social life.

Miniature Schnauzer

These small dogs have a double coat which consists of a soft undercoat and a top coat which is rougher which keeps the hairs from falling too much. 

However, these dogs should be brushed regularly to reduce allergens.

Those looking forward to a dog that is adventurous, this is the dog for you. 

Another advantage is that they are fearless and very loyal so they will always keep up to what you want.

Chinese Crested

These dogs have a face-framing fringe and plumed tail and paws plus they are completely fur-free. This means that they do not cause allergies to sensitive people which makes this breed most loved.

This breed of dogs, however, require special care to prevent their skin from irritations or sunburns. 

A special lotion is applied to their skin that keeps it moisturized. Its like their very own sunscreen.


The name is pronounced as “zoh-loh-eets-kweet-le” or simply “Xolo”. These bald dogs are a perfect choice for allergic people. They have a little fuzz between its years but the rest of their bodies are completely hair-free which means that they do not shed. 

However, even bald dogs produce dander which means they need regular baths to reduce the dander on their skin. This may come as time consuming for some pet owners

If you are looking for a dog that is both unique and intelligent, this is the one for you.

Bedlington Terrier

This is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. They look like lambs and the colour of the coat is woolly cream like that of a sheep.

Despite being so woolly, these dogs shed less dander which makes them a great choice for allergic people.

Along with that, Bedlington Terriers are very cheerful, intelligent and also very affectionate with everyone including kids around the house. In addition to that, they are also very great to pet because of their woolly hair.

8. Portuguese Water Dog

This breed has one coat on their skin which sheds less often which is good around people who are very sensitive. It always a good idea to groom them frequently to keep the dander at a minimum.

The Portuguese water dog likes going out and most times they swim too so you can definitely take your dog with you on a trip to the lake. 

Just like many dogs, this breed is very loyal and very passionate.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

This unique breed dates back all the way to 750 AD. It is an ancient breed that came from Incan cultures. It was initially known for being a small lap dog but it now comes in all sizes

The Incan orchid is completely hairless which makes it good for allergic people. However, they have to be groomed a lot frequently to keep less dander on their skin.

If you are looking for a breed that is both loyal and playful, get yourself an Incan orchid.

 Barbet Dog Breed

Most recognizable by its smiling expression and its brown eyes which are hidden behind the curly fur on its head. This breed originated in France as a retriever of waterfowl. Plus, its woolly coat allowed it to withstand wet conditions.

The barbet does not shed fur and its skin produces less dander making it a great choice for a sensitive person. 

Furthermore, the woolly fur on its skin makes it very huggable and comfortable to pet. It is also very friendly and social so feel free to take it outside, go on walks or even take it for a swim. They will always keep up.

Once, you have finally picked the right breed for you. It is important to make sure that allergens are reduced in the house. Here are a few ways you can ensure that your dog doesn’t cause your allergies to occur.

Groom the dog regularly

This prevents the fur from scattering all over the house and also makes sure that the dander is reduced.

As we said earlier, hairless dogs can cause allergens because they too, like other dogs, produce dander which causes eye irritations or running nose. Brushing them at least once a month will help.

Also, regular baths can reduce the dander on their skin. Just make sure apply lotion on their skin if they are completely hairless dogs which helps to re-moisturize their skin.


Despite sounding very obvious, its is very important that your house its clean to reduce allergens. This is because the hypoallergenic breeds leave dander around the house.

It is essential to vacuum regularly, keeping beddings from dog hair to prevent irritations and washing things like curtains.

It may sound like too much work but on the bright side you have a dander-free home, a hypoallergenic dog breed and a beautiful looking house. 

Don’t let the dog sleep on your bed

Dogs are happiest when they sleep with their beloved humans since they feel like they are a ‘pack’ with humans. While it may be tempting to let the dog sleep on your bed, it is not a good idea to do so when you have allergies.

If you are an allergic person, do not let the dog sleep on the bed with you. Instead, get the dog its own bed or sleeping area that is far from where you sleep. In the long run, the dog will get used to the sleeping arrangements.

Look for ways of treatment

While most people grow out of allergies as they get older, other people remain allergic to dogs even at an old age.

It is very important to know that an allergy cannot be cured but there are treatments that can only limit their allergic reactions or irritations and enable them to be around dogs.

Such treatments can be allergy shots, which are taken on a regular basis, and medications like antihistamines which are taken to combat allergy symptoms and come in varieties whether its for kids or for treating dog allergies in adults.

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