What is The Strongest Dog Crate Available? (2021)

What is The Strongest Dog Crate Available?

Have you ever gone out and came home to find your dog has trashed the house? In as much as dogs are fun to keep and also that they bring security but this sudden plot twist where the dog becomes more of a danger to the house is experienced by most owners. 

Therefore, as a dog owner purchasing a dog crate will be the best thing that can help avoid these types of scenarios and if you happen to have one but your dog always still finds a way to get out, then you seriously need to get yourself a strong crate to hold him in. But how can someone know the best crate that will keep a dog from getting out and toying with your furniture and other house properties?

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates 2021

How about we take look at the best heavy-duty dog crates that will hold your dog until you come from where you went. But before we do, let’s try to investigate and find out what really happened for your dog to get out?

Firstly, what type of dog crate do you have? If it happens to be a wire dog crate. You’ll need to know that this has also been a victim of determined dogs as they managed to get out successfully. These wire dog crates use some small wires that hold the cage together and these wires are also used to lock it. These wires, however, can only endure for a short time and eventually they give in to the force that comes by the dog pulling it out.

For those that use a latch, dogs can be fast learners at times, the trick only works on them for so long. They eventually figure out how to open it as it only requires speed.

Lastly, there is the element of force. Some soft metal bars cannot stand a lot of force once the dog applies enough force, the bars bend and the dog does not really need to break anything, it just easily pushes itself through.

Having that established how can we now know what a best or ideal crate for a do is? The following are the best heavy duty crates:

Escape proof heavy duty dog crate

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage: This is cage one of the world’s strongest and most escape-proof heavy duty dog crates. If you want to humble your stubborn dog, this is the right crate for you, the cage is made up of thick steel tube construction and paired door latches. This cage is specifically designed for powerful dogs and it is very long-lasting and it comes with a heavy-duty weld. On the crate, there are 4-inch-tall wheels and two of those are locking wheels.

 In cases where there has been a mishap in the cage or time where you just want to do some cleaning, the crate features a removable tray that makes the job easy for you. As for the sizes a large one is 40¾” L x 28⅛” W x 31¾”H and a medium one is 35.75” x 23.5” x 24.5”.

ProSelect Empire Dog, may be costly but it can save you the worst damage your dog may cause. This makes this cage most certainly a dog cage you would like to check out, and then make a decision that will guarantee you peace as you may be away from your house.

Chew proof heavy duty dog crate beds

Kuranda dog crate bed: This crate is not the best crate on the market but it has a special quality that helps when you have a dog that is a chewer. The crate is designed to withstand even the toughest teeth, this indestructible dog bed is made of heavy-duty tubular support made of PVC in other cases aluminum pipes hide and protect the fabric platform. This chew-proof quality makes the Kuranda dog crate bed stand out on the market.

Another that is a plus for this crate is that it is very comfortable, and good for keeping your dog. He may not be chewing much but it will give him a really nice place to rest, and at the same time being helped in the crate that it can only come out when you are present.

Indestructible heavy duty dog bed

There is a good feeling that comes with assurance, imagine having a cage that always gets you thinking about home and the first thing you check at home is your dog crate?

For those that are looking for an indestructible dog crate, LUCKUP Heavy Duty dog crate could be the answer to your question. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have this type of dog bed?

LUCKUP Heavy Duty dog crate: This is an indestructible cage that is from rust and corrosion-resistant steel. Another feature that makes it unique is that the crate features a small feeding window to make it easier to give your dog the food and water through that window. This also saves time as other cages may require you to open a door. The cage also come with a warrant that if you happen to experience an issue with this crate, there is a 3-year warranty offered by LUCKUP.

Here are the sizes of LUCKUP dog crates:

  • 38″ Model: 37.5″L X 25.5″W X 32″H
  • 42″ Model: 41.5″L X 30.5″W X 37″H
  • 46″ Model: 46″L X 32″W X 39″H
  • 48″ Model: 48″L X 29″W X 51″H

In as much as your dog may not approve of this but getting this kind of crate will be good for you as your desire is to find your home the way you left it and also to have a dog crate that will make you think of getting another one in a long time.

Heavy-duty end table dog crate

Looking at all of these dog crates, cages, steel, metal bars can at some point be threatening and may seem like our dog is being imprisoned. The truth of the matter is that all of this is not being done because we do not really love our do but the concept is property safety and also having our dog safe from any threat that may be there. That said let’s take a look at another type of dog crate.

Well, talking about end table dog crates these are dog homes that are made out of furniture or in simple words any dog crate that has to do with wood. Getting to our topic at hand there aren’t any end table dog crates that are very popular. However, an end table crate that may have the potential to hold anything heavy duty is the Crown Pet Products.

The Crown Pet Products: The best part of these are that they are made of durable hardwood and they are well ventilated, comfortable and the best part is that their floor is waterproof as well.

The reason this is the best crate is that it is easy to clean and has a nice view at the same time it has a beautiful design with a stainless steel latch. Moreover being an end table type of crate it is a good choice since it also saves space.

For a dog owner, you wouldn’t want to have a crate that looks weird. So why not find something with a unique style, that is very attractive (a crate that makes your dog feel proud)


Finding the best crate for your dog is never easy, but with these options, one can choose the best crate that will benefit both the dog and the owner. So check out different crates and take your dog with you to choose the crate together (if you can manage that is).

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