The Shepard Doodle [ A Complete Guide With Pictures]

Shepard Doodle

The Shepherd Doodle is a cross between the German Shepherd and the poodle. The Breed is very good looking and adorable. It is also very intelligent and loves to please their owners. They are also very easy to train. The Shepherd poodle mix also inherits a lot of characteristics from the parent breeds and because of these characteristics they are very good pets. 

The Shepherd Doodle also gets along well with the kids and other pets. They are also very loyal to their owners and like to be around family. They also love to play around outdoors. With early socialization and training they will learn to behave well around strangers and other pets. They are also great for homes that are very active due to their high energy. 

Shepard Doodle Highlights at a glance

Other Names: Shepadoodle

Average Height: 22 to 28 inches

Average Weight: 50 to 80 pounds

Major Health Concerns: Von Willebrand’s disorder, Obesity,  Bloat, epilepsy, EPL, eye problems, Patellar Luxation, hypothyroidism,  allergies and Hip dysplasia 

Coat Type: Curly to Wavy 

Coat Appearance: thick and dense medium length coat medium 

Coat Colors: fawn, tan, gray brown and black

Exercise Needs: High Needs

Grooming Needs: Minimal

Training: Easy to train

Safe for Children: Very Good

Shedding: Moderate, Sheds seasonally

Brushing Requirements: moderate at least 2 to 3 times a week

Good with Other Dogs: Great, when properly trained and socialized 

Sensitive to Touch: Very Low

Excessive Barking: No

Good Pet: Very Good

Suitable for Apartment? Yes

Good with Other Pets? Good with early socialization and training

Average Lifespan: 12 to 14 years

Hypo-allergic: Yes

Tendency to Gain Weight:  High

Good Tolerance to Heat and Cold: Tolerate the conditions Moderately

Suitable for First Time Dog Owners? Yes, not challenging

Average annual Medical expenditure: $485 to $600

Average yearly non medical expenditure: $920 to $1000

The Breeding History Of The Sheppard Doodle

The Shepard Doodle is a cross breed and because of this it will take on the traits of the German Shepherd and the Standard poodle. These breeds have been around  since 1960’s. The Shepard Doodle was bred in the US Army where they were used as Military Police dogs. To know more about the origins of the dog it is important to look at the Breeding history of the parent breeds.

Breeding History: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a pure breed dog. It is also good herding dog. This breed has been there since the 19th and the 20th century. 

The German Shepherd is a very energetic dog. It is widely known in America.  This breed is also very easy to train because they learn very fast. Because of this they make great service dogs. They can be used to assist handicapped people as well as the police. 

The Shepard Doodle is also good at searching for things and CA help in rescuing. It is also known for its herding ability. 

They do not do very well with strangers and they are not that friendly with them. They require attention and should not be left alone for prolonged periods of time. When left alone for a long time they become destructive and develop some behaviors.  

Breeding History: The standard Poodle

The poodle originally comes from Germany. It was used by hunters to collect waterfowl. The poodle is also hypoallergenic. This makes it suitable for people who have allergies. 

The standard poodle is a dog that is very easy to train and known for it smart nature. They are also very athletic. 

The standard poodle requires mental stimulation in its training. They need very high exercise needs.  These dogs also make great guard dogs and they have a protective nature. Early socialization is also essential to ensure that they have great behavior.

The Appearance

Since this is a designer breed it is not easy to find out what the offsprings will look like because they can take on the traits from either parents. 

In general, the Shepard Doodle is a medium to large sized dog. It will have a weight of about 50 to 80 pounds and a height of about 20 to 28 inches. The appearance can be that of the German Shepherd or that of the standard poodle.

It can have a coat that is medium in length and straight, curly or wavy, the type of coat depends on which parent it has inherited from. The coat is also dense and thick. This coat can come in many colors such as fawn, black, brown, gray, sable and tan. The body that they have is muscular and athletic. The tail is high and they have flopped over ears.

The Temperament

The Shepard Doodle are very loyal dogs and they have a great temperament. They love to be around family members and sometimes follow them around.  This breed also bonds very easily with the members of the owners. They are sometimes a little overprotective.

It is very friendly and this trait is inherited from the poodle because it is highly sociable as compared to the German Shepherd parent. It also has a very active nature and likes to walk around. Because of this the breed  also makes a great working dog. 

It also has other good traits including the calm, confident and intelligent nature. It also makes a very good watch dog because it is not that friendly with strangers. 

With early socialization and training your dog will become well behaved and fun to play with. The dog is also brave and has a loving personality. 

The Shepherd Doodle is also very great with kids. It also loves watching the kids play. It gets along very well with the other pets and the other dogs in your home as long as it has been socialized properly. The dog also has an eagerness to please the owners and therefore will not give you problems when it comes to giving you instructions. 

The Shepherd Doodle is a great option for homes that are very active. They have a lot of energy and if they stay idle for a long time they may get destructive.

Living Conditions

The Shepherd Doodle is a very active dog and it has a lot of energy. Therefore they do very well in active homes where they can easily run around. 

They are not very well suited for small homes like apartments because they need a lot of space where they can easily roam around. They do well in medium sized homes to large sized homes. They can also fit well in homes that have a backyard where they can easily play and run around. 

They Moderately adapt to most weather conditions. They are also good for homes that have children because they love to play with children and sometimes watch over them when they are playing. 

They are also good for first time dog owners because they are not stubborn when it comes to training them and they are fast learners that won’t give any problems. They are also eager to please the owners and this makes them even easier to train.


What you feed the Shepard Doodle puppy will not be the same food that will be given to an adult Shepard Doodle. This is because they have different requirements. 

The puppies need to be given food several times a day when they are hungry.  On the other hand, the adult Shepard Doodle needs to be given food at certain times of the day. The food that is given to adult Shepard Doodle can be divided into two meals. You should give your puppies food that will help them to grow healthy and strong. 

The dogs should be given high quality food and it should have a lot of essential nutrients for the canines. The adult dog should be given at least three to four cups of dry dog food and this should be divided into meals.

The dog should not be given food at anytime because this may lead to overfeeding and cause obesity. You should ensure that your dog whether a puppy or an adult has a healthy diet. You should also mix this with exercises because this will ensure that they are fit and stay healthy for a long time.

If you are not sure about the amount of food that you should give to your Sheppard Doodle it is very important to go to the pet nutritionist and the veterinarian so that they can advise you on the amount of food and the type of food that the dog should be given. This is also very important because there are a lot of factors that influence the amount and type of food that you should feed your dog such factors include age, weight, health condition etc.

Exercise Needs

The Shepherd Doodle cokes from parents that are good work dogs, energetic and active. The Shepherd Doodle also inherits the same characteristics. The dog is highly energetic and active, it loves to run around and roam outdoors. It also loves to play a lot of games such as fetching. It likes to play around with the children and chase them around. 

Therefore because of this energy that this dog has it is very important to ensure that your dog is highly exercised and that it does not get bored. You should also make sure to not leave him along for long hours. Leaving him alone for long hours can make him become destructive and cranky. 

Exercises are very important because they also help to ensure that you dog stays fit and does not become obese. You can also get your dog a lot of toys that can help to keep him busy when you are doing other things. 

An everyday walk for at least 60 minutes is also very important for this dog. This will help to keep happy as well as healthy. You can also take him for some other  activities such as hiking. Due to its high energy the dog is good for those families that are very active and love to help active and energetic dogs.


When it comes to training, the Shepherd Doodle is quite easy to train. This is because it is very willing to please the owners. It is also intelligent and a fast learner. It  does not give the owners any problems when it comes to instructions. 

Obedience training is also very important to ensure that your dog does not grow up to challenge you in the future. Owners also need to ensure that they train the Shepherd Doodle from an early stage to ensure that it grows into an obedient and well behaved dog.

Early training also helps to prevent some behaviors that your dog would develop if not trained. Socialization should also be done when he is young so that he knows how to behave around strangers, other pets and other dogs outside or in your house. 

Mental stimulation is also important when you are training the Shepherd Doodle because this will help to activate their minds. 

When training this breed, it is always essential to use positive reinforcement methods. You should reward him if he has done something right in order to boost his confidence. Physical methods should never be used on dogs.

Behavior with Other pets and children

The Shepherd Doodle behaves every well around children. It loves to play around with children and chase them around in the back yard.It is also very protective of the children and friendly with them. The Shepherd Doodle can even become your children’s best friend. The dog really loves to give the kids a lot of attention. It does well with children that are older as compared to toddlers.  

The dog has high energy and it is very active, therefore, it may accidentally bump over the toddlers. Although it is very affectionate and protective, the children should never be left unsupervised. This is because they may end up pulling the dogs tail, ears or doing other things that may cause the dog to react negatively. Children should also be well taught in how to play and touch the dog when they are playing. 

The breed also gets along very well with the other pets and dogs In your household. As long as they have been socialized and trained well there will not be any problem. They get along excellently if they has been raised together.

Grooming Requirements

The Shepard Doodle Does not have high grooming requirements. They have a coat that does not shed a lot. It requires you to brush the fur at least three times a week. This will help to get rid of dead cells and unwanted fur on the skin.

The dog should only be given a bath when he really needs a bath. Bathing your dog frequently can make it lose its natural oils and moisture. The natural oils also help to keep your dogs coat healthy as well as shiny. 

The dogs ears should also be checked for things like pests and debris. They should also be cleaned to ensure that debris dies not accumulate. You should also brush the teeth to prevent dental issues. When the dogs nails get too long that you can heat the clicking on your floor, then you should trim them. The nails should be trimmed at least every two months. 

Taking your dog to the veterinary for regular is also essential to ensure that your dog is healthy and that any conditions that your dog may have are determined before they get worse. The dog is also hypoallergenic, and therefore it is important to ask the doctor before getting the dog especially if you have allergies.

Health Concerns 

The Shepard is a mixed breed, generally it is a healthy breed but it can inherit some of the diseases from the parents. When getting the Shepherd Doodle it is very important to find out the health of the parents and the potential Health Problems because these can be genetically passed down to the offspring. Some of the most common health concerns faced by this breed include: 

  • Obesity
  • Cushings
  • Eye problems
  • Von Willebrand’s
  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Skin problems
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Legg-Perthes
  • Allergies
  • Bloat


The Shepherd Doodle also known as the Shepadoodle is a designer breed and a result of the cross between the German Shepherd and the Standard poodle. These two parent breeds are good working dogs and they are very active. The Shepadoodle is known for its active and energetic nature. It is a medium to large-sized dog, and according to crossbreed registration, a lifespan of up to 15 years for a mixed breed is a good result. 

They require moderate amounts of exercise and do not have high grooming requirements. This dog is also suitable for those apartments where it can run and play around freely. It is great with children and other parts if well socialized.

Since it is a crossbreed most of the traits are impossible to determine because it takes after either of the parents. Therefore when getting the Shepherd Doodle there are some things that one has to keep in minds such as the major health concerns, training, feeding and exercise requirements.

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