The Australian Staghound – The Lifespan, Temperament And Pictures Of Australian Staghound

Australian Staghound

Witnessing the rise of the Australian Staghound in popularity over the past recent years makes one wonder if Staghounds make good pets.  

However, after thorough research, it should not come as a surprise to many pet owners that this dog breed still enjoys a growing interest from new pet owners looking for their ideal first pet.

So, do staghounds make good pets?

Yes, the Staghound makes good pets even for families with children, though its size can pose challenges for young children to handle it without irritating into aggression. 

Even better, for any home owners seeking for a watchdog as their first pet to add to their family dynamics, Staghounds are avid watchdogs thanks to their excellent vision.

While they make good watchdogs who can drive coyotes away, they are not ideal guardians or somewhat protective type of dogs. 

But, if you need a watchdog who can watch over your livestock, then the Staghound’s ability to run very fast, their intimidating sturdier bodies make them excellent watchdogs despite not being hyperactive as best protective dogs would be.

Looking back, you would now understand why the Australian Staghound was a dog breed of choice that was specifically bred and trained from when they were puppies for hunting purposes in Australia.

Small to medium mammals like wild pigs and kangaroos were mercilessly hunted before protections were introduced. 

Today, the Australian Staghound is fast becoming an integral household pet most homes would enjoy having. But, if you are a city slicker, living in a highrise apartment, the Aussie staghound is not your ideal apartment living dog breed.

These dogs are energetic and large dog breeds who could use space and a backyard to run about freely.

So, if you seek to know more information about this unique looking dog breed, then you are at the right place at the right time.  

As this post is a complete Australian Staghound pet guide, you need to learn all there is to know about this dog breed.

History of the Australian Staghound

Back in the 18th century, this dog breed was bred for hunting, the first dog to be recognized as a Staghound was brought into Australia by European settlers.

 The origins of the breed can be traced back to a Deerhound and Greyhound cross-breeding. 

Therefore the Staghound is not a pure breed but is the result of cross-breeding two closely related dog breeds. 

This breed was introduced to America in the early 1800s where it was used to chase coyotes, wolves, and other aggressive animals.

The appearance of the Australian Staghound

The appearance of this dog breed is somewhere between the Greyhound and the Scottish Deerhound. 

The male Staghound stands 26 to 32 inches tall and weighs 55 to 90 pounds, while the female Staghound is 24 to 29 inches tall and weighs 45 to 85 pounds. 

The breed has a lean muscular body which makes him extremely fast and a capable hunter, the dog had long legs, a powerful deep chest has folded ears but sometimes one can be folded while the other is erect, has dark eyes and a long narrow muzzle that tapers to the end and a black nose. 

The breed’s coat comes in three different types, the smooth coat that resembles that of the Greyhound, the rough coat looking more like that of the Deerhound and finally the blend of the Greyhound and Deerhound. 

The coat comes in colors such as black, blue, brittle, brown, white and yellow. 

The rough coat type can withstand cold weather conditions while the smoother coat is suitable for warmer weather conditions.

Temperaments / Characteristics of the Australian Staghound

When socialized and trained well, the Australian Staghound is said to have wonderful temperaments. 

Below we have listed the Characteristics of the Australian Staghound:

The Australian Staghound is very sensitive: This sensitive nature is due to the fact that the Australian Staghound was originally bred for hunting purposes, so by nature, they are very sensitive. 

They will not tolerate strangers in their home and once they sense or see something suspicious happening around them, they will bark and let the owner of the house know. 

So it’s also by this reason the breed is also said to be an excellent watchdog for homes. If you are somebody who usually has strangers in their home then this breed is not an excellent choice for you.

The Australian Staghound is protective: This breed is known for being very protective of his family. He would actually put his life in danger just to protect his family.

 This is also another reason why he is said to be one if the best family companions.

The Staghound dog breed is very intelligent: because of this character, this breed is said to be very easy to train and socialize. 

The Australian Staghound is smart, who also listen to commands and start to understand training just a few weeks later even when he is at a young age. 

Many dog lovers are very fond of this breed because of his intelligence. 

So if you’ve been looking for an intelligent companion who won’t give you hard time when training then get yourself the Australian Staghound, you will undoubtedly fall in love with him over and over again.

The breed is very friendly and sweet: This temperamentally balanced dog breed is the reason why the Australian Staghound became recognized as one of the best family companions. 

The Staghound is very friendly, sweet and really good with children too. When trained and socialized well, the breed is adorable, and will do excellent with kids. 

However, the kids need to be taught how to behave around the breed and they should not do things that will irritate the Staghound into aggression. 

But the dog should not be left alone with small children because he is big. So Parents should make sure they are always there when the dog is with little children for safety reasons. 

The breed loves to be around his owners and is capable of building strong bonds with them.

The Australian Staghound is obedient and loyal: This breed is very loyal to his owner, he will listen to commands and so as told. Because of these reasons, he is easy to train. 

Early training and socialization is the key to having the Staghound behave precisely the way you want it to.

Food requirements of the Australian Staghound

Stagehound’s body frame is lean and lightly designed to carry speed when it runs. So, choosing what food is best for Australian Staghounds carries a lot of responsibility for the owner to get it right. 

And, if you are buying dog food, the first thing you must consider before buying pet food for this breed is that they are not built to carry excess weight. 

Apart from weight gain impacting speed for Staghounds, generally bad dog food creates an increased workload for vital organs, it reduces life expectancy and increases the risks of joint and leg break or other pet orthopedic issues.

 Pet dogs who are fed food with bad nutrients often add a strain in the dog’s muscles, bones, and joints. 

So this breed must be fed a measured amount of food on a twice-daily schedule, this is the best way to monitor and maintain the hybrid’s weight. 

The Staghound is also said to be allergic to certain types if food so it’s important that you Know them. 

Below we have listed the best foods you can feed your Staghound. The food is highly recommended by veterinarians:

Stella andChewus freeze-driedd dog food

 This food contains raw chicken pieces from cage-free chicken, organic fruits, and vegetables too. 

The chicken it contains is the source of the healthy proteins the dog needs; this food is also Grain-free, starch-free, and does not contain any fillers or addictives.

Signature trout and salmon meal formula dry dog food.

 This food contains fish from the north Western United States and is the source of healthy proteins, the food also contains omega fatty acids for the dog’s to have a healthy skin and coat. 

The food is easy on the dog’s stomach valves easily digestible too.

Diamond naturals senior real meat recipe natural dry dog food

The main ingredients bod this food are eggs, chicken and oatmeal it will provide the dog with all the healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals it needs. 

It is as well very delicious and made with highly digestible animal proteins.

Primal freeze-dried pet food

 The main ingredient of this food is real chicken, which is a good source of healthy proteins, the food also contains natural sources of vitamins and minerals that provide the dog with required amounts of nutrients. 

It is calorie-dense and made with highly digestible animal protein.

Dick van patterns natural balance original ultra reduced calorie dry dog food

 This food’s main ingredients are chicken, salmon, lamb and these are the best sources of protein. 

The food also contains essential fatty vacids for the dog’s healthy skin, and shinny coat. 

The food also contains carrots, a source of vitamins and potatoes a source of energy and potassium. 

This dog food prevents the dog from having digestion issues, it is grain free, and it contains no soy, wheat it con. 

A growing list of dog owners have highly recommended this dog food because they claim the food has made their dogs to appear healthier and very energetic too.

Exercise requirements of the breed

The Ausie staghound is agile and leads a very active lifestyle and will need to get plenty of exercise on a daily basis in order to be mentally and physically stimulated. 

Its active hunting genetics also gives it a predisposition to love running, and it will be happiest living in a yarded house where it can run freely. 

This breed is also an excellent companion for owners who run, hikes,or do other exercise activities because he will not have hard time keeping up because of his excess energy and activeness. 

But make sure you avoid giving the dog too much exercise when they are still young because it may affect their developing bones. 

Overall, the dog needs enough exercise, because if it does not get any, it is prone to bad habits.

Grooming requirements

The dog does not shed much so it will require brushing for at least twice or three times a week, avoid bathing him daily as it may Trip him of his natural Oils, only bath him when it’s necessary. 

Brush his teeth twice a week, clip is nails when they’ve grown too long. 

Check his ears regularly for infections, they should be cleaned each time when they are dirty.

Health Issues of the Australian Staghound

So far There are no known genetic health problems for the Australian Staghound. And with no health issues lurking, you can expect this dog breed to enjoy a long life expectancy of between 12 to 14 years as long as they are adequately cared for in other areas of concern. 

Due to its low percentage of body fat to muscle ratio, the Staghound is very sensitive to anesthesia. 

Owners should not take their Staghound on a run right after it has eaten due to torsion bloat concerns. 

Otherwise, this is a very healthy dog breed that will be by your side for a long time.

How long do staghounds live for? -The life expectancy of the Australian Staghound.

The life expectancy of many dogs including the Ausie staghound relies on a number of key facts like your dog’s Activity Level, how well you feed them with better pet food and dog breed lineage also a role into it too. 

Thanks to their lean and agile bodies, the Australian staghound adapts well to Indoors living where they rest calmly and are also able to step out as an outdoors breed who loves to run and burn that higher energy levels they tend to have.

When you pair good pet feeding chart, regular visits to your local vets near you, they live a much longer life. 

So, How long do staghounds live for? 12 to 14 years is how long staghounds live for when they are exceptionally taken care of. 

While there are varying key factors needed to guarantee that your Australian Staghound has a life expectancy, the average lifespan is always between 12 to 14 years.