25 Terrier Mixes – The Ultimate Guide To Popular Terrier Mixed Dog Breed Information and Pictures.

Mixed Terrier breeds are one of the most popular dogs around the world and are believed to occupy up to a third of many people’s homes today. 

And that’s because terrier mixes are well known for their big personality, playfulness, and are without a doubt full of pride when you get to see them placed in a happy home. 

Terrier Dog Breeds Info And History

Historically, Terrier breeds were initially bred to hunt pests and rodents for farmers many years back. Along with their long sharp teeth and big jaw, they have a big prey-drive, so they kill whatever they hunt without even alerting the owner. 

Today, crossbreeds continue to dominate in popularity and that has also allowed for Terrier breeds to come in so many varieties dependant on which pure Terrier breeds originated from ( As they are from different countries) around the world. 

As a result, not all Terrier dog breeds are equal but they can all be traced down to an official group of terriers that has over 30 pure breeds. 

Despite this, their characteristics are similar. Even though they are known to be attentive and intelligent dogs, many owners say that the terriers can sometimes show signs of stubbornness, which makes them hard to train compared to other breeds. 

For what ever reason, if you are a novice pet owner, Terrier dog breeds are not the best dog breed for first time pet owners as they can be difficault to train and descpline if you are a novice pet owner. 

On the other hand, if you are a city dweller, Terrier mixes are best dogs for apartment living as they also do not like cuddling as other dogs do.  

Regardless of their historical stubboness, if you are a novice pet owner willing to put in more effort in training your terrier mix, then you will love them as your best guard dog and they are also sweet dogs synonymous for their loyalty, affectionate to their owners, and will be a best friend to you and your whole family.

Purebreed Terriers are instinctly lethal skilled hunting predators dating back to the time before they were domesticated. Today Terriers have come a long way to become docile and tolerant. 

But they can easily be weaponized if they are not trained properly so their ancestral predatorial traits are not triggered.

 Because of such traits and characteristics, respected industry dog breeders started crossbreeding them with other dogs to have a mixed breed of Terrier dogs that would have a stable traits of the terrier and other breeds. 

The crossbreeds soon became very popular and have had a high demand in the market till today. 

There are a lot of mixed breeds, and their traits depend on the other breed’s characteristics as well as the genes that are dominant between the parents.

As you explore your options to choosing the best dog breed for your family, we took our time to compile the ultimate guide to Terrier Mixed breeds out of many that are out there!

Here are the top 25 breeds and their characteristics so that you can choose the dog that suits you and your lifestyle

Scottish Cocker Scottish Terrier and a Cocker Spaniel Scottland
Jack Chi Jack Russell breed and a Chihuahua breed England and Mexico
Snorkie Yorkshire terrier and a Mini Schnauzer Yorkshire England
Boxer Terrier MixBoston Terrier and Boxer Dog BreedUSA
Jack Rat Jack Russell Terrier and the Rat Terrier UK and USA
Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix Rat terrier and the Chihuahua  America
Airedoodle Airedale terrier and the poodle breed USA
Schnairedale Schnauzer and the Airedale terrier RSA
Pit Heeler Pit bull terrier and the Australian Cattle Dog Australia
Yorkipoo Yorkshire terrier and the toy poodle breeds UK
Scoland Scottish terrier and the Westie dog breedScotland
Labrastaff American Staffordshire terrier and the Labrador retriever USA
Bugg pug and the Boston terrier USA
JacairnJack Russell and Cairn TerriersSouth England
Torxin Cairn terrier and the Chihuahua Scotland
Taco Terrier Chihuahua and a Fox terrier North Americas
Shorkie Yorkshire terrier and the Shih Tzu UK
Westiepoo West Highland white terrier and the poodle Scotland
Jackpoo Jack Russell Terrier and the Poodle breeds USA
Jack-A-Bee Jack Russell terrier and the Beagle UK
Cojack Jack Russell terrier and the Corgi breeds.  England
Frenchton French bulldog and the Boston terrier US
Schnocker schnauzer and the cocker spaniel USA
Highland Maltie West Highland white terrier and the maltese Scotland
Dorkie Yorkshire terrier and the Dachshund UK

1. Scottish Cocker 

Scottish Terrier Cocker Spaniel Mix

The Scottish Cocker is a mixed breed resulting from crossing a Scottish terrier and a Cocker Spaniel. 

Their appearance can sometimes vary depending on the parents’ genes so some Scottish Cockers may look more like the Scottish terrier and others like the Spaniel. 

Anyone looking for the best guard dog for their family must check the Scottish Cocker Terrier. These dogs are very alert dogs which make them an excellent watchdog. 

They likely get this trait from the Scottish terrier. On the other hand, they are very friendly and can get along with people well. 

They obviously get this from the Cocker side. Overall, they are cute dogs that will easily adapt. If you like staying indoors, it won’t be a problem and if you are outgoing, you can take them along with you too. 

Can Scottish Terriers Be Left Alone?

Yes! Scottish Terrier mixes can be left alone especially when they are older as they do become more independent from their owner. 

Take away here is that the best training for your dog from when they are puppies even for Scottish Terrier dog breeds that seem to thrive when left alone while you are away at work during the day is essential.

Scottish terrier puppies are not keen on pet owners who scold or sneer at them while conditioning them, so make sure to never scold or punish them, especially during training. 

Now that you know Scotties are not your needy type of dog breed, every time you leave for work, rest assured that your Scottish terrier is happy to be left alone for a few hours, provided you make her me-time comfortable. 

This automated doggy treats and dog feeding machine makes a good investment if you are a working pet mum especially when they are still in their early puppy years.

 Because Scotties are extremely playful and spunky at times, routine daily walks of atleast 30 to 45 minutes in the morning and evening are a must-have if you do not want them distant as they age. 

Besides having left them alone during the day, it is factually well-documented that Scottish terriers do become more independent and reserved in their prime.

2. Jack Chi 

Jack Chi  Dog

Jack Chi mix is one of the most popular breeds and known for its small size and energetic nature. These mixed breeds were produced from cross-breeding a Jack Russell breed and a Chihuahua breed. 

This dog is not recommended for people who are looking for a calm dog because it is the opposite. As we said earlier, it is a very energetic dog and tends to be very jumpy. 

On top of that, it needs regular exercises that should keep it fit, active and healthy. These exercises must be both physical and mental exercises. 

Jack Chi Mixed Dog Height

Jack Chi being a mixed dog breed from relatively small dogs, the Chihuahua and legendary Jack Russell, you should not expect to get a much bigger dog in terms of height.

So, How big do Jack Chi dogs get?

Jack Chi dogs measure about 10 to 15 inches in height on average and their weight will certainly range from 8 to 18 pounds when they are looked after well. 

Physical Traits: Physically, Jack Chi mixed dogs feature a short neck and have a relatively long, muscular body. 

Jack Chi Eye Look: The Jack Chi also tends to inherit their large round eyes from the Chihuahua parent which when set into the triangular head of the Jack Russell, does make them look really unique.

Other than that, they are loving, loyal and affectionate dogs that will make a good house pet. 

3. Snorkie


Snorkie dog breeds are as a result of crossbreeding a Yorkshire terrier and a Mini Schnauzer which are breeds that are both increasing in popularity around the world today. 

The one thing I’m sure you will love about Snorkie dogs is that they do have a gorgeous long textured coat. Thankfully, their long coat is not a source for tedious grooming needs like other long-haired dog breeds as Snorkies tends to shed quite less than other breeds. 

Nonetheless, Snorkies needs regular grooming to keep their coat looking its best. Grooming also keeps the coatless tangled.

Snorkies are a good balance between the parent’s genes based on their energy levels. They are sometimes playful and other times calm which makes them excellent for playtime and can be a good lapdog as well. 

4. Boston Boxer

Boston Boxer

This is a breed that is known for its strong appearance and short height. Other people call this the miniature boxer. 

The Boston boxer dogs are intuitively intelligent and alert which makes training them very easy. 

Though they are excellent guard dogs, extreme training methods have the potential of triggering predatory traits in Boston Boxers.

You should, therefore, stay away from harsh training methods as they could cause the dog to become unstable. It is always best to train these dogs while they are young.

Because they are so energetic, they require exercises at least once a day to keep them physically and mentally fit. Regardless, they are very affectionate and friendly. This is the dog you can take out with you. 

5. Jack Rat

Jack Russell Terrier and the Rat Terrier

Its parents are the Jack Russell Terrier and the Rat Terrier. They are what we call “Small dogs with big personalities”. 

These dogs are recognized by their short thin hair which varies in colors depending on their parents’ color genes. 

They have a double coat which is known to shed a lot and may need regular grooming. Some owners find this very hard to maintain as well as time-consuming.

Other than that, Boston Boxers are very courageous dogs which, along with their high energy, enable them to be good watchdogs and avid family protectors. 

Many families who have them often choose Boston Boxers for their fun and social loving traits. These dogs are very social types of dogs especially when they are trained properly to socialize from a very young age( when they are puppies). 

6. Rat Cha

Rat Cha
Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix

This mixed breed got its name from the Rat terrier and the Chihuahua which are its parents. Their coat size may vary depending on the genes of the parents. 

Unlike most terrier breeds, this dog is not very energetic. They are the type of dogs that will lounge with you and also be playful when you feel active. Having said this, they only need little exercise from time to time to prevent them from getting fat.

They are very independent dogs so they won’t beg for too much attention from you.

7. Airedoodle


A higher number of these dogs are available in many homes because of their friendliness and active character which makes it an excellent family companion. 

They were produced as a result of crossbreeding the Airedale terrier and the poodle breed. 

Their appearance may vary based on genetics but they are generally small in size.

Overall, their intelligence, which comes from the poodle side, makes them easy to train. 

They can be trained with very little effort and you do not have to repeat yourself too much. They are also very outgoing. 

8. Schnairedale

Schnauzer and Airedale terrier mix

This dog gets the name from its parents which are the Schnauzer and the Airedale terrier. Their height usually depends on the type of Schnauzer parent.

These mixed breeds are very rare on the market so it will take a long hard look to find this dog. 

They are very energetic dogs that will need exercises to keep them fit. These dogs are also quite independent so make sure you show them dominance at all times. 

Other than that, they are very playful and friendly dogs that will get along with everyone. 

9. Pit Heeler

pit heeler

These dogs were produced from crossbreeding the pit bull terrier and the Australian Cattle Dog. They are known for their large silky coat which does not shed as much as other dogs. 

The Australian Cattle dog is an excellent herder, a trait which the Pit Heeler inherited. 

They are very friendly and outgoing dogs if they are trained at a young age. These mixes also socialize a lot and can get along with every other pet you have. 

10. Yorkipoo

These mixed breeds are known for their big personalities and affectionate nature. They also love to bark a lot which may get annoying sometimes. 

On the other hand, the fact that Yorkipoo bark makes them good watchdogs. 

They came as a result of crossbreeding the Yorkshire terrier and the toy poodle breeds which are very popular pure breeds around the world. 

As a result, the Yorkipoo became very popular too. 

If you want a dog that will cuddle as well as play with you, this is the dog. Besides that, they are very friendly and sweet-natured dogs

11. Scoland Terrier

Scoland Terrier

Scoland terriers are cute breeds that were produced by crossbreeding the Scottish terrier and the Westie which are both breeds from Scotland. 

Scoland terriers usually have the head of a Westie and the body of a Scottish terrier and their coat colors may vary depending on the colours of the parents. 

They are known to be stubborn at times which makes them relatively hard to train because they tend to ignore commands. 

Despite this, they are loyal dogs that will protect you no matter what.

12. Labrastaff


Labrastaff dog breed is one of the largest terrier mixes. You only have to look at the Labrastaff’s parents, the American Staffordshire terrier and the Labrador retriever which are both insanely large dog breeds

So, if you are a huge fan of giant dogs, Labrastaffs are one of the best large dog breed out there! 

They have a thick coat which makes them appear even larger. 

They are intelligent and alert dogs which make them easy to train as well as good watchdogs. 

Their friendly and happy character means that they get along well with people and other pets. Because they are energetic dogs, they need exercises regularly. 

 This dog will make a good family pet and a best friend.

13. Bugg

These mixed breeds were the product after crossbreeding the pug and the Boston terrier. This is the dog that is both active and will lounge which means they can adapt to all kinds of lifestyles. This makes them perfect for all homes. 

The Bugg is very friendly and will always be with you like any best friend would.

14. Jacairn

These dogs are well known for their love of digging in the holes. As such, they get quite comfortable in a large-fenced house rather than in a small setting or in apartments.

With such an athletic character, they will not be suitable for you if you are not an active person. This means that they require exercises to keep them fit. 

Along with that, these dogs need training at a young age.

These breeds are, however, very intelligent and get along well with people. They are also good with kids which make them good family pets.

15. Toxirn 

The parents of these dogs are the Cairn terrier which is from Scotland and the Chihuahua which is a pure breed from Mexico. They have a strong appearance which may sometimes be intimidating.

These dogs are known for their overprotective character towards strangers. The up side is that they are courageous dogs that will do anything to protect you. 

On top of that, these dogs are very affectionate and loyal. It will be your faithful companion. 

16. Taco Terrier

When you crossbreed a Chihuahua and a Fox terrier, the result is a very energetic and outgoing dog called the “taco terrier” which many people may view as a very funny name to give a dog. 

This dog is very in America and mostly in Mexico where it was produced and named. 

It is a smart and active dog that is easy to train. It is also very outgoing and likes to run for a long time. When you get this breed, forget about taco Tuesdays. This dog will be with you all the time.

17. Shorkie 

This dog was produced from crossbreeding the Yorkshire terrier and the Shih Tzu. 

With these dogs, you never know what you will get in terms of personality. 

Some can be very stubborn while others can be friendly. It is very unpredictable but do not worry too much. 

If you train them at a very young age, you will have more control and more dominance over them. From there, the rest will be easy.

This breed comes from the parents that are both adorable in appearance so it only makes sense that the Shorkie will be too.

18. Westiepoo

Westiepoo dogs parents are the West Highland white terrier and the poodle. 

Since the Colour of the West highland is white and the poodle breed comes in many different colours, the westiepoo’s colours may vary from one dog to the other based on which genes are dominant.

The westiepoo is intelligent, which it inherits from the poodle side and calm like the west highland terrier. These characteristics make a dog easy to train. 

On top of that the westiepoo is very friendly and will likely be best friends with your kids. 

19. Jackapoo

Jackapoo dog breed gets its name from the Jack Russell Terrier and the Poodle breeds which are its parents. It was originally bred in the US and has been growing in popularity ever since Jackapoo burst into the scene. 

While this breed is known to have health issues at a young age, they are very much treatable so don’t worry.

The Jackapoo has along coat which is wavy and sheds very less. If you are allergic, this dog will make you feel like you are not allergic at all. 

On top of that, this dog is friendly and likes to cuddle.

20. Jack-A-Bee

Besides this list, these dogs also fall in the hypoallergenic dog list. This is because they have a coat that sheds less. For these reasons, they are most loved by allergic people.

 However it needs regular grooming of the coat to reduce the dander content on their skin.

The Jack-A-Bee takes its appearance from the Jack Russell terrier and the Beagle which are its pure-breed parents. 

Overall, they are friendly to everyone, they are intelligent which makes them easily to train and they are loyal which means they will be your best friend. 

21. Cojack 

This dog got its cool-sounding name from its parents which are the Jack Russell terrier and the Corgi breeds. 

It has a big coat which comes in different colors depending on the colors of the parents and genetics. 

It is also worth mentioning that its coat sheds quite more than other dogs so it needs grooming from time to time.

It is very cute and many people love it for its charismatic and happy temperament. This is the dog you can have fun with inside as well as outside. It is also friendly so do not worry about having visitors at your place.  

22. Frenchton

The frenchton came from crossbreeding the French bulldog and the Boston terrier which are both very popular breeds and are loved by many. 

Frenchton dog breed are also known for their stubborn character which makes them very hard to train. The best way to avoid this stubbornness is to train them when they are very young. 

They often come in black with white markings or white with black markings. With that being said, the color largely depends on genetics. 

These dogs are very energetic hence they will play with you all day if you can keep up. They are also loyal and affectionate so they are what we can call a “family dog” which explains their popularity.

23. Schnocker

Schnocker mix’s parents are the mini schnauzer and the cocker spaniel which are well known breeds around the globe. 

Interestingly, miniature Schnauzers cause a little bit of contention between The USA and rest of the world about Schnauzers not being terrier breeds. 

So, Is the Mini schnauzer a terrier breed? and the answer is “yes they are.

Unlike the USA and Canada, Miniature Schnauzers are classified as a utility dog breed in the UK, Australia, New Zealand) or terriers in the USA, and Canada.

Rightly so, you can tell that Schnauzers do not physically look anything related to the majority of the terrier group as we know them. 

As if that was not enough, miniature Schnauzers do not also have the typical predatory traits associated with terriers.

This also includes their docile temperament compared to most terrier breeds, coat, the shape of head and physical sturdiness of their body shapes too.

 There are other quarters who say this question usually arises because the name does not end with “terrier” like the rest of the terrier breeds. 

The Schnocker was produced in the US during the 1990s and has increased in popularity since then till today. 

These dogs can vary in appearance depending on their characteristics of their parents.

They have an energy level that we might give the term “perfect balance”. They are sometimes playful outside and when you want to lounge, they will come cuddle with you.

24. Highland Maltie

This is the breed that was produced from crossing the West Highland white terrier and the maltese. Both dogs are white it is most likely that their mix is a white dog. 

They have a long coat and thanks to the genes from the maltese side, this dog sheds less which makes it suitable for allergic or very sensitive people. 

However they need to be groomed regularly to prevent the coat from getting entangled. 

Overall they are gorgeous dogs that like to play and are suitable for people that are outgoing and that have a very social lifestyle.

25. Dorkie

This is the heart-winning dog as many people fall in love with it for its charming appearance and big personality. 

The dorkie was produced during the 1990s by crossbreeding the Yorkshire terrier and the Dachshund. 

A lot of people didn’t know about the existence of this dog until a decade later during the early 2000s so they are slowly increasing in popularity. 

This dog is friendly around almost everyone but if they are with kids, keep them supervised as they are small which makes them fragile and may accidentally be hurt.

Other than that, this dog will make an excellent companion both outdoors and indoors.

Overall, Terrier mixes are one of the most unique breeds in the world so having one of them makes your home really special. 

Plus they are energetic, adaptive and most importantly, they have are friendly when trained well. 

Hopefully, this guide helped you find an ideal dog breed with the guides from our top 25 list that matches your likes and preferences. Now go out there and find your new best friend. 

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