Terrier Labrador Mix Facts ( Everything You Need To Know)

Terrier Labrador Mix Facts

The Lab terrier mix is a dog that has the best traits of both the Labrador Retriever and any of the many terrier breeds. They are so popular that many breeders are now producing them. They offer the intelligence of a Labrador Retriever and the terrier’s feisty, loyal, and loving personality.

A Labterrier must be socialized from an early age as both breeds can be shy at times. If you have ever been around a Labrador Retriever puppy you know what excitement you can be in for.

If your Lab terrier is shy then socializing will help, but it will take time and patience to bring them out of their shell and show them how wonderful life can be.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Labrador Terrier Cross

There are plenty of good reasons why you should get a labrador Terrier crossbreed puppy. For a start, they are very cute, fun to play with and they make the perfect household pet.

However, if you are thinking of buying one for the first time there are some things that you might not know.

Labradors grow to be very large dogs and they can also get quite old. If you want a dog that is full of life and will stay by your side forever then it might be better to re-consider getting a labrador.

They are great dogs, but you need to be sure that you can give them the exercise and playtime that they need.

Another disadvantage of getting a labrador Terrier cross puppies is that they don’t like being left on their own for long periods of time. If you work full-time then it might not be the best idea to get a labrador Terrier mix as they will probably suffer from separation anxiety.

Labradors are also known to be very greedy and messy eaters. They can make a huge mess when eating or drinking which is why it’s no surprise that Terrier crossbreeds tend to be neater around the home.

As you can see, there are a few problems that come with having a Labrador Terrier cross. However, if you can look past these and give it a chance then you will quickly fall in love with your new dog!

Secondly, as adorable as these puppies look, they do take a lot of training at first. With a Lab pup, it is easy to train them as they will usually pick things up fast and you don’t need to use too much force.

With a Lab mix, it is important to use some form of training such as leash pulling or even shock collars, etc., otherwise they will not listen to you at all!

Overall, if you love the intelligence and loyalty of a Labrador Retriever and if you also like the feisty personality of a terrier then you will likely love this crossbreed.

Labterriers are more intelligent than most of the terrier breeds and they have some of the best traits from both their parents. While there is no specific standard for this mix, some Labterriers can be shown in a variety of dog shows if you choose to show yours.

The Lab Terrier Mix Dog Size

The Lab Terrier mixed dog breed features dogs of average size that are smaller than the Labrador Retriever but larger than the Terrier. This dog breed is adored by many pet owners for its playful and happy demeanor in general and usually demonstrates affection and loyalty.

Because the Lab Terrier mix is a crossbreed, there are no specific standards in terms of size for this breed. The only thing that can be said is that they are usually in between the sizes of their parents.

Labrador Retriever And Terriers Mix Puppies Friendliness

As with all dog breeds, it is important to socialize the Lab Terrier mix puppies early. These dogs are friendly in general and they can get along with strangers easily, but it is always better to ensure that they are able to get along with anyone they meet.

It is especially important for this breed not to be aggressive towards other animals because their parent breeds tend to have issues with fighting.

It is important to ensure that your Lab Terrier mix puppy gets enough socialization from when they are puppies. This will ensure they have a happy and friendly nature in general, so it’s best to enroll them in a training course or get a pet sitter that can help you out with this.

If you want a dog that will be a good fit for your family and that is friendly to everyone they meet then you should consider getting a Lab Terrier mix. They are generally great with kids, strangers, and other pets, but it is still important to socialize them in order to confirm this fact.

Overall, the Lab Terrier Mix is entirely compatible with children because they demonstrate both playfulness and patience.

If you have a child that isn’t too rough with pets then it is likely that they will get along together. Also, this mix can be protective if need be, but for the most part they are very loving to kids.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all Lab Terrier mixes will get along well with children so always be cautious if you have a child that is younger or smaller.

Labrador Retriever And Terriers Mix With Other Dogs

In general, Lab Terrier mixes tend to get along with other pets. They are usually not aggressive towards other animals and will even demonstrate kindness in some cases. However, this can depend on the individual dog, especially if they are still young.

It is always best to ensure that your Lab Terrier mix is given ample socialization while they are puppies in order to make sure they can get along with other animals properly. If you want a dog that will play well with pets of all kinds then this might be the right choice for you.

Lab Terrier Mixes are good dogs. They are loyal, loving, and affectionate. If you get one, you should take good care of it.

How Much Exercise Do Lab Terrier Mix Need?

Lab Terrier Hybrid has high exercise requirements. This hybrid dog breed has parents that are both highly active breeds. It is likely that the Lab Terrier mix will exhibit high energy levels throughout their entire lives.

The best way to exercise this breed is through long walks and jogs. However, since Lab Terriers are so energetic it might not be a good idea to try exercising them for too long at one time or on hot days because they might overheat.

Because of this, it’s recommended that owners of Lab Terriers create a daily exercise schedule for their dogs. It might be easier to split the walks into two or three shorter walks than one long walk because longer ones can lead to overheating.

Lab Retriever Mix Training Requirements The Labrador Retriever has an average IQ level so they can be trained easily and quickly. They respond well to obedience training and it takes them only about twelve to fifteen repetitions before they understand new commands.

The Lab Terrier mix will learn basic commands such as sit, stay, roll over, etc., but more advanced things might be difficult for them even though the Labrador Retriever is more than capable of understanding.

Lab Terrier Mix Temperament Because both of their parent breeds have outgoing and loving temperaments, it is likely that this breed will have a very welcoming nature as well. They tend to be friendly with strangers and are not generally shy or timid creatures.

However, because Lab Terriers still retain some of the traits from their terrier ancestors it is possible that they will exhibit some stubbornness. In other words, you might have to be a little more persistent with training them as well as being consistent.

If you do not want a dog that demands attention all the time then this might not be the best choice for you because Lab Terriers can be clingy and might whine or bark to get attention. It’s important to train them not to do this early on in life so it doesn’t become a habit.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Grooming

The Lab Retriever is moderate when it comes to their grooming requirements. They only need brushing once or twice per week and you should bathe them only when needed.

Since Lab Terriers tend to shed more than their parents, you should brush them every day in order to reduce the amount of hair they leave behind. The Lab Terrier mix sheds moderately throughout the year and can be heavy shedders during their shedding seasons which is usually twice per year.

Hair from the Lab Terrier tends to stick to clothing and other fabrics, so it’s recommended that you brush them regularly in order to minimize the amount of hair they leave behind.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Separation Problems

The Lab Terrier mix is a fairly independent and self-sufficient type of dog breed. However, there are some conditions that can affect them which include being left alone at home for way too long.

Lab terrier Hybrid can suffer from separation anxiety.This hybrid is an affectionate breed that loves to be with its owner most of the time. They are likely to destroy things in the house when they are left alone for too long.

It is therefore recommended that you give your dog more attention than usual during times where you have to leave them behind for extended periods of time.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Obesity Index

Lab terrier Hybrid has a high risk of obesity. Although they are highly active dogs, the hybrid also loves eating. Reducing the amount of food they eat and increasing their activity levels will help you prevent obesity from developing.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Lifespan In Line With Obesity Issues.

When the Lab Terrier hybrid is affected by obesity problems, it can be challenging for them to live up to 15 years or longer as expected. It is therefore paramount to avoid obesity and ensure that you feed your hybrid in moderation.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Exercise Requirements

The Labrador Retriever has high levels of energy and they require a lot of exercises every day. If they don’t get the required amounts of activity, then this could lead to hyperactive behavior such as excessive barkingAlthough this is a long lifespan, the dog may suffer from some health issues.

Overall, If not solved early on, a dog’s obesity can lead to more complex problems.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Health Problems

The Lab Terrier mix has the potential to develop various health problems. These conditions are likely to be genetic in nature due to their parent breeds having issues related to this.

Some of these include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, PRA and eye diseases such as glaucoma.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Potential Problem Areas

Labs are wonderful dogs who are friendly, intelligent, and highly trainable. They are very sociable dogs who do well with children, other pets, and strangers if they are properly socialized while young.

Unfortunately, as a breed, they do have some health and temperament issues that potential owners need to be aware of.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Labrador Retriever is between 10 and 12 years. It’s important to remember this when you are thinking about taking on a new dog, as it will affect the type of commitment you’re willing to make and the amount of time you have to spend on your Lab.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Barking Tendencies

The Retriever is a very vocal breed and they will bark, especially when they see or hear something new or interesting. Labrador Retrievers can also develop separation anxiety and this usually manifests itself in excessive barking.

They are extremely social dogs and bark when they’re lonely or want to be with their owner.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Exercise Activity Levels

This is a very active breed that needs a lot of exercise on a daily basis. In fact, without enough exercise, this dog will become restless and bored which can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing, digging, and excessive barking.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Weight Gain Problems

The Labrador Retriever has a very high risk of developing weight gain problems due to its sedentary lifestyle. This is especially so in the case of an inactive owner who doesn’t give their dog sufficient amounts of exercise.

They are prone to weight gain around the midsection and then further down as they get older.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Eating Habits and Food Consumption

Labradors love eating and will try to eat anything they can find if allowed to roam around the house unattended. They need a good quality dry food formulated for large breeds, twice daily. The amount you feed will depend on the dog’s size, age and metabolism.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Training Requirements

This is a highly intelligent breed that is very quick to learn and easy to train. They are also known for their loyalty and desire to please, making them suitable companions for disabled people and children. Labrador retrievers make excellent guard dogs.

Their inherited intelligence from both parent breeds combined with their eagerness to learn to make them good guard dogs and easy to train. They are a very popular breed and many people choose them as pets.

They need a lot of attention from their owners, love to play, and annoying barking. They are extremely friendly with children and other pets but can be protective if not trained well from an early age.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Grooming Requirements

The coat is straight, dense and short with a fine texture. There may be some waviness at the base of the hair but not much.

Their coat is easy to groom and needs combing several times a week to remove dead hairs and prevent tangles from forming in the fur. They need their nails trimmed regularly, about once a month if they don’t wear naturally.

This makes them an ideal breed for first-time owners. Lab Terrier Cross has excellent social skills. This hybrid is highly friendly and has no problems getting along with people, kids, or even other dogs. It’s really an all-around family pet.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Good with Children?

As mentioned, they’re friendly and love children making them a great choice for first time or inexperienced owners who want to keep the animals as pets at home. They are also good with other pets and dogs if properly socialized from a young age.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Health Problems and Life Expectancy

Physical Traits of the Lab Terrier Mix

They’re medium-sized dogs, around 55 to 80 pounds at maturity. Females are smaller than males. They can be any color but most often they have brown or black and tan coats with white accents and chest.

Lab Retriever Terrier Mix Puppies

Labrador Retriever puppies are playful, active, and curious but should not be left alone with very young children as they may knock them over accidentally. They will need to be house trained when they reach 3 months of age.

Terrier Labrador Mix Adoption Availability

Because of their gentle, tolerant, and sociable nature, Labradors are very popular dogs. Labrador Retriever puppies are especially in demand as they make great pets for families with children.

Labrador retriever mixes or labradoodle mixes are growing in popularity among purebred dog enthusiasts who want to own unique dogs that combine the best traits of both breeds.

They would highly enjoy park and doggy daycare trips. Lab terrier Cross only have low to moderate maintenance requirement. While they have high exercise requirements, they only have a moderate maintenance requirement.

A scheduled weekly and occasional brushes will suffice to keep their short coats untangled and free from dirt or parasites. They typically require a full grooming once or twice every 3 to 6 weeks.


The appearance of Lab Terrier mixed puppies will vary depending on how much labrador retriever or terrier the puppy gets. This is because both breeds are different in size, shape, and color traits.

Labradors are larger dogs with thick coats that run from short to long. The labradoodle has a flatter face than other purebreds but can range in color from dark brown to white.

They have a medium coat that’s straight and dense, which will require occasional brushing. The labradoodle sheds little to no hair and is considered a non-shedding dog breed.

Their tail has a curve towards the end, though it can also be cork screw-shaped if they get more of their terrier in them.

They have round and alert eyes and a broad head with floppy ears or rose ears depending on what type of labradoodle it is. Their front legs are straight, but they have a bit more hair on their feet than other breeds do.

Lab terrier cross has an extremely high energy level so they need lots of exercises to stay satisfied. They need at least 2 long walks every day for at least 30 minutes, but they would enjoy more if given the opportunity.

Lab Terrier mix puppies are very fast learners and can be taught to retrieve objects or perform tricks easily. This breed is highly intelligent which results in them not responding well to harsh treatment.

Personality, and Traits of a Labrador Mixed With terrier.

The personality and traits of labradors mixed with Terrier are similar to those of terriers, they are lively and determined dogs. They will need lots of exercises and mental stimulation.

They would make great watchdogs as they can be very inquisitive with strangers until introduced to them by their owner. They may also be wary of other people if not socialized early enough, but that depends on how much of the Terrier is in them.

Lab Terriers tend to become very attached to one person, but they’re pretty okay with other people once they’re introduced through their owners, though it’s best if only one person takes care of the dog.

They also show high levels of intelligence and can adapt easily to changes in their environment.

Lab Terriers Mix Weight

The average weight for a Lab Terriers Mix is 20 to 50 pounds. They stand between 16 and 27 inches tall.

Lab Terriers Mix Height

The average height for a Lab Terriers Mix is 15 to 22 inches tall. Their tail can be long or corkscrew-shaped, depending on where they get their traits from. The Labrador might add some bulk to the mix, but that depends on how much of them is actually in the mix.

Lab Terriers Mix Size

The average size of the labrador terrier cross is medium, but it can vary depending on the size of their parents.

They are highly energetic dogs and need lots of exercise to stay satisfied. They need at least 2 long walks every day for at least 30 minutes, but they would enjoy more if given the opportunity.

Lab Terriers Mix Coat Type

Lab Terrier mix dog coat type tends to be Straight, Extremely Dense, Medium in length.

The Labrador coat is very dense and short, while the Terrier’s coat is also thick but long.

Lab Terriers Mix Colors

They may be black, brown, white, buff, red or yellowish in color. Their ears should always be erect and slightly rounded at the tips. Their tail will usually curl over their back or

Lab Terriers Mix Black Coat Color

The Lab Terrier mixed puppy black coat color comes from the Labrador traits. Their body will be black, while their nose and toes are brown.

Lab Terriers Mix Brown Coat Color

Brown coat color in labrador terrier crossbreed comes from the Terrier side of them. They have a body that’s tan or red-brown, with black around their nose and dark nails.

Lab Terriers Mix White Coat Color

The main white coat color of the Lab Terrier Mixed is inherited from the Labrador, but there are other cases where their coat will be cream or white. What’s common in them though is that they have black noses and nails so you can tell for sure if your dog has any Lab traits.

Lab Terriers Mix Red Coat Color

If their coat is red, it’s probably because of the Terrier side as they’re known to produce this color. What’s possible though is that your labrador terrier cross could also be fawn or gold in color, but with a white patch on their chest.

Lab Terriers Mix Buff Coat Color

Buff coat color in labrador terrier cross comes from the Labrador side, but there are cases where this can be influenced by the Terrier side.

Lab Terriers Mix Yellow Coat Color

Yellow coat color in labrador terrier mix is inherited from the Terrier side of them. They have a golden yellow body with dark nails and a nose.

Lab Terriers Mix Long Coat

Long coat Lab Terrier mix is inherited from the Labrador side, but there are cases where this can be influenced by the long-haired Terrier. As much as long-haired Terriers are rare, it’s best to ask the breeder to determine which parent might be responsible for how your crossbreed will look like.

Lab Terriers Mix Short Coat

Short coat Lab Terrier mix is inherited from the Terrier side of them. They have thick dense coats that are shorter than what you’d expect if their parents had long haired coats.

Lab Terriers Mix Allergies

The Labrador terrier is not known to have any major health issues, but they can experience some problems with their eyes, hips and elbows if their parents are prone to it. The most common problem found in the Lab is hip dysplasia.

If your dog is affected by this, you might observe them struggling when getting up or down, or they might even refuse to go for walks at some point.

Lab Terriers Mix Shedding

Labrador terrier cross dogs are considered moderate shedders with a thick undercoat that will drop off when the seasons change. They don’t shed all year round though, so you’ll see less hair around your home in the winter season.

Lab Terriers Mix puppy dogs are moderate to excessive shedding type of mixed dogs. They’ll need more regular grooming due to their longer coats which may be influenced by the Terrier traits.

Lab Terriers Mix Eyes

They have brown eyes that are round, with ears that are always erect. Erect ears tend to have better hearing capabilities.

Lab Terriers Mix Tolerance To Heat

They are comfortable with cold temperatures and can also handle hot weather, but they’ll need to drink more water when it’s too warm outside.

Lab Terriers Mix Tolerance To Cold

They tolerate cold environments better than dogs with short coats, but this doesn’t mean that their coat is a good insulator in extreme cold. You might want to bring your dog indoors during wintertime if you live in a location where the temperature goes below 0 degrees.

Lab Terriers Mix Nose

Black is the most common nose color for labrador terrier mix, but they can also have a liver, brown or a pink nose.

Lab Terriers Mix Ears

They tend to have Floppy or Short and Erect with Floppy Tip. Labrador terrier mix has ears that are either floppy or short and erect, with a tip that is always floppy. This indicates the Lab heritage.

Lab Terriers Mix bite

They’re known to have a scissors bite where their incisors meet edge to edge in the front while the bottom ones cover the top when its mouth is closed. If you want to know how your labrador terrier mix puppy will look like when they grow up, it’s important to ask the breeder for more info about which traits are inherited from each parent so you can tell what colors or coat type they might have.

Terrier Labrador Mix Temperament

Terrier labrador mix puppies grow up to become happy, energetic, playful, loyal, intelligent, affectionate family dogs. They are good with kids and other pets, even though they might need to be introduced to them if they didn’t have the chance before.

Lab Terriers Mix trainability

They are moderately easy to train because of their intelligent personality. You can teach them basic obedience commands without too much problem, but it’s best to avoid trying to teach them tricks with your dog treats because they have a tendency to gain weight fast.

Labrador Terrier Mix Puppies Price

The labrador and terrier mix puppies price is between $500 and $1,000 which can be higher for designer dog breeds. Lab Terriers mix puppies are mostly pre-booked from a local breeder who is trustworthy, instead of buying through online ads.

That is because you need to see the puppy in person before they can tell whether it is a good match for your family, and not every breeder sells online.

Lab Terriers Mix puppies are moderate-sized mixed dogs with short coats that will become thicker when they grow up into adults at around 1-2 years old. You can expect a labrador and terrier mix puppy to grow up into a medium-sized, stocky dog with long legs and floppy ears.

They will be loyal and affectionate with the family, while still being energetic enough to keep up with your daily activities.

Terrier Labrador Mix Life Expectancy

These dogs have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

Though they are known to enjoy a long lifespan, the health problems associated with this mixed breed is what impacts their life expectancy. They have strong immune systems and tend to be more healthy than many other purebred dogs, so they rarely have issues. This is why owning a labrador terrier mix will give you a lot of benefits as a pet owner!

Terrier Labrador Mix Hypoallergenic Traits

Terrier Labrador mix puppy dogs are not hypoallergenic. They tend to shed more than most dogs with short coats, so you’ll definitely need to groom them regularly.

Labrador Terrier Mix Dogs Shedding

Terrier Labrador mix shed more than most breeds with short coats. That means that they will leave fur all over your house and furniture, even if you trim their coat every month! This is why it’s important to brush them daily, and you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner if you want to maintain a clean home.

Labrador Terrier Mix Dogs With Black Color

The most common color for labrador terriers mix is black! They have variations of that from dark brown or tan, to white or light brown. But the color is always pretty dark.

Labrador Terrier Mix With White Color

The rarer labrador terrier mix colors are white, brown and some red. Their nose is always black, no matter what color their coat is. Labrador Terriers Mix dog often has light brown eyes that make them look more like a lab than a terrier!

Terrier Labrador Mix Kids Friendly Traits

They’re good with kids particularly because they have a lot of energy and love to play. But you should teach kids to be gentle with dogs, especially if the dog is smaller than them.

Terrier Labrador Mix New Owners Friendliness

New pet owners with no experience are often at the mercy of their new dog’s breed traits. Terriers Labrador mix dogs are very intelligent, active and affectionate. They will adjust to their new home quickly and start loving the family as much as they can!

Labrador Terrier Mix Puppies With Black And White Coat

If you are a new pet owner very soon, the most common colors for Labradors terriers puppies are black with white spots or white with different shades of brown. All of the Labrador Terrier Mix colors will also influence the price they are sold for along with their lineage.

Generally, all black and white labrador terrier mix price is about the same as other purebred dogs at $500 to $1000. But because this is a designer dog breed, the prices often go higher for registered Lab Terriers puppies or even rescues. The price can be anywhere from $500 to $1000 for a mixed breed puppy with no registration.

Terrier Labrador Mix Breed Recognition

The AKC, DRA recognize the Lab mixed with terrier as an average-sized dog breed with a short coat.

Colors: black, white, brown with or without white or tan markings on the face and body or slight markings around the eyes, lips, and nose.

The dog must have a solid-colored head but may have some white markings on the legs, chest, toes, belly, tail tip, or neck with a long, low body.

In general, a male Lab mix with a terrier is taller and heavier than a female one. This hybrid has a coat that is straight and extremely thick. It has a weather-resistant undercoat.

The Labradors Terriers have a short black coat with white markings which is the classic tri-color of the Labrador Retriever.

The breed has actually a longer muzzle than the terrier parent breed. A Labrador Terrier puppy is a very cute, friendly, and fun-loving dog that will attract the attention of everyone that sees him!

What I love the most about Labrador Terrier mix puppies is how resilient they are, their docile temperament, and Personality.

They are loving, gentle with children, protective if needed but not noisy at all. They are energetic dogs so they love to play games and go out.

The ears of this hybrid can be floppy like the Labrador Retriever’s or short and upright with a floppy tip, like that of the terrier. The Labrador Terrier is a well-built dog with muscular hindquarters and has a strong neck. These dogs are also very agile because of their athletic build.

Labradors are born to be large, powerfully built dogs that are strongly boned. The head is broad but proportional to the size of the body, with hanging ears that may or may not be cropped.

Terrier Labrador Mix Appearance Side View

A side view of a Lab terrier mix dog shows the head is not as wide as that of the Labrador Retriever and has a longer muzzle. The ears are sitting closer to the head but may be out of alignment because they’re floppy like the Labrador’s rather than standing up like the terrier’s.

The eyes are round, and in some cases, they can be protruding because of excess skin under them.

The coat is short and thick especially in the summer when they shed a lot! So if you love dogs with long hair – this might not be your kind of dog!

In general, what you will get is a medium-sized dog that weighs between 30 and 50 pounds and stands at about 20 to 26 inches tall (with the tail adding).

The tail of the labrador retriever is medium-sized and is held low away from their body. The terrier Lab mix is defined as a cheerful dog by most professionals and owners.

They are clever dogs that can quickly sense your mood and learn to listen to you. Depending on their nutrition and lifestyle, the terrier Lab mix may live 10 to 15 years.

Terrier Lab Mix Puppies For Sale.

Being a designer dog, buying a purebred Lab terrier mix is expensive. But you can find a Labrador terrier mix for sale from local breeders or rescue organizations.

A Labrador Retriever – Terrier Mix can make a great family pet and exhibits the best qualities of both breeds. Whether you’re looking for a dog to keep your kids occupied, a hunting partner, a best friend to take on long runs, or just someone to keep you company, look no further than the Lab terrier mix!

Some people are looking for specific traits in their dog. Others are simply looking for another family member with whom they can share their lives. No matter why you are thinking about adopting a hybrid breed of dog, you should consider all the pros and cons before you decide to take one home.

Most hybrids are not recommended for homes with young children, but if you think that your family can adapt to living with a hybrid dog, then you need to do your research ahead of time.

Labrador Retriever Mix With A Yorkie For sale Vs Adopting.

If you want a little more of an interesting look, consider adopting one of these adorable curly-coated Lab mix puppies. Consider purchasing a puppy for sale or adopting one whether or not you’re aware of the high risk of adopting a terrier Lab mix puppy with a low-quality background.

On the other hand, meeting the puppy personally will help you decide whether or not you are really prepared for raising one.

Here is a list of websites where you may discover trustworthy Lab Hybrids for your terrier:

  1. LancasterPuppies.com
  2. AdoptAPet.com
  3. Petfinder.com
  4. GreenfieldPuppies.com
  5. ShopForYourCause.com

While the above websites offer lab terrier mix puppies for sale, I would recommend that meeting with the breeder before making any decisions is the best means of finding your perfect puppy.

I know the above website is for puppies but if you are looking to adopt you can still check out their listings to see what options you have on the adoption.

Adopting is an equally rewarding experience, especially with rescued dogs. Adopters will also be able to find various breeds of hybrids or purebreds looking for a loving home.

Overall, it is advisable that you research the hybrid and its parent breeds extensively before purchasing or adopting.

Aside from the above, it is also advised that you see a veterinarian with your new puppy to get a second opinion on the dog’s health.

Grooming Your terrier Labrador Cross.

Contrary to popular belief, the Lab Cross Terrier is rather simple to care for because it only requires minimal owner maintenance. They have straight, short hair that doesn’t need to be brushed more than two times a week.

They are very clean dogs with low odor, therefore they only require bathing when necessary. The shedding season of your pup may start anytime between four and nine months after purchase, but the coat will return to its normal state within three weeks.

If you can make the time and effort to care for your hybrid, you’ll find that it is a favorite among dog breeds.

Labrador Retriever mix with a Yorkie, in particular, have a slightly long-haired coat that needs weekly brushing to avoid tangles. The coat is a combination of the Labrador Retriever and Yorkshire Terrier, so it can be quite soft or slightly wiry.

They have a silky texture resembling that of the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat, but they’re not hard enough to be considered wire-haired. Their coats may come with a bluish tint, but this can also vary according to their coat color.

Overall, Labrador Retriever mix with Yorkshire Terrier have short, easy coats that won’t get in your way if you’re always on the go. This is mostly because of the minimal grooming requirements for this hybrid breed.

As a general guide, Labrador retriever mix with terrier puppies will only need brushing every two weeks to avoid hairballs and other common ailments.

Labradors are known for being easygoing, but they require numerous opportunities to engage in games and activities with their owners. The terrier mixes well with Labradors since both enjoy the attention. It is critical to provide them with weekly ritual grooming sessions, so they can stay cool and look their best.

What are the Best Dog grooming tools for a Lab Mix Puppy?

Labrador Retriever mix with a Yorkie responds well to high-quality dog grooming practices that use gentle dog grooming tools, scentless pet skincare products rich in vital nutrients and natural-based shampoos.

The best dog grooming tools for this hybrid breed include the following:

Brush: The Labrador retriever mix with a Yorkie responds well to all types of brush styles, including the tearless kind. There are also brushes that come with pins arranged in different directions to suit your pooch’s preferences. That said, your new puppy may have specific grooming tool requirements depending on its coat hair makeup size, and age.

The recommended tools that you should keep for their grooming needs are:

  1. Pin brush
  2. Comb
  3. Nail clipper
  4. Their damp cloth

Terrier Lab Hybrid Health Problems.

A dog’s health clearances are established to verify that the pet has previously been tested and cleared for a specific illness. To maintain track of the peak of their general health, the terrier Lab mix must undergo periodic checks including X-Rays, Urinalysis, Full Blood Work, and General Physical Examination.

On the other side of the spectrum, some terrier mixes have developed these health issues, when crossbred with Labrador retriever dogs:

Intervertebral Disc Disease – is a disease that also affects the spinal cord of your Lab terrier puppy mix over time. The most common cause of the disease is genetics and it’s also known as IVDD.

Eye Problems – hybrid pups may inherit various eye problems from its parents. The 2 major conditions commonly seen in Labrador retriever mix with a Yorkie include Distichiasis and Corneal Dystrophy which can lead to blindness if not treated properly.

You can also ask your trusted veterinarian more about these diseases and what are the small ways you can do to reduce their risks.

Terrier Mixed With Lab Food Requirements.

Depending on several variables, such as their health condition and age, a terrier mixed with Lab’s diet intake will fluctuate as they get older.

As a general guide, a 12 week old Labrador retriever mixed with a Terrier puppy will have a daily food intake of 2-3 cups of high-quality dog food that is rich in the required nutrients.

When they reach around 18 to 20 weeks old, their recommended caloric intake will increase up to 4 cups per day. However, this does not mean that you can suddenly switch your pup’s diet without observing its behavior and body changes.

This is because some food ingredients may cause allergies to your pet, so it’s always best to have a regularly scheduled vet checkup before making any significant changes to its diet.

A Labrador retriever mix with a Yorkshire Terrier looks small in stature, but they can be fussy eaters too.

As you plan on adjusting their daily dietary intake, make sure to consult with your local veterinarian near you beforehand — changing your pup’s diet on your own is never a good idea!

Lab Mixed With terrier Exercise Requirements.

Lab mixed with Terrier puppies’ exercise needs are determined by their age, weight, and overall health. For the most part, you can get your pet pooch to exercise regularly using these tips:

  • Daily walking session
  • Puppy games that include healthy treats
  • Playtime with furry or non-furry toys

You also need to factor in the indoor vs. outdoor activity that your puppy dog can do.

As a general guide, a puppy needs 5 minutes of a daily walk for every week of their age. A 12 Week old puppy will need 15 minutes of walking exercise in your local area or in the backyard. A 12-month-old lab terrier mix will therefore need at least 60-85 minutes (an hour) of mixed walkies and agility exercises twice daily.

The agility games you choose can be done at home in a swimming pool or outdoors hikes to keep your Lab terrier Mix fit and healthy.

Which climate is suitable for Labrador Terrier Mix?

Labrador Terrier mix dogs prefer temperate zones and dislike extremely hot or cold weather. They would do well in moderate environments. The terrier Lab mix will have a lot of fun splashing about in water during the summer, thanks to its Labrador Retriever parent.

Most of the time, Yorkies are not one to roam around too far from your side so they do not need a lot of outdoor activities. However, you will have to train them where to mark their territory or else you might have accidents during housebreaking sessions

Are Labrador Retriever Yorkie Terrier Mix Family Dogs?

The Lab terrier mix puppy is a fun-loving family companion who loves to please, so be sure to include him when you go out with the family. They are cuddly and would love to play fetch and tug-of-war with the kids. They also get along well with other pets, so if you have a cat at home, your Lab terrier mix will be all over it!

Although Yorkies can be yappy or aggressive during their younger days, they generally mellow down as they grow older and become less territorial. With proper training, they will be a good family dog and make great watchdogs.

Be sure to introduce your Lab Yorkie Terrier mix pup to other animals early on so they can develop social skills at an early age. This way, it will grow up play nice with both pets and humans alike!

Labrador Retriever mix with Yorkie Puppies’ outdoors Best Practices

While taking your Lab terrier mix puppy out and about locally, I recommend that you remember to use a leash when walking the dog since there are instances when the terrier mixed with Lab practice ‘selective deafness.’

When it comes to this, the Labrador Retriever is a smart dog breed. A leash will keep your pet safe from chasing other wild park animals like squirrels, cats or worse off being bitten by another animal or getting involved in a car accident.

It’s also a good idea to take some puppy socialization lessons as soon as possible so you can teach your Lab Yorkie mix how to act properly.’Since they are highly active dogs, their recommended walk mileage per week is must be in line with their age and body weight.

They are also advised to have at least 120 minutes of physical activities as a daily requirement. This activity can be a combination of outdoor and indoor activities.

Labrador Retriever Mix with Yorkies’ lifespan.

Generally, mixed breed dogs live longer than purebred ones. Lifespan also depends on the average age of its parents which in this case is around 12 to 13 years for the terrier Lab mix and 10 to 15 years for the Yorkie.

Although it’s difficult to give an exact figure as this will depend on how well you take care of your Lab terrier mix pup and if he or she falls sick at some point, a rough estimate is 16 years and above.

Labrador Retriever mix with Yorkshire Terrier needs training!

You will not have a hard time training them since the Lab terrier mix is a hybrid that gives naturally bright and fun dogs. Lab terrier mixed puppies tend to keep the friendly and playful temperament of the Labrador retriever.

The Yorkie terrier mix will also retain his or her affectionate and loving personality as well as his or her intelligent and curious nature as a result of both parent breeds’ intelligence.

That said, training can be difficult if you do not use positive reinforcement since Yorkies tend to be stubborn at times.

On the other hand, Lab mixes are easy to train if you make use of rewards and treats since they love pleasing their owners!

It might also assist you keep your dog safe from potential injury caused by his or her interest in exploring new things.

Remember to enroll in a puppy socialization training program and also teach them what’s acceptable and what’s not. It’s also important to purchase the best crate for Lab Yorkie Terrier Puppy that is big enough for your dog when he or she reaches adulthood.

Terrier Labrador Mix and Families.

While the Lab mix terrier will get along with all members of your family, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To begin with, Yorkie terrier mix dog will not do well if they are isolated from the family for too long. They are known to develop separation anxiety symptoms which include excessive barking, howling and chewing.

So if you have young children at home that needs your attention every now and then or just simply cannot keep up with a hyperactive dog, you should consider getting a better-behaved breed.

Also, while they are very affectionate and loving dogs, the Labrador terrier will not be good around small kids because of their boisterous play style that might knock them down onto the floor if they get too overzealous..

Further, the terrier Lab mix will not do well with wild animals because of their hunting instincts. And it is important to note that this will depend on how early you start socialization training, a Labrador Yorkie mix won’t be able to distinguish between a wild animal and a domesticated one if they encounter one outdoors.

This means you should keep your Lab terrier mix away from any cats, rabbits or other small pets kept outdoors since they will view them as prey.

Labrador Yorkie Mix puppies are hypoallergenic

Despite being a crossbreed, Lab Yorkie mixes have fur that doesn’t shed too much so people with allergies should not have to worry. Their fur is also longer than most breeds and that includes Yorkies.

Lab terrier mix has a double coat made up of a soft and downy inner coat and an outer coat with long, straight hairs.

The reason why they don’t shed as much as the parent breeds is because their coats are designed to protect them from heat, cold as well as strong water currents.


Labrador Retriever mix with Yorkshire Terriers is very trainable, intelligent, and friendly. They are cuddly dogs with good temperaments and get along well with all members of the family. Still, if you have small children in your household, supervision while the dog is playing with kids is vital.

Small kids are boisterous at playing with the dog but they might also get knocked down by their boisterous play style or wild animals which they might mistake for prey.

Their coats are hypoallergenic but people with allergies should consider getting a Yorkie instead since it does not shed too much fur.

  1. Be certain to buy the best crate for Yorkie Terrier Puppy that is big enough for your dog when he or she reaches adulthood.
  2. Ensure you enroll in a puppy socialization training program and also teach them what’s acceptable and what’s not.
  3. Maintain a daily routine to ensure your dog’s basic needs are met (exercise, healthy eating habits).
  4. Continue to socialize your pet with different environments and people.