Rat Terrier Beagle Mix

Rat Terrier Beagle Mix

The Rat Terrier Beagle mix is a great small dog breed for dog lovers who would be happy to own an energetic, active, and loyal dog.

This designer dog has talents especially if you are looking for a watchdog with agility, and competitive obedience. Pretty much like the Australian Kelpies, a lot of pet owners are fond of beagle cross-breeds as their best family-friendly pet dog.

However, If you’re a highrise apartment resident, then you must re-think your plans to getting this highly active hybrid dog as it is not suited for apartment living dog types.

The good news for you right now is that you’re exactly at the right place, as this article breaks everything you need to know about the rat terrier beagle mix as a cross-breed.

From the history, the rat beagle mix’s temperament all the way to its life expectancy, you will find the information you need to bring your rat terrier beagle mix puppy safely.

History of the Raggle

The history of this designer dog is not clear since it’s a recent cross-breed with little to tell about it’s past. So the best way we can understand this cross-breed is by looking at the history of it’s parents. So let’s do exactly that:

History of the rat terrier

The rat terrier dog breed has origins in the United States of America and was bred for hunting purposes, it’s name comes from the occupation of its earliest ancestors brought to the US by working-class British migrants as the breed was used in rat-baiting because of its speed. The dog was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1937.

Appearance and temperament of the rat terrier

This lovely companion weighs 10 to 25 pounds and stands 10 to 18 inches tall. It’s a single smooth coat that comes in colors including black, tan, chocolate, blue, grey Isabella (pearl), lemon and apricot.

Maybe tri-color or bi-color, with at least one color being white. It’s ear carriage is erect, but can also be tipped, or button, all of which contribute to an intelligent, alert expression.

The tail of the breed has been traditionally docked to about 2–3 inches, but the bobtail gene is very common in Rat Terriers and can result in a variety of tail lengths.

This breed is known for being intelligent, loyal, loving and very protective towards it’s own.

History of the Beagle dog breed

This small, compact and lovely dog breed has origins in England, it was bred for hunting purposes but fell out of favor because they were not fast and new larger dog breed was introduced. The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886.

Appearance and temperament of the beagle

The dog is 15 to 18 inches tall at shoulders and weighs 18 to 30 pounds. The common color for Beagles is tricolor with a black saddle (the area across the back), white legs, chest, belly, and a white tip on the tail, and tan on the head and around the saddle.

The breed is known for being loyal, affectionate but aggressive to owners.

Physical appearance of the Raggle.

The Raggle is a small dog weighing 5 to 20 pounds and measuring 8 to 12 inches tall. He has a flat head, ears that are flappy, almond-shaped small eyes and a medium muzzle.

His back and neck are strong, he has a small chest and his coat is straight, short and thick. Common colors are brown, white, black, cream and lemon.

Temperament/ Characteristics of the rat terrier beagle mix also known as Raggle.

Rat terrier beagle mixes always inherit 99% of its characteristics from both sides of the family. So, as a hybrid dog breed, raggle puppies are quite challenging to predict what you will get when your beagle mixed with rat terrier is full grown. Luckily, both the rat terrier and beagle dogs breeds are impeccable dogs to have and to help you have a feel of what your rat terrier beagle mixed puppy will look like, we have listed the Characteristics to expect from this crossbreed:

  • Rat terrier beagle mixed hybrid dog is a highly energetic type: Both parents of the raggle dog as a cross-breed are very energetic and active, so it’s pretty obvious that the offspring will have the exact same traits. The Raggle will enjoy running around, chasing other pets and playing anyhow it can. If you’re someone with an active lifestyle, then this cross-breed will be a great companion for your hiking and outdoor long walks. They’ll enjoy exercising with you, let’s say in the morning or evening, they’ll as well love going out with you on hikes, etc.
  • The hybrid is very loyal to its owners: This is a trait the hybrid inherits from the Beagle side of the family. It is a very loyal dog that will listens to it’s owner and does as told. Many dig lovers are fond of this hybrid mostly because of this trait, the hybrid will do anything to make it’s owner Happy and also protect them. The cross-breed is said to be a great companion even for those who may be depressed and need an understanding companion.
  • The beagle rat terrier mix is easily distracted: The hybrid is very curious and it’s a trait inherited from both parents. Once something catches it’s attention, it will leave immediately and follow whatever the thing is. The dog lacks focus and this can become really annoying to it’s owners during exercise or whatever activity at hand.
  • The hybrid is too intelligent: The Raggle is too intelligent and this can make training a bit hard because they at times can read their owner’s behavior to the point whereby they refuse to follow commands. So the best way to deal with this trait is to be very firm during trainin times, make sure the dog understands who the boss is.
  • The beagle rat terrier mixed hybrid dog can be aggressive towards strangers: As we said before, the crossbreed is very protective of it’s owners. This behavior will make it to become aggressive towards strangers, it will bark at them even when they are your guests. If left outside, it will bark at strangers who to come to your house. This trait can only be dealt with by early training and socialization.

Exercise requirements of the hybrid.

Like we said, this Breed is very energetic and will require enough exercise. Take it for a walk every day in the morning for atleast 30 to 45 minutes, take it to the dog park where it can play and socialize with other dogs.

Also, make sure you have some quality play tine either it too, it would love to play games like fetch or just simply play with it’s other toys. If your home has a big backyard, allow it it play around freely.

Grooming requirements of the Raggle

The cost of this hybrid I’d very easy to maintain it doesn’t she’d much but there are seasons were by ut sheds a lot and that’s when it needs daily brushing.

But during those seasons whereby it does not shed much, brushing Should be done atleast 2 to three times a week The dog should be given a bath o ly when is necessary.

Ears must always stay smart and be checked for ear Infections. It’s nails should be clipped when they’ve grown too long and teeth must be brushed at least twice in a week.

Health Issues of the Raggle

Just like any other dog breed, the Beagle Rat Terrier mix will also have it’s health concerns. Most of these health problems it inherits them from both parents.

Below we have listed the health problems the Raggle is highly prone to:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): This is a health condition that causes blindness to the dog and it happens because of the breed’s photoreceptors which could!es down from the line of parents. So before buying the Raggle puppy, it’s very important that you find out if it’s parents has history of this condition do that you can prepare having a blind dog or choose another one.
  • Beagle Dwarfism: This is a health condition that the hybrid can inherit from the Beagle side if the family, yes the the rat terrier is usually small in size but if it appears to be too small than expected then it’s a health condition known as Beagle Dwarfism.
  • Intervertebral Disk Disease:This health problem has to do with the dogs spinal column, if it faces problems within it’s layer then it causes compression that will lead to back and neck soreness, sensation concern, decreased bowel movement and may lead to the worst condition ever, being paralyzed. This health problem is not inherited and can be avoided.
  • Glaucoma: This is a health condition that has to do with the dog’s eyes. If the optic nerve of the dog’s eye in damaged because of pressure within in then it can cause many complications, this condition is caused by the Incorrect draining of a liquid known as the aqueous humor, continuously produced. The symptoms to watch for are teary and red eyes and cloudiness of the eye. If this condition is left untreated, it may lead to the dog’s blindness.
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome: This is a breathing health problem in dogs that comes from the beagle side of the family. Beagles are flat-faced and their skull structure tells that their nasal cavity is compressed to a degree which makes breathing difficult. There’s no treatment for this condition but too much sun or heat exposure can make the condition become worse. If diagnosed with this condition, the dog must always stay hydrated and keep awy from too much sun heat.

The life expectancy of the Raggle

When well taken care of and in good health, this hybrid has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.