Quiet Dog Breeds For Apartment Living – 25 Quiet Dog Breeds That Rarely Bark

Quiet dogs that rarely bark are the envy of every city slicker living in highrise properties. And that is because quiet dog breeds are excellent pets to own for apartment living.  

On the other hand, dogs do not bark just for the sake of it; in fact barking is the only known way through which watchdogs warn us of imminent intruders but also communicating of feelings like excitment, anxiety or rising stress so their human companions can act on it. 

This form of communication is also applicable to other dogs, or even when herding dogs is controlling other animals. 

Nonetheless, almost all dogs bark, a significant concern arises for pet owners when their dog slips into the habit of barking at every shadow of trees when the wind blows or certain types who bark relentlessly when left alone.

No wonder that many new pet owners, often seek to bring home a pet from small dog breeds that don’t bark or shed

While having your next pet chosen from one of the most sought after dog breeds that can be left alone in an apartment is crucial, when it comes to choosing a dog to adopt, there’s more to take into consideration than many novice pet owners care to admit. For a start, choosing the smartest dog (most highly intelligent dog breed) makes training them easy and fast.

So, beyond choosing a smart, quiet dog that rarely barks, when it comes to choosing which dog breed is best for first-time owners, here are vital factors to consider:

How big is your family? 

With many pet mums and dads holding full-time jobs, pets are often left alone during the day(unless you have a big family support system or pet-sitting service). 

While there are plenty of dog breeds that won’t mind being left alone, there are also cute and fluffy ones who will bark, chew and stamp around the house when left alone in the apartment for 8 hours daily.

Yes, choosing your pet from dog breeds with low separation anxiety goes a long way; however, it also goes to show that even such independent dogs could use a support system within a reasonably big family as you can always have a member of the family available at home and it helps to have a dog that will get along with everyone 

How much does the dog shed? 

Anxiety or stressing situations in dogs can affect how much the dog sheds too. And that’s because when dogs or humans get nervous (commonly known as flight or fight mode), the body produces adrenaline at a much higher level. 

Maybe you want a dog that requires less grooming — therefore, choosing dogs least likely to suffer separation anxiety is essential.

What are the environment and your lifestyle like? 

Apartment living, for instance, clearly demands that you have your pet chosen from dog breeds that can be left alone for 8 hours when you go to work. 

Otherwise, if you pick your dog wrong, you will return to angry neighbors who had to put up with hauling and barking all day.

 Anyone living in closely-built or attached residential buildings like apartments want less noise in their homes.

 For this, you might consider getting a quiet dog because you don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night for no reason at all. 

The fact is that almost all dogs bark but the good news is that some dogs bark less than others. 

Before we jump into the dog breeds, let’s take a look at some of the common triggers or the underlying reasons why dogs bark in the first place.

Dogs bark when they are lonely.

 Dog breeds with low separation anxiety often bark in response or as a way of expressing the presence of danger. 

But the same dog breeds can also slip into habitual nervousness, especially in cases where they were once abandoned. 

So, every time you leave your home for work, the sinking feeling of being abandoned again triggers barking in a lot of rescued dog breeds that are not known to be prone to barking.

 It’s these dogs that tend to develop anxiety issues when they are left alone for a very long time. 

Dogs bark to assert authority

While other dogs bark when they are playful, many dogs also bark to assert authority. 

Watchdogs, especially, regardless of their size, the reason why they bark when someone comes to the door is the fact that it’s their way of associating noises like the ring of doorbells with the intrusion requiring your attention.  

Lack Of Training 

Teaching your dog how to keep calm when the doorbell rings helps alot. Especially for dogs who go crazy when someone comes over to your house. 

A simple training like the” stay point” helps pet owners to train a dog not to be aggressive when someone enters the front door. 

Dogs learn through observing and association of smells, events and sounds. So, if someone wants to come in, the dog knows that a bell rings first, and you come to validate whether they are friends or enemies. 

So, If you are wondering, why does my dog bark when someone comes to the door?

 Well, the dog wants to grab your attention on this so you can qualify the person on the other side of the door.

Barking is normal, but some dogs even bark when the phone rings or if they see/ hear a squeak of a bed in the middle of the night. Frankly speaking, it can get frustrating when those early morning barking becomes excessive. 

On the other hand, training a dog to bark less is a long term investment and challenging task. 

Any pet owner should consider conditioning their dogs with treats and keeping her from reacting to the ring of the bell or phone as opening a communication channel between man and her dog.

Careful selection of what you tolerate from when the dog is a puppy clears a way to establish a form of communication between you and your pet dog. 

Whether its through barking and other gesture training, it prepares the dog to know when to and not to bark. 

Nevertheless, moderating nuisance barking behavior for first time dog owners will feel like you are imprisoning your dog from communicating. 

To get a head start, simply get a dog that barks less, and everything will fall into place. Here are the top 25 dog breeds that bark less.

So, which dog breed barks the least.

All dog breeds bark, whether its out of excitement, boredom or as a manifestation of their anxiety levels. However,there are some dog breeds with low tendencies of nuisance barking behavior. So, if you are wondering which dog breed barks the least, here is the list of dogs least likely to bark when left alone in an apartment:


This cute fur-ball is one of the most well-known quiet dogs for anyone looking for So, a dog breed that barks the least. 

However, Chinook dogs can be overprotective so training them to a stay point goes a long way if not, Chinook dogs tend to bark when it sees a stranger around. With that being said, they are excellent watchdogs. 

Despite their protective nature, these dogs are quiet when they are home with their owners and they are most preferred in many homes because they are friendly with the whole family and they like playing with kids.


The Borzoi dog breed are not your average dog breed! They are an Independent type of dog breed who enjoy to keep quite and are also really tall and have a long coat. 

They tend to wonder a lot due to their curious character which, in another way what makes them least likely to bark senselessly is their independence traits. 

They should always be kept on a leach and also they require a high-fenced house to keep them inside when you do take them off the leach sometimes.

These dogs, however, are friendly as they will not even bark at strangers. Plus they are playful and they also seek human attention. 

When they are trained right, these dogs can make the perfect companion to the whole family.

Shiba Inu

This dog is independent and does not want anyone close to its food or where it sleeps. 

When you get too close to, it will growl. For this reason, it was given the nickname “growler”. Due to this territorial behavior, this dog is certainly not suitable for you if you have kids or other pets as they will not get along well.

However, they can socialize better if you start training them at a very young age which dilutes the territorial behavior. 

Despite its aggressive behavior, this dog barks less compared to other dogs.

Italian Greyhound

These dogs are known for their athleticism and small size. Along with this, they have hunting instincts, which often makes them chase down cats, rodents or anything that moves. 

With this being said, they are inquisitive and excellent hunters known for being very suspicious dogs that rarely bark at anything that seems unusual to them. Their suspiciousness makes them great watchdogs. 

Despite not being known for excessive barking from time to time, these dogs are most likely not to be seen as silent dogs yet they make a great family dog. 

5. Scottish Deerhound

scottish deerhound

This giant dog is one of the most loved breeds generally because they are calm and patient dogs. 

The downside is that they have a prey-drive, which means other pets (especially if they are small) are in trouble. If you want to have this dog then make sure it will be the only pet in your home. 

The Scottish deerhound is, on the other hand, loving and with get along with everyone in the family, including strangers. They will not bark unnecessarily.

Shih Tzu

These dogs are very loving and are always someone’s top 10 choices when choosing a lap dog. 

Why? Because they are so affectionate to their owners and they loving cuddling. 

They don’t bark often because they are relaxed dogs. Despite the name “Shih Tzu” which means “Little Lion”, these dogs are very calm dogs. They will be friendly to everyone. 

 Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

This dog has a quiet personality and is mostly described as an easygoing dog that to adapt to any environment which makes it suitable for all types of homes and any type of lifestyle. 

Although they might be calm dogs, they will try the best to keep up to you if you are an active person. 

In addition to that, they bark less. This dog will not wake you up at night unless there is a real threat. 


These dogs were originally bred in Egypt some decades back and have increased in popularity due to their quiet character ever since. 

They are also known to eat a lot so you may want to take care not to put your food where they will reach. 

Besides that, these dogs are playful. They are also very adventurous dogs that have an independent character.

Border Collie

Border Collie mixes

This breed is one of the most intelligent and active dogs on our list. In history, these dogs have been used in herding. As a result, they have incredible speed. 

These dogs are not suitable for you if you are not an active person as they need regular exercises which have to be both mental and physical.

As we said earlier, these dogs active hence they always need something to do-something that will drain some of their energy because when they get bored they will bark very loudly and they will also become unstable. 

If you want a dog that is both quiet indoors and active outdoors, welcome a border collie in your home. 

Black Russian Terrier

The black Russian terrier are not vocal dogs. They are docile and enjoy a proportionate body frame with tall legs, and they weigh more than 60. 

Because of size and sturdiness, you would think they are incessantly barking all the time. 

As some of these dogs can even reach a weigh as high as 150 pounds, when they bark in the middle of the night they will most likely wake you and the neighbors up quickly. 

No wonder they fall in the category of large quiet dog breeds as they do not bark aimlessly. They have a thick coat which makes them appear even larger.

The Black Russian Terrier is a friendly dog but can sometimes be protective around strangers. 

They also do not get along with other dogs as well as kids. This behavior can be avoided if they are trained to socialize when they are young. 

Otherwise, these dogs are quiet when they are around their owners and do not bark often. 


Whippets are silent speed machines who bark the least and let their speed and action do the talking. This dog breed is well known for its untouchable running speed. As such, these are the type of dogs that are used in racing. 

Along with their speed, they have a high prey-drive as such, they will chase anything from a cat and fast moving cars too. 

With that being said, before you decide on getting yourself a whippet, consider having a tall fence and keep them on a leash.

Besides that, they are dogs that don’t show an aggressive character and will not bark often. 

Clumber Spaniel

clumber spaniel

Known for its laziness, the Clumber spaniel is a breed that generally has a calm demeanor. 

Their hip structure does not let them run for a very long time so they are only good with walks. 

Regardless of this fact, this dog likes playing with its owners and is friendly with the whole family. 

Being such a calm dog means that this dog will not bark as much. It may, however, bark in cases when it sees something that, to it, is out of the ordinary.


Another dog that barks less is the Bolognese breed. These dogs can adapt to almost all living conditions. 

Any house will become a home to them. Its natural intelligence and alertness allows it to be easy to train. 

They are also known to develop a strong bond with their owners so this is the dog that will beg for your attention on a regular basis. 

With such a character, they will be stressed when they are lonely and as such they will bark. Other than this situation, these dogs will not bark unnecessarily. 

English Toy Spaniel

English toy spaniel

These dogs are small in size, have floppy ears and a medium size coat. They are cute and smart dogs but sometimes may show be she especially around new people. 

They also don’t do well in a home that has very younger kids as well as other pets. As a result, the shyness will lead to fear which then will make them bark a lot.

With that being said they need to be trained to socialize a lot when they are young as it will be easy for them to get along with everyone when they get older. Besides this, they are generally calm dogs that are easygoing.


Saluki dog breed

The saluki dates back to ancient Egypt were it originated. Its features are slightly similar to that of an afghan hound. 

It is tall, energetic and can run to a speed of up to 25 miles per hour. If you are planning on welcoming this breed into your life, consider having a tall fence and a leash to keep this saluki. 

They are, on the other hand, very playful and at the same time, calm dogs that bark less.

Great Dane

great dane

Muscular and big are the words that can describe the Great Dane. Along with its friendliness, these dogs have an elegant character, they are loving and calm dogs. 

However, dogs with such masculinity and energy require a lot of exercise to keep them fit as well as to lower their energy levels. 

If they are not exercised, these dogs can be unstable which can result to a confrontational behavior or even barking out of nothing but boredom.

Saint Bernard

Saint bernard dog

Despite being such big dogs, the Saint Bernard barks less compared to other breeds. 

They will not bark at anything that moves because they, unlike many breeds, do not have a prey drive. 

As a result, they are loved dogs that are increasingly becoming popular in many homes today. 

If you are looking for a big dog that barks less, can adapt to your living conditions, will get along with every family member as well as every pet then look no further. This dog is called a “Nanny dog because it is so great with kids.  


Bull Mastiff

You never thought we would have a dog that is used as a guard dog and is, at the same time, a calm dog? 

Well this is one of the breeds. The Bullmastiff is mostly used in as guard dogs in many homes today.

It is also kind dog that can play with just about anyone in the family. They are also patient which makes people to them “Big therapy dog”. 

This is because when you are around it, you feel very relaxed which drives all the sadness away.

Neapolitan Mastiff

neapolitan mastiff

This beastly looking dog is quiet, docile, and the least barking dog though he is known for its scary look that usually intimidates a lot of people-both strangers and even people who are considering buying this breed. 

It is large, muscular and it is said to weigh more than 200 pounds. 

You might be wondering how this dog made it on this list. 

The answer is that, despite the appearance of this dog, they are quite different on the inside. 

Ask anyone who has ever owned the Neapolitan Mastiff dog and they will tell you how calm and loving these dogs are.

They may, however, bark once or twice but it will only be to alert you of an unusual activity.

Chinese Crested

A best friend to allergic people, this dog has fur on its tail and on top of its head, the rest of the body is hairless. 

Since hairless dogs shed too, their skin needs to be cleaned and a special lotion should be applied to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day. 

The Chinese crested likes lounging and cuddling with is owners all day. It is also good with kids which automatically makes it a good family pet. 

The only time this pet will bark is when it feels lonely but otherwise, they are quiet dogs.

Norwegian Lundehound

norwegian lundehund

The dog is active to the point where it can climb on fences and even cliffs. 

In other words, it does not have a fear of height. It has an extra neck, which enables them to turn their neck to about 180 degrees, which makes them very unique dog.

 It also has joint toes. This enables the dog to climb better. Due to this athleticism, these dogs are labeled as “Acrobatic Canines”

While they may have such an active character, the Norwegian Lundehound is mostly a relaxed dog that will not bark a lot. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Due to its strength and muscular appearance, this dog was given the name “African Lion Hound”. This is because it is a protector and defender.

 It is a large breed, has a big and powerful jaw and has a fearsome bark. If you like camping, this is the dog you should take along with you as it has a good reputation of scaring away animals like leopards with its loud bark.

These dogs also adapt to any living conditions which makes them suitable for a lot of homes. 

Their size, however, means they are not suitable for people living in small houses. Other than that, these dogs are generally quiet dogs



  Most people might say this dog looks a lot like a mop because of its hair that dreadlocked hair. 

They have long hair that tends to cover their eyes. Their hair needs to be clipped regularly to prevent it from getting entangled too much and also to keep them looking good.

The Bergamaso tends to show an independent character that can make them hard to control. You have to be dominant over your dog. Training can help them to be good listeners as well as too get along with other pets.

These dogs are alert and suspicious which makes them great watchdogs. This is the time that they will bark but they are generally quiet dogs. 

Japanese Chin

These unique little dogs are becoming popular in many homes around the world. 

They are best known for their ability to howl when music is playing or when they are just happy. For this reason, people say they are singing dogs.

While these dogs are happy around their owners, they tend to get depressed when they are alone which causes separation anxiety.

 In this case, they will bark because they will feel lonely. 

However, they are cute and independent dogs that will not beg for too much attention from you. 

They are also active and outgoing so it will love a walk to the park with you.

Bouvier des Flanders

On our last spot, we have this large dog. It is very gentle and patient when it is playing with kids but you certainly need to have minimum supervision when the dog is playing with small children.

This dog is very calm and quiet when it is around its owners but may sometimes get protective when strangers approach in which case they will bark to scare them away.

The Bouvier des Flanders is friendly, smart and, most of all; it is loyal. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I would recommend it.

Lastly, quiet dogs will provide you with peace of mind. But many of these dogs require higher maintenance levels. 

And many pet owners also believe that the trade-off is a price worth paying for such quite dog breeds. 

On the other hand, there’s no guarantees that even if your chosen dog breed is not predisposed to bark in the middle of the night, dogs who are always barking and not keen on getting trained are sure signals of an underlying issue. 

We should, therefore, accept them along with their flaws and train them on how to behave. In the long run, they will adapt and suit to our needs. 

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