What To Get Dogs For Their Birthday – 25 Weird Stuff Pet Owners Buy For Their Dog’s Birthday.

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If you ask many pet owners, they will tell you that they consider their dog to be part of the family just as humans are. Just like we would to a family member, they buy gifts for their dog.  

Some gifts that are given to our dogs leave you with a lot of questions like “Why would I buy that?” However, they are made to improve our dog’s life as well as ours.

Let’s looks at the top 25 weird things that we have compiled for you. 

Dog’s Dane Corduroy Bow Tie

If you thought your dog can’t dress up for formal events, think again. This bow tie is just what your dog will need to look decent and smart. 

You can find it at saksfifthavenue.com going at an affordable price of $45. Plus, it comes in all sorts of colors so your dog can switch. On top of that, you can match a color that suits your dog’s fur. 

Signature Tartan Dog Jacket

One way to make your dog look stylish is to get it this unique Tartan Jacket. Although not common in small sizes, it comes in medium to large sizes. 

With this jacket, your dog will be the center of attention. For only $118, you can get this jacket for your dog at brooks brothers.

Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen

Yes. This is exactly what you think it is. If ladies can apply nail polish, why not have a nail polish for you dog too? You will shine with your companion. The polish pen costs about $9 on amazon

Shark Bed

This is a bed that has the design of a shark’s face so that your dog sleeps in its mouth. It is most suitable for small dogs and even cats too. 

If sleeping in the mouth of a shark doesn’t scare you (or your dog), you can find this bed on amazon for as low as $12. It also comes with a self-warming material. 

Women’s Mewgaroo Pet Holder Hoodie (M-XXL)

This is a hoodie that is styled to carry your pet with you. Having said this, the hoodie is suitable for cats as well as small dogs. 

For as little as $65, you can carry you companion with you wherever you go so the cuddling never stops.

Petcube Camera

If you are familiar with video calling then this is a product you might like. Think of this as a skype call with your dog. It has a wide HD angle lens that lets you see a higher quality.

It has a built-in interactive laser that improves the way you interact with your dog even when you are away. This camera costs $149 on Amazon. 

 Better Better Brush Glove

This is a product that your dog will probably like. Grooming your dog can, sometimes, be a stressful experience. The Better Better Brush Glove was introduced to make grooming a fun and relaxing experience for your dog. 

This glove catches hair while making for dog feel like it’s having a massage.

Lesypet Pet Umbrella

Don’t you just hate the smell of your dog when it gets wet? The pet umbrella was designed to hang over your dog. This keeps your dog dry when it’s raining. 

The Lesypet Pet Umbrella can be found on amazon at $15

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Fountain

This steel system keeps your dog’s water moving constantly while automatically filtering it. This makes sure that the water is kept clean and safe. 

You can find this fountain on amazon at $35. 

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

This toy will keep your dog busy. It can also be a great form of exercise for them. Besides that, the Hide-A-Squirrel toy costs about $7 which makes this one of the most affordable dog toys. 

Bowser Beer

We know what you are thinking. “Isn’t alcohol dangerous for dogs?” Yes, it is harmful to their health. However, the bowser beer is a beer specifically made for dogs. On top of that, it is non-alcoholic. 

It has safe vitamins and minerals that benefit your dog’s health so you can add this to its food.

iFetch Too

Do you have a dog that seems to have an unlimited amount of energy? This fetch machine will play with your dog while you rest. 

It is safe so don’t worry about leaving it with your dog for a while. On top of that, it is rechargeable and ready to play with your dog anytime. Grab yours today at a price of $200 on amazon. 

Merry Products Wood Pet Home

Now you can get a luxurious home for your dog. It has steps and kiln-dried cedar. In addition to that, your dog now has a home with a balcony. 

You can get this luxurious home for your dog at only $80. 

FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

This carrier is designed in such a way that you carry your dog the same way you would carry mail. It has become very popular since it was first invented. 

For only $23, you can carry your canine companion in this carrier.

Dog’s Lion Mane Costume

Yes. Finally a Halloween costume for your dog. Your dog will never feel left out on all the fun. It comes in many colors and patterns. 

You can buy this costume for your dog at only $16 on amazon. Halloween will never be the same again. 

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix

This is a ready-made ice cream mix that is made specifically for your dog unlike the human ice cream which is toxic to them. Who said dogs can’t enjoy ice cream too? 

This ice cream is bacon flavoured- no wonder why it has so many positive reviews. Dogs love it. On the amazon online store, this ice cream costs $7. Just add water, freeze it and your dog will enjoy it.

Isabella Blush Pet Bed

This bed falls in our category of “most luxurious pet beds”. It is beautiful and comes in almost any color. Your dog will definitely feel special.

With its unique design and materials, the $1,339 is totally worth it. On top of that, this bed can last for many years. 

Dog DNA Test

Due to advancements in technology, DNA testing can be done on a vast number of mammals, including your dog. 

You can do DNA tests to find the dog’s family- just like we do in human DNA tests. You can get this at a price of $199. 

Dog’s Talon Raincoat

This is a raincoat specially designed to fit your dog to protect it in rainy times. You can finally walk outside with your dog no matter the season.  It costs $65 which is an affordable price. 

The raincoat comes in many sizes to fit small, medium and large dog breeds. 

  Gingerbread House Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy

Going at $13.99 on chewy.com, this toy will keep your dog busy. Although some may come in different colors, the main color is brown. 

Buy this toy, your dog will thank you for it. 

LickiMat Slow Feeder Dog Mat for Food and Treats

These unique mats have silicone patterns and are washable. They can be put on top of treats to keep your dog entertained while it enjoys its food.

It is also known to calm dogs down when they get stressed. For this reason, a lot of people rush to buy these mats. They go at an affordable price of $13.95 on amazon.com

Puppy Uppers Treat Canister

One word to describe these canisters is “Elegant”. They have an amazing look that you won’t resist but to show off. It is used to contain your dog treats.

Your dog will probably feel hungry as soon as it sets eyes on this treat box. It is available at Jonathan Adler and is going at a price of $138. 

Cornelia Dog Sofa

This is a special sofa designed just for your dog. Who said your dog can’t lounge on a comfortable sofa that is as beautiful as yours? 

This sofa costs about $193.45 only at Archie & Oscar. You can also visit wayfair.com to place orders.

Earth Rated Poop Bags Dispenser

This lavender scented dispenser cleans after your dog so that you don’t have to. At a price as low as $4, you can get your very own dispenser for your pet on the amazon online store. 

Moreover, it has bags hooked to it that are used to hold the poop until you can throw them away.

Kurgo Leash and Zipline Dog Vehicle Restraint

This leash is used to keep your dog in one seat in your car. It comes very useful to pet owners that have active dogs that like to jump from seat to seat.

The leash is hooked from one handle to another. Think of it as a seat belt for your dog. It goes at a price of $22 on amazon.

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