Poochon Mixed Dog Breed – The Bichpoo Guide, Facts And Pictures

Poochon Mixed Dog Breed

Ever wonder if Bichpoo can make a good family dog add on to your family dynamics? The Bichpoo being a relatively sturdy and playful companion dog, there is no shortage of reasons to want to own one of the rising and most sought after dog breed.

 And for good reasons, this bred is liked by many pet owners for its endearing personality and low-shedding coat. 

 If you are new to the Bichpoo dog breed, they are one of popular Poodle mixed dog breed types you must be on the lookout for as this outgoing crossbreed is out to impress new and unsuspecting pet owners. 

Being Poodle mixed breed, they are smart dog breeds and easy to train, especially when you have to socialize them well with other animals and humans from when they are puppies. 

How Big Do Poochon Dog Breed Get?

With Bich-Poo, (which are commonly called Poochon, Bichpoo, Bichon Poodle mix) being miniature-sized Poodles, you would not expect them to grow bigger into a substantial sized mixed dog. 

As they also tend to inherit their body frames from their parents (Bichon Frise and Poodle). They have a much smaller body frame, but sturdy in their appearance. 

So, how big do Poochons get?  Well, the Poochon will weigh anywhere from 6 to 18 pounds, and their height averages approximately 9 – 14 inches tall.

How Long Does A Poochon Live? The Poochon Life Expectancy Guide.

The lifespan of mixed dog breeds is greatly inline with their breed parents from which the crossbreed’s lineage is tied to. And the Poochon’s life expectancy is no different.

So, how long does a legitimately mixed Poochon live? Well, successfully bred Bichpoo, who is healthy and well-looked after have a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years of happy and enjoyable companionship between man and his pet.

Temperament of the Poochon

Poochon dog breeds are synonymous for their affectionate traits, playful and friendly, but they are also extremely loyal to their owner. Anyone looking for an agile and spirited companion who is always out to display her pleasing personality, you need to get the Bichpoo puppy for a dog

But thats not all, Poochons being lovely and affectionate, they thrive in a home with both older and younger kids who can play and run about from puppyhood all the way to adulthood. 

Poochons are also gentle to other animals as they are suitable for homes with multiple pets whether its dogs or cats, and these little cuties will do anything to get along with all the other household pets you throw at them.

Do Poochon Dogs Bark A lot?

Yes, Poochons enjoy barking at anything that raises their curiosity, and that includes times they meet other dogs in social circles. Poochon dog breeds are well-loved for their sociability regardless of being known to like the sound of their voices(barking) to the extremes. 

The good news is that anyone who needs a reliable protective dog, the Bichpoo’s curious nature makes them excellent watchdogs as they tend to keep an eye on everything going on around them. 

Once they see anything unusual, Poochon dogs bark for the owner to validate the threat levels. Overall, Bichpoo is social by nature and an excellent family addition.

How much is a Poochon dog? The Bichpoo Puppy Buying Price Guide.

With the Bichon Frise Poodle mix (also known as Poochon or Bichpoo) on the rise in popularity, the buying price of a puppy Poochon inevitably keeps rising. 

This delightful bundle of joy literally costs an arm and a leg to bring home as a family pet. 

And, if you live in an apartment complex, the Poochon’s personality and size make them a perfect fit for apartment living pets. 

It makes sense that what you pay less in care and activity index demands (as Bichpoos are happy if they get their half an hour daily walks), you pay for the Poochon’s buying price and in kind.

So, how much is a Poochon dog? $350 to $1000(350-1000 dollars) is how much you should pay for a healthy Poochon dog from a regulated small dog breeder. 

Bichpoos spectacularly thrive well in smaller spaces, and they make excellent lap dogs. So, if you plan to buy a puppy Poochon as an add-on to your family, expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $1000 for a clean bred pup.

How often should you bathe a Poochon? – The Poochon’s Grooming Needs Guide.

The Poochon’s grooming demands is centred around their hair coat types. Those who come with fluffy and long curly coat may need to be brushed on a daily or at least every 2-3 days. 

By routinely grooming your Bichpoo puppy regularly, you are essentially attempting to keep the Poochon’d longer coat from matting. 

The grooming of the coat may include brushing of the coat as well as how often you can keep your puppy coat trimmed. 

Most pet owners usually trim their Poochon every 6-8 weeks, especially in circumstances where a very short coat is preferred over a long and fluffy look.

Brushing Before Bathing

Believe it or not, regular brushing and bathing of your Poochon also help distribute the mixed Poodle pup’s natural oils evenly across his coat. Thanks to routine grooming, now your pet can enjoy a much-needed healthy skin.

Long and fluffy pups coats like that of the Poochon will typically need trimming in the sanitary areas as well as long facial mustache, so it does not get in the way. 

On average, every four to six weeks trim and brushing of the coat, coupled with baths in between, will keep your mixed Poodle looking dapper. 

However, if you are cleaning your Poochon with a pet brush, make sure you are using a metal comb and a soft slicker like this one available here on Amazon’s next day delivery.

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