Husky Mixed with Akita- The Complete Guide To Huskita Mixed Dog Breed.

Husky Mixed with Akita

Ever wonder what the crossbreed of mixed husky and Akita dog breeds would look like?  

The Husky mixed with Akita, also known as the Huskita is a formidable and revered mixed dog breed that was introduced after successful cross-breeding of these two pure breeds back in the 1990s in America. 

Since then, the Huskita dog breed has been rising in popularity, especially for those seeking a protective and watchdog that keeps your home or livestock safe.

If you’ve been considering a Huskita as your next pet, this owner’s guide to Husky Mixed with Akita breaks down everything you need to know about the Huskita dog breed. 

There is no shortage of complete Huskita pet guides available online today. And the promise is always that you will learn everything you need to know about the hybrid.

History of the Husky Mixed With Akita Dog Breed

Mixed dog breeds are often slim on the historical data, and the Huskita dog breed is no different too! Since the Huskita is a cross-breed, there’s little information that new pet owners can use to tell as a historical point of reference. 

The great news is that by looking back into the history of their parents (the Husky and the Akita), you will quickly begin to piece together and understand the hybrid much better.

The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog breed and is believed to have origins among the Chukchi, a tribe found in Siberia. The dog was used for transportation and also a family pet among the Chukchi people. 

The dog then became known in America around 1930, and that’s also when the American Kennel Club recognized it. The husky is known for being a very intelligent and loyal dog breed to its owners. 

It is a high energy breed and can be destructive both indoors and outdoors when bored and not given enough exercise.

 If you like dogs that rarely bark, then you will love the Huskita as this dog breed does not bark but enjoys howling, which can be annoying to the owner and the neighbors of course. 

But it is a very charming dog with a naughty and playful nature. The dog is very friendly to everybody, including strangers.

 Therefore they are not good watchdogs because they are not suspicious of anything meaning burglars can as well have easy access to your house with them around.

As for the Akita dog breed, it has origins in northern Japan. In 1931, the Japanese government designated the breed as a natural monument, it was used as a hunting and fighting dog back then and today it’s now trained for police and guard work. 

Akitas are fearless and are as well loyal to their owners. The Akita became known in America in 1937 when the emperor of Japan made a gift of two puppies to Hellen Keller. 

The breed became popular in America and was recognized by the American Kennel club in 1938. 

So the Huskita takes its characteristics from both sides of the family. The hybrid is very intelligent, active, full of energy, loyal, loving etc.

The physical appearance of the Huskita

The Huskita is a large dog breed with a defined and robust body, and its face is outlined with a sturdy Jow structure and short snouts. 

The hybrid has a very stout structure with sturdy legs and a curly, bushy-tailed, through dog is highly active and is characterized by their almond-shaped eyed, and also have large widely set erect ears. 

Through hybrid’s double coat comes in different color combinations such as white to black, silver, fawn, brown-red, and grey. 

A full-grown Huskita is taller than the husky and smaller than the Akita, it can grow up to 25 inches tall, when it comes to weight, they will weigh 50 to 75 pounds. 

They are large and require a lot of living space so that they can be free, and this makes them not suitable for apartment living.

Temperament / Characteristics of the Huskita

The Characteristics of the Huskita will be similar to the Siberian husky and the Japanese Akita, now let’s look at the most commonly noticed characteristics of this hybrid:

The Huskita is very protective

The Huskita’s protective traits are inherited from the Akita’s side of the family. This is because in the past, the Akita was used as a watch on, it became its nature to be very protective towards their owners.

The Huskita is highly energetic.

 This is a trait they inherit from the husky side of the family. The hybrid, therefore, needs enough exercise and also enough play tine because if left bored and alone for long periods, they tend to do naughty stuff such as chewing your shoes, digging holes in your garden, howling, etc. 

So the dog Should have enough exercise and playtime as a way to deal with the high energy it has.

The hybrid is loyal to a single owner.

This is also a trait they inherit from the Akita side of the family. They are very loyal and protective to their owners, making them a perfect companion for people who live alone.

The hybrid is very intelligent

This trait makes them become docile enough to get trained easily, and they are excellent at adapting to new environments. and when given befitting training, they grow to be amiable and peaceful dogs.

The hybrid is very sensitive.

 This is a trait they inherit from the Akita side of the family. They are very sensitive and can tell if something is wrong in the house. 

Even when the owner is acting weird, they can sense that something is wrong with them. 

Hence they are an awesome option for people who are lonely or depressed and need an understanding companion who just listens and offers comfort.

The hybrid is very friendly.

 This character makes them to be suitable for children.

They can at times be aggressive: This is a trait they inherit from the Akita side of the family. They can be aggressive towards strangers as a way of being protective of their owners. 

This trait can be dwelt with if the dog is trained well at a young age and socialized with others.

Food requirements of the hybrid

All dog breeds require a balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates in their diet, but protein is the most important nutrient in their diet because it helps with muscle building. 

The best dog food for the Huskita breed Should be rich in animal protein with moderate fat content and plenty of digestive and joint supporting supplements. Below we have listed the best good for the hybrid:

Taste of the wild high prairie dry dog food: This is one of the best dog foods available on the markets. It is made with roasted bison venison and also other premium proteins such as chicke, lamb and beef. 

It also contains Grain-free, digestible carbohydrates such as peas and sweet potatoes with also canola oil and ocean fish meal to provide a balance of omega fatty acids.

Blue Buffalo life protection Formula large breed adult: This dog food was formulated especially for large breeds and contains L-carnitine for strong muscles, calcium for bone development and glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support. 

The food contains deboned chicken as the main ingredient and also digestible whole grain such as brown rice.

Nutro Ultra-large breed adult dog food: This food also is specifically for large breeds, featuring real chicken as the main ingredient and also who!e grains such as oatmeal and Brown rice.

Wellness complete health large breed adult recipe: Also suitable for other breeds, this food features deboned chicken and brown rice. 

It supports the Huskita’s lean muscle mass while also providing for its high energy needs. The food is only made with natural ingredients; there are completely no by-products or fillers included.

Exercise requirements for the hybrid

This hybrid is Known for having high levels of energy, adequate exercise is the only best way to deal with the energy abd will help keep your dog healthy and happy too. 

So it’s very important to take your dog for a walk every day in the morning for atleast 30 minutes and in the evening aleast 15 minutes. 

Also, find time to take your dog to the park where it can run around freely and also socialize with other dogs. 

If you have a large backyard where it cannot escape, allow the dog to run around and play anyhow it wants. 

The dog will significantly appreciate running every day with you, it won’t mind hiking with you either.

Grooming requirements of the Huskita

The Huskita has a very dense coat but they she’d minimal, so you must use a brush to comb it’s hairs daily or 3 to 4 times a week if you are a very busy person. 

The combing helps keep your dog clean and sweeps out the dead hairs. Bath your dog when it’s necessary but avoid bathing it frequently as this will trip it of it’s natural oils. 

Brush it’s teeth atleat 2 to 3 times a week and cut it’s nails when they have become too long.

Health Issues of the hybrid

Since the breed is large, it can develop health issues related to their body such as dysplasia of the hip. The hybrid is also prone to inherited ailments such as obesity, bloating, eye problems, hypothyroidism, etc.

The lifespan of the Huskita

The dog’s average life span is 10 to 13 years but if well taken care of, the dog can live for up to 15 years. 

The hybrid us an ideal companion for families, it is friendly, protective, loyal and loves being around people.

Fast facts about the Huskita breed

  • The hybrid needs enough exercise if you want it to be happy, healthy and not annoy you.
  • The Huskita puppy will want to get in colder environments; this is because the Husky side of the family has lived in cold climates in the past. 

So if you have sweltering summers, make sure you have your dog at a more relaxed place.