Lab Mixed With Bulldog

Lab Mixed With Bulldog

Labrador retrievers and Bulldogs make an excellent crossbreed of mixed pet dogs, and if you are looking for a new family addition, Bulladors as the crossbred puppy between the Labrador retriever and a Bulldog is also known as is the best choice for you! 

Let’s face it, choosing the best puppy dog is somewhat complex! You want your puppy dog to be suited to your lifestyle and living arrangements along with temperament and intelligence[smart dogs are easy to train]. It’s hard to know which one to adopt and take home. Luckily, crossbreeding between two pure breeds offers an opportunity to match your needs along with the mixed dog you get, and getting a Bullador is just one of the best ways. 

The bullador is the offspring of the bulldog and the Labrador retriever, its a very cute dog with exciting characters. 

But before you take this hybrid to your home, it’s very important that you familiarize yourself with it so that you can know what exactly to expect from it and how exactly you’re supposed to handle it.

 This is a complete pet guide of the Labrador retriever and the bulldog, you will learn all the information you need to Know about this cross-breed.

History of the bullador

History of the Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever has origins in the Newfoundland in the 1500s, during that time they were known as the Newfoundlands and small water dogs were bred with them to create a breed called the St. John’s Water Dog or Lesser Newfoundland. 

Fishermen owned this breed, they would jump into icy water to bring back fish that had fallen off the fishing hooks, they would also pull in fish-filled nets.

 The breed was perfect for these jobs because their coat repelled water and their webbed paws made them excellent swimmers. 

The breed was then exported to England where they became known as the Labrador retriever, they were also exported to America in 1903 and that’s also when they became recognized by the American Kennel club.

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Appearance and temperament

The Labrador retriever is a medium to large dog breed, the males weigh 29 to 36 kgs and stands 57 to 62 cm tall, while the females weigh 25 to 32 kg and stands 55 to 60 inches tall. 

The body of this dog is powerful and muscular built, it’s jaws are strong, the muzzle is of medium length and not too tapered. 

The head is broad with slightly pronounced eyebrows, and eye color is Hazel and brown, its ears are hanged close to the head and set slightly above the eyes. Its coat is short and dense, but not wiry; it is as well water-resistant so that the dog does not get cold when rainy winter comes along. 

The typical coat colors of this dog breed are black, yellow, and chocolate. Labrador’s temperament is known to be pleasant, kind, loyal, outgoing, and also has a tractable nature.

History of the bulldog

The bulldog had origins in England back in the 5th century, and they were bred to help butchers control livestock. Later in the 15th century, the breed was used in the barbaric sport called the “bull baiting,” whereby trained dogs would get tach onto a tethered bull”s nose and not let go until the dog had pulled the bull to the ground or until the bull had killed the dog. 

After the bull baiting was banned, that’s when the breed was made known in the United States of America, then they were recognized by the American Kennel club and used as herding dogs.

Appearance and temperament

The bulldog is known for having a wide head to shoulders with a pronounced modibulae prognathism, the dog has thick folds of skin on the brow and back. 

It’s coat is short, flat and sleek and comes in colors such as red, fawn, white, brindle and piebald. 

The bulldog weighs 50 to 55 kgs. It is also known for being courageous but mostly have a friendly, patient but stubborn nature. They are known to be great family dogs because they are really great with children and tends to form a strong bond with them.

Physical appearance of the bullador

The hybrid may appear more like the bulldog side of the family, sometimes more like the Labrador, it weighs 50 to 90 pounds and stands at 20 to 25 inches tall.

 Just like the Labrador, it’s coat is water repellent, straight, short, and dense, it comes in colors such as brown, black, yellow and tan etc. Just like both parents, it’s body is muscular built and powerful, some come in long faces, some short. It’s got floppy ears, and its jaws are very strong.

Temperament/characteristics of the bullador

Both parents of this hybrid are known to be very loving and loyal so it’s obvious that the offspring will also have same characteristics. Here are the Characteristics to expect from the hybrid:

– The hybrid is intelligent: This intelligence makes this breed to be very lovable, it is very easy to train, will listen to orders and do as told too.

– The hybrid is active: The hybrid is very energetic, hence loves to play a lot. It will enjoy playing fetch with you, taking long walks and going to the dog park too.

– The hybrid is loyal and loving: The hybrid will be a loving and devoted member of the family. It tends to be attached to one owner and be very protective over them. It will follow them around, do anything to please them and listen to their orders too.

– The breed is good with children: The hybrid enjoys being around children and will be very kind to them. But children too should be taught how to handle the dog, they shouldn’t tease it or do anything that will get it angry.

– The breed can be anggresive: This is a trait from the bulldog side of the family. It can be aggressive towards strangers and bark a lot even if the strangers are your guests. This trait can be dealt with while their stul young with early socialization and trainin.

Exercise requirements of the hybrid

This hybrid is full of energy and will require enough exercise in order to keep it happy and stress free. This breed is not suitable for apartment living because it requires a house with a backyard where it can run around and play freely. Or else if left in the apartment for too long, the breed can become very destructive due to boredom.

As a way to deal with it’s excess energy, you must have a special exercise routine for it. Make sure you take it for a 45 minutes walk every day in the morning and also for a 15 minutes walk in the evening.

The dog will also enjoy going to the dog park with you, going for hikes with you etc. The breed also needs mental stimulation in it’s play time.

Grooming requirements of the Bullador

The hybrid will require regular brushing, it Should be daily when it’s shedding season and 2 to 3 times a week when it’s not shedding much. This will help keep it’s coat Clean and healthy.

You should bath it when is necessary, let’s say after 3 to 4 weeks, but if the dog loves getting dirty, then bath will be needed more frequently. Apart from that, the dog’s ears need to be cleaned or else if left dirty, they’ll lead to ear infections.

So make sure you always check if the dogs ears are clean, check t least once a week. It’s nails need to be clipped too once they have grown too big don’t cut them too low because they may cause some pain to the dog. Brush it’s teeth regularly in let’s say 2 to 3 times in a week.

Health concerns of the hybrid

Almost all dog breeds will have health problems to deal with. The ballador inherits some of it’s health issues from both sides of it’s family. Bellow we have listed the health problems the Hybrid may have to face in it’s life:

– Bloat: The Labrador side of the family is the one most likely to have this health condition, which is also known as gastric dilatation or volvulus and it occurs when the dog’s stomach twists on itself and then becomes distended with gas. When this happens, the stomach may end up putting pressure on the diaphragm, making it difficult 

Eye problems: Eye problems in dogs are common. Symptoms vary and may include eye redness, swelling, change in color, discharge changing from yellow to green or white, and a change in consistency of eye discharge. Eyes may appear painful with light sensitivity and reluctance to open.

Obesity : Obesity shortens a dog’s life and makes them more likely to develop the disease. It was always accepted that heavy dogs lived a shorter lifespan than lean dogs, usually by 6-12 months. The hybrid inherits this health condition from the Labrador side of the family, when it’s weight is two overweighted it can reduce it’s life expectancy by nearly two years compared to their leaner counterparts. 

Ear infections: Ear infections in dogs are common and most dogs suffer from this painful condition sometime in their life. Scratching and rubbing at the ear(s) and head shaking are common signs. You may also notice an abnormal odor from the ear or see redness or swelling. This condition can be easily treated.

Life expectancy of the hybrid

When well taken care of and in good health, the Bullador mixed puppy dog will live for 12 to 14 years.