13 Revered Japanese Dog Breeds-Complete Guide To Japanese Dog Breeds With Pictures

Ever wondered what life would be like to own anyone of the 13 most fascinating Japanese Dog Breeds? Well, this dog breed article is our complete guide to the most sought after Japanese Dog Breeds along with pictures.

Japan is known for being an animal-loving country; no wonder that the population of both dogs and cats easily surpasses the total number of all kids in the entire region. 

So, if you have taken a fancy at owning anyone of the most revered Japanese Dog Breeds, we have rated them by Popularity and suitability of some of you who have little children and other pets like Felines, but also training needs, lifestyle, and care demands.

  • 13. Sakhalin Husky
  • 12. Ryukyu Inu
  • 11. Japanese Terrier
  • 10. Tosa Inu
  • 9. Kai Ken
  • 8. Kishu Ken
  • 7. Hokkaido Inu
  • 6. Sanshu Inu
  • 5. Shikoku Inu
  • 4. Japanese Chin
  • 3. Japanese Spitz
  • 2. Akita Inu
  • 1. Shiba Inu