Husky Mixed With Lab: The Labsky Mixed Dog Breed Guide With Pictures & Facts

Husky Mixed With Lab

The husky Mixed with lab is a crossbreed between the Siberian husky and the Labrador. The breed is also known as Siberian Retriever, labsky or the huskador. It is known for its active, loyal and intelligent nature. The traits that they have come from both of the parent breeds. These dogs are mostly found in shelters as well as in rescue homes. 

They are also excellent family dogs and are devoted to family members. The dogs have a good temperament and when do not require a lot in order to train them. 

They also have great temperament and are very friendly towards the family members. A lot of care and exercise is also highly required in order to make the dog to become more welcoming and to be sociable. 

The dogs mostly have a height of around 20 to 24 inches and a weight of about 30 to 60 pounds. 

Husky Mixed with Lab highlights at a glance

Other names: labsky, Siberian retriever, haskador

Average Height: 20 to 25 inches

Average Weight: 30 to 60 pounds

Average Size: Medium to large size

Breed Type: Mixed Breed

Coat Type: Double coat

Coat Appearance: Short to medium length Coat, silky texture

Coat Colors: Brown, black with some markings

Grooming Needs: Minimal

Shedding: Moderately (could be seasonal)

Brushing Requirements: at least twice a week

Sensitive to Touch: No

Excessive Barking: Yes

Good Tolerance to Heat and Cold: Moderately

Good Pet: Yes (when socialized and trained early)

Safe for Children: Yes 

Good with Other Dogs:Yes (when properly trained)

Good with Other Pets?Yes ( with proper training and good socialization)

Suitable for Apartment? No, suitable for medium sized homes

Suitable for First Time Dog Owners? Moderate ( can be a little challenging sometimes)

Training: Low

Exercise Needs: High

A tendency to Gain Weight: Normal weight gain 

Major Health Concerns: Skin problems, ear infections, epilepsy, bloat, cod tail and eye problems.

Allergies: No

Average Life Span:10 to 15 years

Tolerance to Isolation: No

A wanderer or roamer: Moderate

Average yearly medical expenditure: $400 to $600

Average yearly non-medical expenditure: $500 to $600

The Breeding History

The Husky mixed with Labrador mix is a result of a cross breed between the Siberian husky and the labrador retriever. Therefore it is a designer breed and when it comes to the characteristics and temperament, the breed takes from either of the parent breeds. 

Both of the parents of the breed are pure breeds. Because it is a designer dog, knowing the characteristics of what the puppies will have can also be very hard because it can be inherited from one of the parents or both parents. This breed has been around since the 1990’s.

 The country that they originally come from is not well known. In order to know more of the origins of the breed and it’s breeding history, it is better to look at the history of its parent breeds. 

Breeding History of the Siberian husky

This dog was originally bred and used by the nomads back in the day. They used the dog to pull sleds. They originate from Siberia where the chunki people used them. The dog’s are also very intelligent and their temperament is good.The Siberian husky normally weighs 34 to 60 pounds and is 20 to 24 inches tall. 

The husky were also in harsh weather conditions. They are also very gentle with kids and loved to keep them warm at night when the weather is cold. It also has a prey drive and because of this they may not be suitable for homes with other pets.

The Siberian husky has a coat that is thick. The cost can come in a mixture of a lot of colors; some of the coats can have markings on them. The breed is known for its friendly and athletic nature . 

They also have nice eyes and are very catchy. The dog looks a little like the Siberian wolf. These dogs also have a fierce character. This also makes it challenging for the first-time dog owners because it tries to challenge the owners’ leadership.

Breeding history of the Labrador

The Labrador has been around since the 19th century. The dog has a history of being used as a gun dog. The Labrador is also a very popular dog and it is known for its good temperament. 

The Labrador was also originally called the st. John Dog, and it was known for its high ability to work. They also have a good nature and loves to retrieve things. They also have a great love for water and can withstand very cold and icy conditions.

The lab was also used by farmers to help them in fetching ropes, fish and many more. The Labrador is also a dog that works very hard-working dogs and they have a friendly demeanor. 

They are also very good dogs for those people that are handicapped because they are good at offering assistance. The dog makes an amazing therapy dog because of its friendly and gentle temperament. They do not make a great guard dog but they are very obedient.

Husky Mixed with Lab – Temperament

This labsky is a dog that has a very good temperament. The breed is very affectionate and loving. It also makes a very good family pet and it is a very patient dog. 

The dog also has a lively nature and love to play. They are highly energetic and love to seek attention from the owners. They also like to spend a lot of time in water. 

In general, the dog is very calm and obedient. He also barks quiet a lot, especially when around strangers and can alert you if intruders. It is also overprotective of the owners. 

The dog a has very high energy and this can make it to become destructive when it is bored. They may also end up developing behaviors like chewing and digging when they are bored.

The dogs also make great companions and are good dogs for the people that are handicapped. This is because they can help in retrieving things and offering assistance. They also make an excellent therapy dog. 

The dogs also play well with children and they are very friendly. However supervision should always be exercised especially if the children are very young and this is because they may end up accidentally doing some things that may make the dog to react in some way but generally the dogs are excellent and when properly trained. The dog is also very obedient.

Appearance Of The Husky Mixed With Lab Puppy

Because the Husky Mixed With Lab( labsky) is a mixed breed it is almost impossible to know why the offspring will look like. Therefore, the breed’s idea can be guessed by looking at the physical appearance of the parent breeds. 

The Labrador is a medium-sized dog, and the husky is also a medium – large-sized dog. Therefore the mixed breed will be anywhere between medium to large in terms of size. 

In general, the breed will be around 20 to 24 inches in height and their weight will be anywhere between 30 to 60 pounds. When it comes to the height and the weight, the females are usually shorter and weigh less as compared to the males. 

The labsky can also come in varying coat colors like brown, black, copper, tan and chocolate. 

In rare cases, this dog breed can also have a coat that is a mixture of these colors. They may also have some markings depending on the parent breeds. 

This dog has a body that is very athletic and sturdy. 

They also have ears that are Semi-erect and sometimes they can be flat. They can have eyes which are of mixed colors but the common colors are brown and blue.

The dog has a coat that is medium to short in size. The coat also sheds Moderately. The dog may also inherit the double coat of the husky and because of this may shed seasonally. This coat can also help them to withstand cold weather conditions. 

The labsky also has a trait of having eyes that have different colors for example, the left eye can be blue and the right eye can be brown. This is a harmless condition.

The Living Conditions For Husky Mixed With Lab

The Siberian Retriever (Husky mixed with lab) has a very friendly demeanor. Due to this the dogs have a tendency if becoming attached to the owners and members of the family.

They also have high energy and they need a lot of play time. Because if this you do not need to leave the dogs alone for prolonged hours of time. This is because these dogs can suffer from anxiety. And because of this they may also end up developing behaviors like digging, chewing and barking. 

The husky Mixed with lab also makes a great family pet. It also very friendly towards the children in your house and can easily play around with them. Therefore the husky Mixed with lab is a great choice for the types of families that have children. 

The labsky also love to play and run around. This makes the dog suitable for homes that are medium to large in size and also have a backyard where the dog can easily play around. The dog is not supposed table for holes that are very small and does not adapt well to partner conditions.


The Siberian Retrievers have a medium to large size. Because of this size they need to have three to four cups of dog food (high quality). This food should be given to them in form of two meals each day. 

The amount of food that is given to the dog is determined by many factors. And such factors maybe the health condition, fitness, gender, age as well as the size. 

Because of this you should make sure to visit the veterinarian or a professional dog nutritionist so that you are able to know the amount of food that should be given to your dog every day. If the dog is highly active, you will need to give him more nutritional food than a inactive dog.

The quality of the good that you give to your dog is also essential, especially when it comes to the growth of your dog. 

Therefore you should always make sure to give your dog food that is highly nutritious. You should also avoid giving the dog food that has been store bought. 

You should also avoid giving the dog food that has a high amount of carbohydrates because the digestive system is not formulated for that. You should also avoid giving them food that has fats, gluten or coloring. 

When the husky Mixed with lab is still a puppy, you should start by continuing the diet that the breeder was giving to them and then transition slowly. For example you can start by giving the dog the new food together with the old food. You should give them food that has high proteins.

Behavior With other children and pets

The Siberian retriever is very good with children. In fact the dog is suitable and recommended for homes that have kids. It is very friendly and likes to play with children. 

When it comes to other pets. Early socialization is very important. When socialized early the Siberian Retriever is very good with other pets. When you train the dog, it will be able to play well with the other pets and dogs that you may have in your house or those outside. 

If not socialized early, the dog may have this prey drive characteristic that makes them look at the other animals as prey.

Exercise Needs

The husky lab mix is a breed that requires a lot of exercises. The dogs have a lot of energy and they love to run around as well spend time playing around. 

You can go jogging around with your the dog, cycling and perform out door activities. With this dog exercising daily is a must.

When you exercising, you should also ensure that mental stimulation is included in the exercises. The breeds are very intelligent and mental stimulation helps to activate your dogs brain.

Using obedience training, brain games as well as toys is also another way to keep your dog exercised. The dog also enjoys playing in the garden and in the backyard. It is a great dog for a house that likes to play around with dogs. 

The husky Mixed with lab does not need to stay inactive for a long time because it can become inactive and can develop some behaviors.

Training Needs

When it comes to training, the Siberian Retriever is a very intelligent dog and therefore very easy to train. They are also very obedient and love to please the owners. 

The dog can sometimes be independent and can be a little challenging to train, especially for first-time dog owners. Such dogs try to challenge the owners leadership but with firm and consistency in training you can easily show them who the leader is.

You should train your dog while still young so that it can have time to do what you are teaching him. You should also socialize him at an early stage. With early socialization, these dogs will be friendly to other pets and people. Training also helps in ensuring that your dog is well natured. 

Due to the dog breed’s intelligence, you should use positive reinforcement training methods. You should also stimulate him mentally.

Grooming requirements

When it comes to Caring for this breed, it requires a moderate amount of care. Grooming will only be needed for at least two times every week. You should also check the dog for things like fleas as well as cleaning the ears. 

The husky mix lab does not shed a lot. When the breed inherits the dense coat of the husky, you may need to groom it a lot more and brush it a little more. 

On the other hand, if your dog has the Labrador’s coat, then it will be very easy to take care of it and it will not shed a lot.

The nails should also be clipped when they get longer. You should also brush your dogs teeth every week to prevent bacteria from accumulating. 

You should also make sure to exercise your dog to make sure that it stays fit and does not gain unhealthy weight.

You should also bath them when they get too dirty and these dogs are also water lovers.

Health Concerns

The husky Mixed with lab is a healthy breed. However, it can face some health conditions that can be inherited from it’s parents. 

When adopting the mixed breed, you should ensure to find out the health problems that the parent breeds are prone to because these can be genetically passed on to the offsprings. 

You should also make sure that it has been adopted from a breeder that is reputable. 

The following are some of the most common health problems that the Labsky faces:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Cataracts 
  • Knee problems
  • Obesity
  • Epilepsy
  • Ear infections


The husky Mixed with lab is a crossbreed between the husky and the labrador retriever. The breed is very friendly and makes a good family pet. 

It is also very devoted to family members and loves attention. The breed is very healthy. It is also very easy to train and can live for up to 15 years. 

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