How much do Aussiedoodles shed?

How much do Aussiedoodles shed?

Aussiedoodles are some of the most popular dog breeds that have their origins in North America. Due to their sweet nature and adorable looks, these dogs have spread into many homes around the world.

The main concern that people have before they purchase or adopt a dog is the amount of maintenance that is needed in order to keep themselves and the dog healthy. Much of this is on the shedding. And, Aussiedoodles are no different from the rest of the popular family dog breeds. But how much do Aussiedoodles really shed?

In general, Aussiedoodles do not shed a lot. They are the perfect breed if you are looking for a low-shedding dog breed. Aussiedoodles shed less than many other breeds and they can be easily maintained with little effort on your part, making them great for people who don’t have time to groom their dog all year round!

AussieDoodle’s make wonderful pets because they do not require much maintenance due to being so low-shedding.

Compared to many other breeds, the Aussiedoodles shed very little. For this reason, they are excellent breeds for people that have allergies (or are intolerant to hypoallergenic dog breeds). However, no dog is completely hypoallergenic. The only time that these dogs shed is when they haven’t been brushed for a few days, but even then, they won’t shed very much. As such, ensure that your dogs are brushed on a regular basis.

Can’t decide if this is the right breed to welcome into your home? Do you want to know more about the Aussiedoodle? Well, this post will look at some of the essential characteristics of the Aussiedoodle breeds.


Also called Aussie Poos or Aussie-Poos, Aussiedoodles are hybrid breed dogs that came after crossing the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle dog breeds.

Since the parent breeds are both intelligent- the poodle being the second most intelligent breed in the world, the Aussiedoodles are also very intelligence dogs. Consequently, they require mental exercises, without which they dogs can become bored, which could lead to an undesirably, destructive behavior.

However, if they are given the right amount of daily exercises, they do just fine. The Aussiedoodle coats can comes in a variety of colors, particularly those that which are often visible in Australian Shepherd parent breeds.

These are colors like blue merle, red merle, black and red tri, and sable. A large population of Aussiedoodles come with wavier coat textures, which are inherited from the Australian Shepherd.

If the Aussiedoodle has curls, they likely inherited this from their Poodle parents. And the one thing you will probably like the most about Aussiedoodles is how much value and joy they bring to your family. But do not take my word for it, here are some of the less known perks and quirks Aussiedoodles bring:

Top 10 things to know about the Aussiedoodle breeds

All dogs have their unique quirks and traits we tend to get attracted to, and the Aussiedoodle a mix between an Australian shepherd and a poodle is no different.

These dogs can have a weight ranging from 20 to 70 pounds. The size mainly depends on the genetic structure. So if the parents were “Toy,” “Mini,” or “Standard”, the Aussiedoodles will follow suit.

Regardless of color of the coat, the Aussiedoodles hybrid breeds are simply stunning. The blend between the Australian Shepherd and the poodle makes the Aussiedoodles one of the best companion dogs out there.

It’s important to learn more about their temperament and quirks before committing to adding an Aussiedoodle to your life. As many current owners will tell you, these are the top 10 things to know about these fluffy dogs.

1) Aussiedoodles are playful

Aussiedoodles are naturally very playful. Besides this, they like to share and bring you gifts. On the other hand, they also like to tease.

Here, they might show you or a fellow dog their toy, and run away with it. Speaking of which, one of their favorite games is playing chase. But even after they are tired of running, they won’t give up the toy that easily. They will play tug of war.

2) Aussiedoodles are bouncy

Besides their playful nature, Aussiedoodles are known to be very bouncy. In other words, they like to jump. In fact, they can jump as if they don’t have bones in their body. They also like to lunge at anything and everyone in their path during play times.

This makes them excellent for agility games. But, if you decide to teach them agility, it is important that you should pay close attention to them as they may learn how to jump over fences.

3) They like to be close to their families

One common trait of the Australian shepherd parent breed is the development of separation anxiety, and Aussiedoodles are no exception of this trait. As such, they get lonely when you are not around.

Because of this separation anxiety, these are not the ideal dogs if you work a 9 to 5 type of job. You don’t want to leave your dog alone for an extended period of time.

The best about this side is that they make friends easily, and everyone they meet instantly becomes part of their pack. This is the type of dog you can leave at your neighbor’s place if you are planning to travel for a long time. The Aussiedoodles are loyal companions who constantly want to grow their family.

4) Aussiedoodles crave constant attention

Are you looking for a cuddly dog breed that enjoys indoors as well as outdoors cradled to their owners? Most Aussiedoodle owners I have spoken to have indicated that the dog likes a lot of attention. As a result, they will sometimes start whining, especially if they feel like they are being ignored. But this whining is only to let you know that they are available to cuddle with you.

5) Aussiedoodles love to cuddle

This is one of the traits that make this an excellent therapy dog. Regardless of their size, the Aussiedoodles like to cuddle with their owners.

If you allow your dog to sleep on the bed with you, they will soon develop a habit of sleeping there. Also, they are known to take the take the lion’s share of the sheets- if you get what I mean.

Inviting your dog to sleep on the best is the perfect situation when it’s cold outside. So you won’t need to turn on the heater for your dog, which will save you money that you can spend on doggie toys.

6) Aussiedoodles like to work

Since both parents of the Aussiedoodles are working breeds (Poodles are water retrievers and Australian shepherds are farm herders), the mixed naturally likes to be given something to do in order to please you.

As such, you can spend much of your bonding time teaching your dog to do tricks. This will keep both mind and body engaged.

7) Aussiedoodles have not low-maintenance coats

As we mentioned before, Aussiedoodles are hypoallergenic dogs. Much of this trait is inherited from the poodle parents. So, they don’t shed as much. They can be groomed in many different ways, depending on the look that you are going for. The coats are often fluffy, which requires monthly grooming along with daily brushing.

8) Aussiedoodles drink a lot of water

It is very natural that dogs that have lot of energy tend to drink a lot of water, and the Aussiedoodles are no exception to this trait. So make sure that water is always made available to your dog at any time of the day. Provide this in a separate bowl and clean the bowl on a regular basis.

Also, when Aussiedoodle breeds drink water, it soaks into the beard and drips onto the floor. This is why they are called “dainty drinkers.” So, you will certainly be mopping regularly.

9) Aussiedoodles love to swim

The best dogs are the one that you can take out on vacations with you. After all, sometimes all a dog needs is to cool off. So, a trip to the beach will make an excellent bonding time for you and your Aussiedoodle.

But, if you live far from the water, you could simply set up a hose and a sprinkler, and your dog will improvise. Also, the dogs like to stick their face and paws in their water bowls.

10) Aussiedoodles are excellent therapy dogs

One of the most common traits of the Aussiedoodle breeds is that they are good therapy dogs. They are always in tune with your needs and know when you’re having a rough day.

For this reason, a large number of Aussiedoodles are used as service, therapy, as well as emotional support dogs.


Aussiedoodles are said to have a Life Span which ranges from 10 to about 13 years- that’s if they are given the right amount of care. As such, make sure you groom your dog regularly, which should also involves cleaning and checking the dog’s skin and ears for signs of any infection.

For the most part, mix breeds tend to have a lot of health problems. The Aussiedoodle breed is inclined to some health illnesses, especially those diseases that are also faced by the parent breeds.
Here are the common health problems that are faced by Aussiedoodles

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Reactions caused by flea and tick medications
  • Cataracts

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Aussiedoodle breed do not shed much (except when they do). However, you have to ensure that they are brushed regularly to avoid having the fur all over the place. Otherwise, these dogs will be an ideal choice if you have allergies.

At the end of the day, the Aussiedoodle is a great family dog that will get along with everyone. But of course you have to ensure that they are trained and socialized at a very young age. Its loving nature makes its 10 to 13 years lifespan seem very little.

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