Golden Retriever Mixed with Husky- An Eye-Opening Goberian Dog Breed Guide With Pictures

Golden Retriever Mixed with Husky

New pet owners often ask me if Golden retriever mixed with Husky puppies are the best for novice dog owners. According to their temperament and behavior around kids, you don’t have to worry about Golden retriever mixed with Siberian Husky dog breed. However, there might be better dog breed choices for you as a new pet owner. 

I’ve lived in highrise apartments, country house and bungalows with garden access for my dogs, along with a unique lifestyle and all of these have been a huge influence in deciding which dog breed is best. 

With Golden retriever mixed with Husky pups being so cute and adorable, am not surprised that more and more new pet owners are looking at this crossbreed for their pet.  

Now, after researching and speaking to other pet owners who own Golden retriever mixed with Husky, this is what I found out: 

You Do Need to seriously get a Golden retriever mixed with Husky puppy, Maybe

No lie! People have strong opinions about hybrid dogs, and Golden retriever mixed with Siberian Husky is no different! The common reason pet owners feel that you need to be cautious about choosing a crossbred dog like the Goberian is their susceptibility to health issues. 

I’ve found that it doesn’t matter much. In fact, all dogs, pure breeds or mixed dog breeds all have health issues to worry about. So, I’ve owned and adopted several crossbreeds and purebred dogs without ever worrying about their health issues.

But being asked to look into whether Golden retriever mixed with Husky is best was an interesting research work I have done in a while. 

On the other hand, looking at the potential pitfalls in fear of owning a Goberian mixed puppy dog with high pet maintenance costs is a valid concern. 

The main reason why you need to know your potential pet dog breed is to protect your family from surprise vet bills and costly insurance charges down the road. 

Hence, the Golden retriever mixed with Husky makes for an excellent pet as an ideal pet dog should have a good lifespan, amiable temperament, and be tolerant enough to live with other pets and homes with small kids. 

Many pet owners choose Goberian puppy dogs over other dog breeds. So you certainly need a little bit of Golden cutie retriever mixed with Husky, maybe.

A Little About Golden Retriever Mixed With Husky

Golden retriever mixed with Huskies has many qualities that it vey much likely inherits from both parents. Some of the best qualities that these pups have inherited include their friendly, energetic and smart nature. 

The golden retriever breed and the Siberian husky are breeds that are very intelligent dog breed and have good hunting skills. The Goberian as Golden retriever mixed with Siberian Husky cross bred pups are called, is a very great pet and it is energetic.

The Goberian can be found in shelters as well as rescue homes. This mixed breed makes a very god family dog. They also have a great temperament and they are very friendly towards people.

They also like being around people. Just like any other dog, it will require adequate care and exercise to make it very sociable. It is a very active dog; therefore, it does not do well with just dwelling around your house.

Golden retriever mixed with Husky Highlights at a glance

Other names:  Goberian 

Average height: 20 to 24 inches

Average weight: 45 to 90 pounds

Average size:  Large sized

Breed type:  Mixed breed

Major health concerns:  Bloat, epilepsy, heart problems, von Willebrand’s disease and Osteochondritis dissecans

Coat type: Long length

Coat colors: White, black, gray, brown and cream (can be a mixture of two or more colors)

Grooming needs: Low 

Safe for children: Moderately

Shedding: Minimal

Brushing requirements:  Minimal (at least two times a week)

Good with other dogs: Yes

Sensitive to touch: No

Barking: Minimal

Good pet: Yes, when trained and socialized at an early stage

Suitable for first time dog owner: No

Suitable for apartment: No

Training: Easy to train

Good with other pets: Yes (exercise caution)

A tendency to gain weight: Normal weight gaining

Average lifespan: 10 to 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Good tolerance to heat and cold: Yes

Tolerance to isolation: Yes

A wanderer or roamer: Yes

Average yearly medical expenditure:

Average yearly non-medical expenditure:


Since the Goberian is a designer breed, it can have the physical appearance of one parent or both of the parents. They usually have a body that is narrow and looks more like that of the golden retriever. 

The breed has an inner coat and an outer coat. The inner coat is softer as compared to the outer coat which is thick. The coat of the dog is also very dense. It can be straight and wavy. 

It can have a coat that is white, brown, gray, black or cream in color. The coat can also be a mixture of two or more colors. 

Breeding History

The Goberian is not a purebred dog. This dog is a crossbreed between two breeds and it is known as a designer dog. As a result of this crossbreed, this dog inherits the characteristics of both of the parents.

Due to this it is not very easy to determine the characteristic of the offspring. The details on how this breed was made or comes from are not very clear.

In order to know more about the breed, it is better to look at where the parents of the breed come from. This breed has the golden retriever and the Siberian husky as the parents. 

Origins Of The Golden Retriever

This breed was bred around the 19th century in Scotland. The golden retriever is a dog that is medium-large size. This breed is a water lover. It was originally bred for retrieving hunted animals such as ducks and birds. The golden retriever would retrieve the hunted animals both from the water as well as the land. This breed is very easy to train and it is known for its obedient nature. In 1903 this breed was accepted and registered by the kennel club.

They have a coat that is long and dense. This coat ensures that the animals are kept warm when they are outside the house. They also have a coat that repels water. This breed does not shed a lot and only requires minimal grooming. The golden retriever has a weight of 55kg to 75 kg and a height of 20 to 24 inches. Their coat comes in colors that can range from gold to cream. The average lifespan of this breed is 10-12 years.

The golden retriever is very good at games that involve retrieving things. Such games include sniffing, tacking as well as hunting. They are very good at sporting activities. The dog also has a playful personality. These dogs are also known to be very good as a family dog. 

The origins of the Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky was used by the nomads for pulling sleds back in the day. The Siberian huskies were raised by the chunki people in Siberia. The breed also has a good and gentle temperament. 

The Siberian husky are dogs that are highly intelligent. This breed is also very good looking. The coat of the Siberian husky is thick and can have multiple colors.

The Siberian husky is a very friendly dog, it is also very energetic and highly athletic. They can also be challenging and suborn especially for first time dog owners.

They are also very independent as well as fierce. The dog also makes a very good pet. When it comes to training the dog may be difficult to train because of their nature.

The Siberian husky usually has a height of 20 to 24 inches and weighs around 34 to 60 pounds. It can come in many colors such as gray, tan, white or black.

The golden retriever husky mix: Temperament

The Goberian have a gentle temperament. These dogs are very friendly to people and the owners. They are also very kind towards the owners. These dogs are also very playful and their friendly and kind nature makes them very good companions. 

They are also very good dogs for playing with young children. Although they can be friendly with children, these dogs should not be left alone with the children, especially with younger children.

You should make sure to always supervise when your children are playing with Goberian. You should also make sure that the children do not do things like pulling the dogs ears or the tail because this may end up making the dog aggressive.

The breed is very intelligent and always try to impress. They are also very obedient. Sometimes these breeds can be stubborn and independent. The Goberian can also make a very good guard dog. They are also very easy to train. 

They have a tendency of bonding with one person in the family but this does not mean that they are not affectionate towards the other members of the family members.

Because it is a designer breed it is not very easy to determine the characteristics of the puppy. Therefore, in order to know more about the qualities of the puppy, it is important that you know more about the parent breeds so that you can have a picture of the personality that you should expect from your dogs. 

They require you to train them properly and once they are trained, they will not give you any problems, they will easily obey to your rules without being stubborn. 

The Goberian is also very adaptive and is great with other pets in your household. It is also very important to ensure that you are cautious when you introduce the breed to other pets. Early socialization is the key to ensuring that the Goberian has good behavior. You should also use positive reinforcement when you train it.

Living Conditions

The Golden retriever mixed with husky breed are dogs that are very active, they also have an independent nature. The breed does not suffer from anxiety or isolation as it is with many other breeds. The dog can actually be left on its own and it will enjoy spending time on its own.

The breed has a nature that is very exploring and will love to take a look at all its surroundings when it is alone. The breed is not suitable for apartment living conditions and does not do well with being locked up in the apartment. 

The breed is very suitable for houses or homes that have large spaces like backyards where they can easily play around. They also have a coat that is dense and can tolerate conditions that have cold temperatures.

They are not very tolerant of hot conditions. You should also make sue to protect the dog from the sun, this is because when it is overexposed the sun, the dog may end up having heat stroke. 


The Goberians is a medium to large sized dog. The dog needs to be fed high quality food every single day. Due to its size, it will require you to give at least three to four cups of the high-quality food. This should be divided into two meals. 

The Goberian’s are also very active dogs. This also plays an important role when it comes to the type of food that the dogs should be fed. Feeding the dry food is very good for their health, this is because dry food helps to strengthen their teeth and gums.

You should also make sure to avoid giving the dog food that has been bought from the store. You should always ensure that you give the dogs a healthy diet. Because the diet is what determines the overall health of your dog. It also has an impact on their growth as well as how the fur coat looks.

In their diet, you should make sure to include vegetables and raw meat. You should avoid giving them food that is rich in carbohydrates. This is because they are carnivores and therefore require proteins due to their digestive system. 

You should also make sure that you do not overfeed your dog, this is because overfeeding can cause the dog to gain a lot of unhealthy weight. You should also make sure to exercise them. 

The diet of the Goberian will not be the same as it grows, it will change as it grows from puppyhood. In order to know more about its diet, you may ask the veterinarian so that they can recommend to you your puppies’ diet. This is so because the diet can be determined by a lot of factors such as weight, health problems and energy.

Behavior with other animals and children

The Goberian is friendly with children. This breed also interacts well with other pets. With early socialization it will not give you any problems when it comes to interacting with other pets and children in your household. Make sure to teach your dog at an early stage so that it can be respectful, obedient and play in a good way.

When it comes to introducing it with other pets you should make sure that you are very cautious. Although it is very friendly with children, you should ensure to monitor when the Goberian is playing with toddlers. This is because the toddlers may end up doing things that may make the dog become aggressive hence supervision is required.

Exercise needs

Since the Goberian’s are very active dogs, they require more exercise. Exercising your dog is very important because it also helps in preventing the dog from gaining unhealthy weight. It also helps in improving the fitness and health of your dog. 

When it comes to exercising, you can take your dog on long walks in order to train him on his behavior so that it can behave well, this also helps to make your dog healthy as well as happy. The dog also loves having exercises and it is very energetic.

Therefore, you can go jogging with the dog, you can also do other activities like cycling and brisk walking. The Goberian’s also need a lot of space for example a backyard where they can easily play around and they are not suitable for apartments. 

You should ensure that your dog is well exercised, when it is not exercised the dog may start to experience problems in terms of behavior such as barking unnecessarily, chewing as well as causing destruction. 

Training needs

When it comes to training, the Goberian breed does not require a lot of training. This breed is a very fast learner. The dog is also very independent and it does not do well with being bossed around. 

You should ensure that your dog is train at a very young age and this allows it to easily adjust to the training. You should also start by giving it short training. When training the dog, you should also make sure to take note of the things that your dog is interested in. When training the dog you should also use things that your dog likes such as the toys and you should treat it so that you can catch its attention.

Sometimes, Goberian’s can be very stubborn when it comes to training them especially for those new dog owners, therefore when planning to adopt the Goberian you should be sure that you will put a lot of effort in training it.

These dogs may sometimes try to see the skills of the owner especially when to leadership and if this is the case you should make sure that this behavior does not intimidate you.

To have a well behaved and obedient Goberian, socialization at an early stage is essential. Socialization is very helpful because it also helps in ensuring that your pet can easily get along with other pets as well as the people.

To do this you can enroll in the Goberian is a doggie class. Spending a lot of time with it may also help. Exposing your pet to new faces and surroundings can also help. 

Grooming requirements

The Goberian has a dense coat that is straight and wavy. This dog also has very few grooming requirements. Grooming is very important and it helps to improve the appearance of your dog. Grooming also helps to improve the health of your dog. 

When it comes to grooming you can be able to see and inspect if your dog has any conditions or abnormalities. You should ensure that you groom your dog once every few weeks. Grooming also helps to easily identify some conditions faster before they can become dangerous. 

It is also very essential to brush your dog’s dur at least twice in a week. Brushing is very important and helps when it comes to shedding. It also helps to ensure that the fur is free of tangles and keeps it well clean. Brushing also helps in getting rid of all the impurities from your dog’s skin. 

When brushing you should use a brush that is soft especially when the puppy is small, you may change the brush to a stiffer one as the puppy gets older. 

Health Problems

Naturally, the Goberian are dogs that are quite healthy. These dogs can also experience some health conditions that can be inherited from their parents such as:

  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Heart issues
  • Bloat
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Von Willebrand’s disease


The golden retriever mixed with husky is known as the Goberian and it is a result of the crossbreed between the golden retriever and the husky, the breed is very active and energetic. It is very friendly with people and other pets. The Golden Retriever mixed with Husky dog breed equally makes a very good family dog and watchdog as Husky mixed with Akita. Whether you want a dog that keeps Coyotes away or just have an excellent guardian dog, Goberians make for a perfect fit. The breed is also very healthy. It is found in shelter homes and rescue homes. 

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