Goberian, A Golden Retriever Husky Mix Detailed Guide With Pictures.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Golden retriever Husky mixed dog breed, also known as Goberian retriever is fast becoming more popular across American households and beyond. And that’s because Husky Golden retriever mix puppies make good family dogs that are loyal, alert, and affectionate to their owners.

So, if you too are looking into bringing home a Siberian Husky Golden retriever mix, chances are that you are wondering what golden retriever husky mix puppies price would be today, how the golden retriever husky mix looks like when he is full-grown, but more importantly, how to take care of a husky and golden retriever mix.

In just a few minutes, you should be able to know whether the Siberian Husky Golden retriever mix is best for you and what is the lifespan of a golden retriever husky mix. But first, what is the Husky Golden retriever mix?

The husky and golden retriever mix is a cross between the Siberian Husky and the golden retriever. It goes by a lot of names such as Golden Husky and Golden retriever husky mix. The breed is known to be intelligent, friendly as well as energetic. The parents have hunting skills and as a result, the crossbreed is also good at this. The husky and golden retriever mix also has a good temperament and is very playful. They fit very well in homes that are very active because they do not like to stay idle.

DOG BREED’S OTHER NAMES:Golden Husky, Golden Retriever Husky mix, Golden Husky
Husky Golden Retriever Average Height:20-24 Inches tall
Golden Retriever Husky mix Average Lifespan:10-15 years is the average life expectancy of a golden retriever husky mix.
Husky Golden Retriever Average weight:40 to 90 pounds heavier
Husky Golden Retriever Average size:Large Sized Dog Breed
Husky Golden Retriever Breed type:Cross / Mixed Dog Breed
Husky Golden Retriever Major health concerns:Bloat, epilepsy, heart problems, von Willebrand’s disease and Osteochondritis dissecans
Husky Golden Retriever Coat Type:Long Length
Husky Golden Retriever Coat colors:White, black, gray, brown and cream (can be a mixture of two or more colors)
Husky Golden Retriever Grooming needs:Low Grooming Needs
Husky Golden Retriever Safe for children:Moderately
Husky Golden Retriever Shedding:Minimal Shedding
Goberian BarkingMinimal
Husky Golden Retriever Good With KidsYes( Energetic, Good Temper & Affectionate with Kids.
Husky Golden Retriever Brushing requirements: Minimal (at least two times a week)
Sensitive To Touch:No
Is Husky Golden Retriever A Good family Pet?Yes, Goberian puppies make good family pets when trained and socialized at an early stage
Is Goberian Suitable for first time dog owner:No, Husky Golden Retrievers are not suitable pets for first-time dog owners.
Are Husky Golden Retrievers Easy To Train?Yes! Husky Golden Retrievers puppies are easy to train as they are ranked high as an intelligent dog breed.
Are Goberian Dogs Suitable for apartment Living?No, As energetic large dog breeds, golden retriever husky mix dogs are not suitable for apartment living
Are Golden Retriever Husky mix Good with other pets?Golden Retriever Husky mix are and excellent pet dog with other pets however, caution must always be exercised where small and large pets share a home.
Hypoallergenic:husky golden retriever mix puppies are not hypoallergenic dogs.
Tolerance to isolation:Husky retriever mix is tolerant to being left home alone while you are at work. Provided you exercise them well morning and evening times.
Are Husky retriever mix Dog Roamers/ Wanderers?Husky retriever mix dog tend to roam and wanderer at times.
Do Husky Golden Retriever mix have a good tolerance to heat and cold:Yes! Husky Golden Retriever mix adapts very well as they have a good tolerance to heat and cold temperature changes.
A tendency to gain weight:Golden retriever Husky mix has a normal progressive weight gain
Average yearly medical expenditure:$480 to $500 annual medical expenses for Goberian dog.
Golden Retriever Husky mix Average yearly non-medical expenditure:$600 to $800 average yearly costs for Golden retriever husky mix non-medical expenses.

Husky retriever mix Appearance

A Golden Husky is a large-sized dog. However, the size of the Golden Husky can vary depending on the parent breed that they may take after. No wonder that a husky retriever mix can have a weight of about 45 to 90 pounds and a height range of 20 to 24 inches. Nonetheless, the physical appearance of the husky retriever mix is not very easy to guess because it can have traits from either or both parents.

Generally, most of the Golden Husky’s will have a narrow body and they look more like the Golden retriever. They have a double coat. The coat is also dense and long. It can sometimes be straight or wavy. The coat also comes in many colors. It can come in white, black, brown, gray, cream or more. The coat can also be a mixture of the colors.

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Temperament

The temperament of the golden retriever and husky mix is very gentle. The dog has a very friendly personality towards people. They are very playful and active. The Golden Husky also makes a great companion

This dog is very independent. It makes a very good guard dog and it is a great choice for people that are looking for a watch dog. The Golden Husky is alert and will let you know when intruders are approaching.

The Golden Husky loves to be active and it loves to play around outdoors. It loves exercises such as hiking, jogging and playing at the park. The dog is very good with young children; however, they should not be left alone with children just to ensure that they are kept safe. The children should also be advised to treat the dog appropriately and in a respectful way. 

The dog is also very obedient and tries to impress the owners. Sometimes it can be stubborn due to its independent nature. They have a tendency of bonding with one person in the family but this does not mean that they are not affectionate towards the other members of the family members. Because it is a designer breed it is not very easy to determine the characteristics of the puppy. Therefore, in order to know more about the qualities of the puppy it is important that you know more about the parent breeds so that you can have a picture of the personality that you should expect from your dogs. 

The Golden Husky requires proper training and they should be trained at a young age in order to ensure that they do not give you any problems and that they are able to follow all the rules that you teach them.

The Golden Husky is very good with other pets. It is important that caution is always exercised and they should be introduced properly with the other pets. Early socialization is very important when it comes to this because it helps to ensure that your dog interacts very well with the other pets. 

Breeding History

The Golden Husky is a mixed breed, it is a result of a mix between the golden retriever and the Siberian husky. Therefore, it will have the traits of both of the parent, the traits can also favor one of the parents more. Not much is known about this breed, to know more about its origins we look at the details of the parent breeds. 

Origins Of The Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever is said to have originated in Scotland around the 19th century. The Golden retriever is medium in size. This dog was bred with the purpose for hunting, it was used too retriever animals that were hunted like ducks and birds. It also loves water and was used to retrieve animals both on land and in water. The golden retriever can play a lot of games such as sniffing, tackling and hunting. It has a playful and friendly personality. Today, it makes a great family dog.

The golden retriever was accepted and registered by the American kennel club in 1903. The golden retriever is very intelligent, obedient and easy to train. The dog has a long and dense cat that helps to keep the animals warm. Their coat can also repel water. The golden retriever weighs 55kg to 75kg. It is 20 to 24 inches tall and has a long-life span of up to 12 years

The Origins Of The Siberian Husky

This breed has been around for a very long time and since the 1800s. The Siberian husky was used by the chuckchi people, this is a tribe in Russia. This dog was used for pulling sleds. It was also used to help the people in hunting. The dog was used in very cold weather conditions and it adapts very well. 

In the early 1900s the dog was brought to Alaska. They were very helpful when there was an outbreak. The Siberian husky also won races. The dog is very gentle and friendly.

The Siberian husky is very popular for its intelligence. The dog also has a good appearance. Its coat can come in many colors and it can be a mixture of multiple colors. It has a coat that is thick. When it comes to training the Siberian husky can be very difficult and stubborn especially for first-time owners. The Siberian husky has a weight of about 34 to 60 pounds and it is 20 to 24 inches tall. 

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Exercise requirements

The Golden retriever mixed with a husky requires a lot of exercise time because it is very active. Exercises are very essential for this type of breed because this helps to prevent unhealthy weight and also ensures that your dog is healthy. 

Exercises are required every single day. You should give your dog at least 60 minutes of exercises daily. There are many things that you can do when it comes to exercising your dog. For example, you can take the dog on long walks, take him to the park or go jogging with the dog. You can also do other activities like brisk walking and cycling. All these activities will not be a problem for the Golden Husky because it loves exercises and they will also require you to have a larger space where they can play around more comfortably. 

Exercises are also very important for Golden Husky to ensure that it is kept active. When it is inactive the dog can experience some behaviors like barking, unnecessary chewing and can become destructive. Therefore, do not leave it alone and unexercised for long period of time. 

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Training Needs

The Golden Retriever mixed with husky is a fast learner and it has low training requirements. The Golden Husky is a very independent dog and loves to do things on its own. Because of this independent nature it doesn’t like to be bossed around and may try to challenge your authority. 

Training should start when the dog is still young. This is essential because it helps your dog to get used to the training and the behaviors that he is being taught. If the dog is still very young you can keep the training short and simple, you should increase the training sessions when your dog gets older. In the training, you should include your dog’s interests in order to catch the dog’s attention and keep him focused on the training. You can start by using things like toys. 

Reward based training and positive reinforcement are very important when training the dog. In this type of training you will give your dog a reward or a treat when he is doing something correctly. This helps to motivate him and make him more interested in the training. 

The Golden Husky can also have some traits that can make it stubborn to train, this is a problem especially for new dog owners. The Golden Husky requires the owner to put in a lot of effort, time and consistency when training it. They may also try to challenge the owner’s leadership but with firmness the owner can be able to show the dog who the real leader is. You should make sure to not use methods that can harm the dog in the training sessions. 

The Golden Husky should be socialized when it is still young. This helps to give you a Golden Husky that is well behaved, obedient and interacts well with children, dogs and other pets. To ensure that he is properly socialized you can take him for walks so that he can interact with people and other dogs at the park. You can also take him for puppy training classes. 

What is the lifespan of a golden retriever husky mix

Golden Husky retriever’s life expectancy is 10-15 years. And there are some living and healthy conditions that can influence the average lifespan of a golden retriever husky mix. Still, 10 to 15 years is how long Husky retrievers live for.

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Behavior With Children And Other Pets.

The Golden Husky is a great family dog and loves its family. It is very excellent around children of all ages. The most important thing here is to ensure that your kids are taught on the proper ways to interact with the dog and how to treat the dog with respect. When this is achieved you are sure that your kids and the dog will be great friends and have a lot of play time together. They can play with the Golden Husky in the yard or take it to the park. However, their play time will also need supervision because the Golden Husky is very athletic. 

The Golden Husky is also very good with other dogs and pets. However, you always need to be cautious when you introduce it to other pets. Early socialization is very important because this helps your dog to interact well with other pets outside the house or inside the house. 

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Grooming requirements

The coat of the Golden Retriever mixed with husky is dense. It can also be straight or wavy. The grooming requirements of this dog are not very high. When you groom your dog, you can make it look good and improve its overall health as well as appearance. 

Brushing for this dog is required at least twice every week. This will help to get rid of unwanted fur that may shed later on. It will also keep your dog’s coat free of any tangles and ensure that it looks great. Your dog may also have some impurities on the skin that can be gotten rid of by brushing the coat. To brush the coat, you should use a soft brush for a dog that is young and you can use a stiffer brush when the dog gets a little older. 

Grooming is also essential because it allows you to be able to inspect any abnormal conditions that your dog might have. It will also help you to determine some conditions very early before they can be dangerous to your dog. 

The dog’s teeth should always be brushed on weekly basis. This helps in getting rid of impurities on your dog’s teeth and preventing dental issues. The dog’s nails can also get very long and they need to be clipped. It is also essential to inspect the dog’s ears for infections, debris or pests. 

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Living Conditions

The Golden Husky is very active; therefore, it will adapt very well in an active home. They are also very independent. The Golden Husky is different from other dogs in such a way that it does not suffer from anxiety and can sometimes be left alone for many hours. It will enjoy being alone and exploring.

The dog is not well suited for apartment conditions. It will do well in homes that have a large space like a yard where it can play around or comfortably roam around. They have a dense coat and this allows it to easily tolerate colder conditions. This dog also needs to be protected from the sun because it can experience heat stroke when overexposed to the sun. 

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Feeding

The Golden Husky’s is a medium to large sized dog. The dog needs to be fed high quality food every single day. Due to its size, it will require you to give at least three to four cups of the high-quality food. This should be divided into two meals. This also plays an important role when it comes to the type of food that the dogs should be fed.  Feeding the dry food is very good for their health, this is because dry food helps to strengthen their teeth and gums.

In their diet, you should make sure to include vegetables and raw meat. You should avoid giving them food that is rich in carbohydrates. This is because they are carnivores and therefore require proteins due to their digestive system. 

You should also make sure to avoid giving the dog food that has been bought from the store. You should always ensure that you give the dogs a healthy diet. Because the diet is what determines the overall health of your dog. It also has an impact on their growth as well as how the fur coat looks. You should also make sure that you do not overfeed your dog, this is because overfeeding can cause the dog to gain a lot of unhealthy weight. You should also make sure to exercise them. 

The diet of the Golden Husky will not be the same as it grows, it will change as it grows from the puppyhood. In order to know more about its diet, you may ask the veterinarian so that they can recommend to you your puppies’ diet. This is so because the diet can be determined by a lot of factors such as weight, health problems and energy.

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Health Problems

The Golden Husky lives a healthy life. It has a life span of up to 15 years. It is possible that the dog can inherit some of the health issues form the parent breeds. The following are some of the most common issues that the Golden Husky can inherit from the parents:

  • Eye problems
  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Bloat
  • Heart Issues
  • Allergies
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Osteochondritis dissecans


The Golden retriever mixed with huskies is a crossbreed between the husky and the golden retriever. It is also called the Golden Husky. It has a lot of traits that it can inherit from the parent breeds, for example, it is active, energetic, and very friendly. The Golden retriever husky mix is a great family dog and makes a good guard dog. It lives a healthy life; however, it can also face some health problems that it can inherit from the parent breeds. The Golden Husky can be found in rescue homes as well as shelters. 

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