How to find a reputable dog breeder in Ontario

how to find reputable dog breeders in Ontario

Ontario is home to countless pet dogs of varying breeds, and if you are thinking of getting a puppy dog soon, you need to find reputable local puppy dog breeders in Ontario. If you have never owned a dog before, it is vital that you take the time to develop patience and do some research.

You need to find out as much about your puppy dog breeds as possible so that you are prepared for all of the challenges which owning a pet will bring. It can be difficult to determine whether an online dog breeder or local breeder is the right way to proceed with your search for a trusted puppy dog breeder.

Luckily, there are plenty of guides and tale-tell signs to look out for when you are looking for your next family pet to add to your household.

Finding A Reputable Dog Breeder Online?

With every purchase in recent years beginning from a few clicks online, you shouldn’t be surprised that even finding puppies for sale near you and far wide is happening online and offline.

We’ve all seen the aforementioned heart-breaker puppy ads on the side of Google. But, there are also hoops and potential landmines to navigate when looking for puppies for sale online instead of visiting a local dog breeder near you.

Many novice pet owners have successfully found healthy puppies for sale online while others have also been scammed when buying dogs online and I would suggest that you too should be aware of the bumps in the road before making your purchase order.

So, if you are living in Ontario, and are open to finding puppy dogs for sale locally and from out of town, what should you be looking out for if the goal is to make sure you are getting your puppy dog from a reputable breeder?

Reputable dog breeders will not ship their puppies to you.

Regardless of whether you found your puppy breeder online or through word of mouth, reputable dog breeders will not just ship their puppies to you just because you waved a credit card or your Paypal account to complete your online puppy purchase.

If you found a breeder who is willing to ship the puppy dog to you, or if the breeder wants you to meet him/her halfway (for example at a hotel in Toronto), then be cautious.

Remember, some of these breeders are looking to just sell puppies online and for quick cash. They’ll even make up stories to cover up for lack of paper trail which every pet owner buying a puppy must demand to be present and checked before money and the contract of sale is finalized.

Another way to spot a questionable puppy breeder is by their website. Generally, a reputable breeder will have some printed information for you in writing (Reputable local or national breeders will show you an example of a contract where you can see the breeder also included health clearances for both parents of your new puppy).

They won’t just ship their puppies without making sure they’re going to a good home where the puppy is going to be looked after with love and utmost care.

A reputable breeder will also be accessible, whether by phone or email. If you can’t contact the breeder of your puppy within a couple of hours, then you should consider looking for someone else to buy from.

The reason is simple: good breeders are interested in who they’re selling their puppies to and want to follow up on them at every stage of the puppy dog’s life.

Reputable Local Dog breeder Has a strong relationship with local veterinarians.

Local vets in Ontario are the backbone of humane pet care who work hand in hand with a trusted puppy dog breeder. If your puppy is coming from one of the most reputable breeders, they will show you individual records of veterinary visits for your puppy on demand.

Local veterinarians near you will know each and every active puppy dog breeder, therefore, if your next puppy is coming from a reputable puppy seller, they should be able to show you veterinary visits your puppy and the mother has had prior to giving birth of the puppy listed for sale.

Reputable Puppy Dog Breeder Has an active membership of the national kennel club like American Kennel Club (AKC) and local clubs for their locality.

Reputable puppy dog breeders are not only up-to-date with all aspects in raising a puppy, they also stay on top of everything else that encompasses the well-being and humane treatment of puppy dogs.

This includes being a part of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other local clubs for their locality.

Another way in which puppy dog breeders are active within kennels is by attending seminars, workshops, and any upcoming latest dog shows or any bulletins about how to raise puppy dogs.

Reputable Local Dog breeder Explains in detail the potential genetic and developmental problems inherent to the Dog breed.

Pretty much all dog breeds are susceptible to either developmental problems that are inherent to that dog breed or some health concern your puppy breeder would want to share before you make up your mind to buy and bring the puppy home.

Puppy dog breeder is responsive to your questions and concerns.

Even after the sale, the best puppy dog breeders are always professional and responsive to whatever concerns you may have about your newly bought puppy dog in terms of behavior issues or health problems that may arise even long after you’ve brought him home.

An excited potential puppy buyer is likely to forget and overlook vital aspects of caring for a newborn puppy. Reputable local or national puppy dog breeders are always on hand to advise or provide insight into how to best deal with any issues that may arise concerning the puppy.

Puppy dog breeders need to have good reputations in order for their puppies to sell. And for this reason, they do not pass on any given opportunity to earn a potential recommendation for their next puppy sale by previous happy pet owners.

A top puppy dog breeder will also have a wide network of people that can vouch for his integrity and business dealings. You should be able to get references or even call somebody that you know who has bought a puppy from him before, if you have done your due diligence, and found the breeder to be a good one.

You should never even consider buying from a puppy dog breeder who does not offer clients health guarantees for their puppies or other pets that they may have on sale at any given time.

Reputable Local Dog breeder Offers guidance for the care and training of your puppy.

Puppy dog breeders mostly have intimate knowledge about the particular dog breed they offer for sale. This know-how allows them to offer tips and guides on how to potty train the puppies and what you need to know of each dog breed’s puppy development week by week.

Generally, reputable dog breeders offer guidance for the care and training of your puppy when you need it the most. This is because a dog breeder wishes you to have a long-term relationship with your pet. They look forward to seeing their puppies growing up into beautiful pets that are always healthy and well taken care of by their owners.

Reputable Local Breeders Share Expertise on Dog Breeds.

A Good local puppy dog Breeder should be able to answer any question you could have about your pup. Because dog breeders have dealt with puppies from day-old to 12 weeks when they are ready to be rehomed, they are experts on anything you can think of except for advice you need from a qualified veterinarian.

Reputable Local Dog breeder Often is involved with local, state, and national clubs that specialize in the specific breed.

Every local authority across the country has either a state or national club that specializes in specific dog breed events or welfare. Dog breeders that are members of these clubs will choose to work with one club or all there is in your area.

If the puppy’s breeder is not involved in such organizations you should ask him why and question his circumstances for not being a part of them. If he cannot justify his lack of participation, then this should be a red flag.

Reputable Local Dog breeder Provides you with a written contract and health guarantee.

If you are looking for a puppy for sale near you, then make sure that your local dog breeder must provide you with a written contract along with a puppy dog’s health guarantee.

How much time have you spent on your research, can you really trust someone in the snap of a finger? You must be very careful when choosing where to get a puppy from because almost anyone can claim to be an exclusive dog breeder.

Asking any local breeder for his kennel name breeding license or credentials to follow up checks or inquires with AKC or UKC before committing to a sale is within your legal right and many trusted dog breeders will welcome scrutiny of such levels as it demonstrates how far you will go to promote humane and welfare of your puppy when he is in his new home with you.

There are always key questions you should ask before committing to buy a puppy from any stud dog/kennel breeder?

You must, first of all, make sure that the pedigree is legitimate and genuine from an official kennel club.

Particularly if they display champions in their home page or actively advertising puppies for sale by private breeders who are likely to evade scrutiny or checks and balances required to pass the litmus tests.

If your potential puppy dog breeders are third-party sellers, you should be concerned about potential dealings with a backyard puppy mill breeder here.

What paperwork should I get when buying a puppy?

The most trusted local puppy breeders will not wait around for you to ask for documentation that demonstrates that the puppy for sale is healthy and ready to be rehomed.

If you have to ask, then consider that as a red flag that you might be dealing with a puppy mill breeder.

But, in the event that the papers are presented and in order, you should place direct phone calls or email communication to the local kennel club or members who are willing and able to provide confirmation of proofs of health clearances for your potential puppy dog breeders.

In general, a reputable breeder will provide proof of veterinarian checks, up-to-date puppy vaccination due for their age, microchipping, and pedigree paperwork.

What they don’t have to provide are the names of their veterinarian or breeders who raised them, as that is not an important issue.

You will also want to know if your puppies come from a litter of 5-6 and smaller than that is highly suspicious.

The breeder should let you meet the mother and father of your puppy before you complete the sale. All of these steps prove that your puppy is healthy and ready to go home.

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