Cutest Dog Breeds With Low Separation Anxiety – Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds That Are Easy To Care For.

Separation anxiety in dogs can ruin the experience of owning the cutest dog breed. And if you are looking for the cutest dog breed you can buy or adopt, make sure that the cutest dog breeds you choose from is known for having a predisposition of low separation anxiety.

  In this article, we have listed 10 cutest dog breeds,with Low separation anxiety. And you will also learn of their characteristics, physical appearance, and where they originate from.

One thing for sure, we all know that looks are not everything- and that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

But still is there someone who thinks dogs are not cute? Does that person really exist? I doubt! 

All our furry friends are cute and adorable no matter what they look like… Come on now, let’s look at the top 10 cutest dog breeds:

1. Havanese dog breed.

The Havanese is one of the cutest dog breed anyone can own, This dog breed is known for its cutiness and low anxiety when left alone at home. Weighs 3 to 6 kgs and stands 20 to 23 inches tall, it is small in size and sturdy in structure with a tail carried over its back and ears that drop and fold. 


It has a short upper arm with moderate shoulder layback and a straight topline that rises slightly from the withers to the croup. 

The coat is abundant, long, and silky and comes in colors such as Black, Blue, Silver, Chocolate, Brindle, Sable, Red, Gold, Champagne, Cream, and White and as one color as well as in combination with other colors. 

This breed is adorable and has incredible characteristics, and it is loyal, friendly, affectionate, and intelligent too. Kids love having this breed because it’s amazingly charming.

2. Papillon dog breed

Papillon dogs are a Spanish heritage type of dog breed. It is cute, charming and a delight to have around children too! So, if you were not aware, now you know that this dog breed has origins in Spain; it is a descendant of the toy spaniel.

 The papillon is known to be a delightful pet to have, alert, and friendly dog. 

If you work long hours away from home, the Papillon dog breed is selfe-reliant when you make supplies available for her needs when you are away to work all day.

3. Morkie dog breed

The Morkie is a mixed breed dog, a cross between the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier dog breeds. It is a small, energetic, and super silly dog that inherits it’s characteristics from both sides of the parents. 

4. Pomeranian dog breed


Pomeranian dog breeds are agile, curious, very alert, and intelligent dog breed that has origins in Poland. A lot of dog lovers are very fond of this dog breed because of it’s charming and cute appearance. It is as well very loyal to it’s owners which is a trait that makes them more adorable.

5. The golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are large, powerful dogs with long fur and an athletic build, the male golden retriever weighs 29 to 34 kg and stands 56 to 61 inches tall, while the female weighs 25 to 29 kgs and stands 51 to 56 inches tall. 

The golden retriever is an energetic dog breed no wonder it is one of the hard-working and very loyal dog breeds to their owners. 

Golden retrievers have a coat that varies from very wavy to almost flat and the most common colors for coats are white, black, fawn, cream

 Its eyes are notable for being dark brown and rimmed with a dark ‘eye liner’ marking and its ears are floppy and well furred, but should still be able to move. 

This breed is known for being obedient, playful, and intelligent, it also has a well-mannered temperament, making them great family pets. It is extremely active and is always happy to go on a walk. 

6. The Dachshund Terrier

The origin of the Dachshund breed can be traced back to Germany in the 15th century when they were bred for hunting purposes. There are basically 3 different sizes of the Dachshund, which are the Rabit size, the standard, and the miniature. 

The Rabit size is not recognized by the UK or American Kennel Club but is recognized by the world canine federation while the other two are recognized by both the American and UK kennel club. 

These three types of Dachshund all come in different sizes and weight, a full grown standard dachshund can weigh an average of 16lb to 32lb, and the miniature variety can weigh less than 12lb, the Rabit size can weigh between 8lb and 11lb.

The Dachshund also has three different coat types which are wire haired, long haired and smooth haired. 

The wire haired Dachshund are mostly found in Germany and are less in America. This breed also comes in different coat colors such as the popular Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan, Blue and Tan, or Isabella and Tan, and Wild Boar, which is a more common colour for Wirehaired Dachshunds. 

The breed can as well have different patterns such as dapple (merle), piebald, brindle, and sable. 

Out of all the colors, the most common colors are Red and Black and Tan, with Red being the more dominant out of the above mentioned two. 

This breed is known to be playful, but quite stubborn, and this stubbornness can cause some dachshunds to be quite a challenge to train as a result. But overall, the dachshunds are incredibly devoted and loyal to their owners.

7. The Pomsky

The Pomsky is a designer dog, and it’s a mixture between the Pomeranian and the Siberian husky. The Pomsky is cute, silly and very much suitable for apartment living. 

The dog is loyal to it’s owners but very much likes to be the center of attention, it likes to play around a lot too.

8. The Shar-pei

This cute breed is said to have origins in China since 200bc, and this dog was used for hunting and guarding purposes. At a certain time the dog also became popular as a fighting dog but fell out of fane and favor when larger dog breeds were introduced to the game.


The Shar Pei has small, triangle ears and a high-set tail, it is of medium size and stands 18 to 20 inches, weighs 40 to 65 pounds. 

The coat of the breed comes in a number of colors, including cream, red or chocolate. When a puppy, the breed is heavily wrinkled but it loses its creases as it gets older, apart from those on the face and shoulders and they have a blue-black tongue. 

The breed became known in the United States of America in 1966, and that’s when it was recognized by the American Kennel Club. 

The breed needs early socialization with children, strangers, and other pets or else if that is not done it won’t be friendly with them. 

The Shar Pei is suspecious of strangers because in the past it was used as a guard dog, it is also very independent and reserved. 

What most dog lovers appreciate about this breed is their extremely devotion, loyalty and affectionate nature. When raised well, trained well and socialized at a young age, it becomes very friendly with children and everyone including strangers. 

The Shar pei is also known for being stubborn but will receive compassionate training and with repetition and reward training system, the training becomes easy.

9. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a large size breed that has origins in Germany. Back in 1899, the breed was used as a herding and guarding dog.

 When herding and guarding sheep, they were expected to patrol the boundaries to keep sheep from trespassing and damaging the crops, and that’s precisely what they did. 

german shepherd

The breed is very intelligent and has the ability to learn simple tasks after only five repetition. 

With their strength, this trait makes the German Shepherd desirable as police, guard or search and rescue dog. They can learn various tasks and interpret the instructions given to them better than any other large dog breed can. 

This breed is large, and for a dog that generally stands anywhere between 55 and 65 centimeters (22 and 26 in) at the withers, with an ideal height of 63 centimeters (25 in) according to Kennel Club standards, it says alot about their size. 

Weight is 30–40 kilograms (66–88 lb) for males and 22–32 kilograms (49–71 lb) for females.

 The German shepherd have a domed forehead, a long square-cut muzzle, and a black nose. 

The jaws are strong, with a scissor-like bite. The eyes are medium-sized and brown with a lively, intelligent, and self-assured look.

The ears are large and stand erect, open at the front and parallel, but they often are pulled back during movement. 

They have a long neck, which is raised when excited and lowered when moving at a fast pace. 

The tail is bushy and reaches to the hock. The breed was accepted by the UK kennel club in 1919 and till today it’s adored by many people because of it’s amazing characteristics.

10. The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu has origins in China, it has a kion-like facial fearless hence it’s name “Shi Tzu” meaning “Lion like dog”. 

Back in the past, the dogs were bred and raised by palace eunuchs and we’re therefore considered as the executive property of the royal court. 

The dogs were hardly seen outside the palace and if anyone in the kingdom was found owning it, they would be sentenced to death. 

In the late 1930s the dogs were given as a gift to the English and Dutch, by 1938 a standard was set for the breed and it finally arrived in America and Rose to enomous popularity by the 1960s

The Shih Tzu is a sturdy little dog with a short muzzle and large dark eyes. Thier impressive soft and long double coat also makes them an envy for many pet owners. 

The Shih Tzu stands 26.7 cm at the withers and has an ideal weight if 4.5 to 7.3 kg. It’s floppy ears are covered with long fur and it’s heavily furred tail is carried curled over the back.

 The coat color could be anything from white, grey, brown, black etc. The breed is said to have a personality and temperament that is loyal, affectionate, outgoing, active and alert. 

But they tend to be possessive when they are around other dogs. The breed is also very active and this trait makes them to be really good watchdogs. 

The best thing about the breed is that it interacts very well with children and other animals too because of its friendly nature.

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