Corgi Lab Mix Lifespan: How Long Do Corgi Mixes Live?

How Long Do Corgi Mixes Live?

Have you ever wondered how long do Corgi mixes live? Looking into the life expectancy of your Corgi mix is no strange thing to do as you look into what makes this bundle of joy tick. With an average dog lifespan well over 10.5 years of age, surely planning for the life of your pup is key. But, how long do Corgi Lab mix live for?

Between 10 and 15 years

Corgi Mix With lab enjoy a long life expectancy of 10-15 years thanks to their good genetics and Health. Due to the Welsh Corgi A.KA. Pembrokeshire Corgi and Labrador Retriever’s purebred parents’ life expectancies, a Corgi mix with Lab may live between 10 and 15 years.

However, all Corgi mixes are instead presumed to be unhealthy breeds, so as much as you would be optimistic for a good long life free from health issues, the odds of you getting a healthy Corgi lab mix puppy from any Corgi crossbred dog aren’t great. But, from a genetic matching standpoint, Corgis and Labrador retrievers make excellent mixed puppies compared to Labs mixed with Bulldogs and Lab Beagle crossbreed

Corgi Mix  With Lab Quick Back Ground.

A corgi mix with a lab is a mixed dog breed that was created by combining a labrador and a welsh corgi. Others might know this cute crossbreed dog as a corgidor. Now, having witnessed the recent rise in popularity for Corgi mixed dogs with Labradors, your presence here means you too have fallen under the love spell with a corgi mix with a lab right? 

Well before you go pick up a new Corgi Labrador mix puppy for yourself, there are a few things you can expect from this breed. From health issues, shedding tendencies, exercise needs and the temperament of a Corgi mix with a lab.

My goal in this article is to give you a complete in depth look at the Labrador Corgi mixed dog breed as well as how to take care of your new friend and also its lifespan.

Corgi mixes like the corgidor are a very fun and energetic dog breed to have. They are cute to look at and also very lovable lap dogs that are fast becoming a good addition to many families in America and beyond.

With a Corgidor on your lap, you shouldn’t expect to have pet wars in your household as Corgi mixes get along with other pets by quickly making friendships with other big and small pets living with you in the house.

As for growing families, a Corgi Lab puppy is a perfect companion dog breed to have for your kids as Corgidors are excellent with kids. In any case that’s what you get by combining a bouncy labrador with an active ball of fluff like a corgi.

Most pet owners looking for cuddly puppies that remain fairly small and cute will love having a Corgi lab mix. This dog breed is cuddly, cute, loyal, smart and It is known to bond with their owners.

 But, that’s not all! Do not let the size of a Corgidor mixed puppy fool you! Corgi Lab mixes also inherit a tenacious trait and attitude that makes them become a protective or guard dog for you and for its fur friends. As a lapdog, corgidors absolutely love being around their human owners , just sitting right next to you, and doing whatever it’s told to do.

A Quick Corgi Mix With Lab Overview.

  • Corgi Lab Mix Weight: A Corgidor weighs a bit more than a simple corgi mix , from 30 to 60 pounds is a standard size for the Corgi mix with Lab.
  • Corgi mix with Lab Height: A Corgi lab mix stands 10 inches when it is in normal size but when it is fully grown one can expect it to reach a full 24 inches.
  • Corgi mix with Lab Size: Though Labradors are large dog breed, Corgi mixed with Lab puppies do not become as big as normal dog breeds.  However Corgidors are also not as small as poodles, they are just perfect for a lap dog with a big personality.
  • Corgi mix with Lab Coat color: Corgidor’s dog coat comes in different royal colors such as yellow ,chocolate brown,black and sometimes some mixed colors
  • Corgi Mix With Lab Coat type: Its coat is dense ,short with a medium lengh.
  • How Do Corgi mix with Labradors shed?: 2-3 times a year. When it comes to shedding you are gonna have to get used to vacuuming your home at least 2 to 3 times a day because Corgi mix with Lab is a heavy shedder and if you have asthma it is highly advised that you do not buy this breed.
  • Corgi mix with Lab Eyes: It has got beautiful eyes that most people would say are cute in golden brown.
  • Corgidor Nose: The nose is black 
  • Corgi mix with Lab Ears: -the ears are of medium height, they are floppy sometimes they are straight ans well as short.
  • Corgi mix with Lab Temperament: In terms of temperament as expected designer dogs tend to be a bit tempered in an unexpected way but this one you can also expect it to be very loving, it is very smart and intelligent as well as friendly ,energetic very loyal to its owners ,it is very playful and very eager to please.
  • Corgi mix with Lab life Span: In terms of life span you can expect it to live for 10 years and if it is very well taken care of without any health issues you can expect Corgi mix with Lab to live for about 15 years .
  • Hypoallergenic: It has got noKnown 
  • kid Friendly: Corgi mix with Lab gets used to the environment very quickly because it is very intelligent so because of that it is very much kid friendly.
  • New Owners Friendly: Corgidor puppies are very friendly to new pet owners as well as experienced pet owners and if in the house you have other small pets such as birds and cats as well as other dogs  you won’t have to worry about fights among pets for domination, Corgi mix with Lab adjusts quickly to its new environment.
  •  Mixed Dog Breed Recognition-the breed is recognised by DRA

The Good Side And Bad Side Of Getting A Corgi Mix With Lab 

  • The upside of this breed is that it makes for a great family dog, for this part alone this dog breed would win an award , as i mentioned above it is very friendly and if you are looking for just a friendly dog by all means go and get this one.It loves to be around people , to be around its owner, the attention and the care it craves all that.
  • It learns quickly too and it is very intelligent, if you teach it new tricks you can bet it will learn very well and very fast.If you want to teach it complicated tricks then you will have to get a good trainer who will constantly train it.As i mentioned above it won’t have any issues with other dogs in the family ,but you will have to train it while it is still young to get along with the older dogs in the family, train it constantly ,everyday it will be a pro and who knows you might end up taking it to dog shows where it will probably take first position.
  • This can actually be exercise mate, it can keep you active most of the time,it will keep you on your feet, playing with you ,chasing you around and even going for a jog with you,so if you are feeling like you are not getting enough exercise then this dog will definitely get you on off the right start course to healthy living.
  • While there are so many good reasons to getting this dog there are also some downsides to getting it and they are as follows:
  • If you do not like noise or if you live around neighbours who prefer some peace and quiet then this breed is not for you because owners who own this breed complain that it barks a lot and sometimes it can be very uncontrollable.That is so because this breed is a mix of two breeds who bark a lot so it is very clear where it inherited this barking which can be a very irritating trait to some people.To avoid this irritating trait you should wake up early and train it everyday.Take it for a long walk in the morning as well as play with it , exercise with it that should keep it busy because corgis are very active dogs and they love being on their little paws, making it sit down still is like an insult to this breed.
  • If you are someone who doesn’t like to exercise or go for long walks  then do not get this corgi lab mix breed because you will make it live a very unhappy interesting life.
  • if you someone who is looking for a dog that is also a guard dog then the corgi mix lab is not a dog for you.It is very friendly as i mentioned above, it is also outgoing,it gets used to strangers easily.It was not built to be a guard dog, it was not built to attack intruders ,all it does is bark that is all but that does not make it a guard dog,
  • The other reason why it is not very ideal is because it sheds a lot, so for someone who has asthma it is not good or if you have kids just make sure you vacuum your home more than once a day.

How To Take Care Of A Corgi Mix With Lab / Grooming

A good pet care plan that includes regular veterinary visits and comprehensive pet insurance is vital to your Corgi mix with the lab. So, if you are looking to get a Corgidor puppy, you must first and foremost take caring costs checks to see how much Corgis cost. Dogs like Corgis benefits from weekly brushes to keep your Corgidor pup clean and fresh. Its fur is thick so it needs some regular baths to keep it shiny as well as healthy.

Corgi Lab mixes have their own special formulated dog shampoo to bathe them with it as any regular shampoo will certainly not do as much of a good job for Corgi mixes. While some shampoos still clean, the trouble is most highstreet dog shampoos make their fur tangle or even greasy so it is strictly important to purchase this special shampoo Corgi mix doggy shampoo over at Amazon.

This special select doggy shampoo will clean it thoroughly and will not cause some dirt to settle on its skin or even leave some irritation that will make it scratch nonstop. Another thing is it sheds all year long unlike the corgi so because of that it will need some regular brushing no matter the length of its hair.

On the upside side to its shedding, there is no need to spend some more money taking it to a regular groomer because this dogs hair does not grow very long.

The best shampoo to use on this breed is wahl natural pet no rinse waterless shampoo, just put a dro in your hands and rub it on your dog’s fur and it will be left smelling like flowers ,everyone will want to play with your fur baby.The shampoo is available in lavender chamomile flavor and coconut lime verbena.

Health Problems You Can Expect From A Corgi Mix With lab

Like any other dog or designer dog there are some health problems you can expect from corgi mix with lab and they are as follows:

  • patellar luxation or dislocation of its knee caps
  • OCD 
  • Cataracts where the eye can be partially or entirely cloudy at times
  • A blood disease that affects clotting of blood which is called von willebrand’s disease.
  • idiopathic epilepsy or seizures of the brain.

These health issues can inherit them from its parents but if you exercise it, keep it healthy you can avoid some of these diseases.

In terms of food you can give it 4.6 cups of high quality dog food daily.

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