Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale(Cost & Options Explained)

Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale

Belgian Malinois puppies are an excellent choice for anyone actively looking for a new best friend for companion and guardianship. They grow to become outdoor loving pet dogs who will enjoy an active lifestyle rather than being locked up in a flat all day. 

So, if you have been thinking about getting a dog but don’t know what kind of dog breed to get, the Belgian Malinois puppies are worth looking at if you have an active lifestyle to match their athleticism.

Belgian Malinois puppies grow into intelligent, loyal companions that will be your best friend and guardian in any circumstance! While there are also options for adopting one of these amazing pups today, there are other key facts about the Belgian Malinois breed that might interest you to learn about them before bringing your puppy home.

How much is a Belgian Malinois puppy?

If you are in the market for a new furry friend, consider getting a Belgian Malinois puppy. These dogs make excellent companions and can be trained to do anything from search-and-rescue operations to personal protection. This breed of dog can be very expensive and you should expect to pay a much higher price to get your puppy home

The average cost for a Belgian Malinois ranges anywhere from $1,000-$4,000.The cost of these dogs can be brought down significantly by considering the adoption of one from a local rescue center near you. 

The Cost of adopting a Belgian Malinois ranges between $300-$560. These are widely ranging prices depending on where you live but typically you should expect to pay between $300-$560 to adopt a Belgian Malinois Puppy dog.

This dog breed is an incredible pet to own that will not only love you unconditionally but also go out of its way to protect your family and home. 

Why Get A Belgian Malinois Puppy?   

The Belgian Malinois is an energetic yet balanced dog. They are strong, agile, well-muscled, and alert. The breed may be reserved with strangers but love their own people and will be affectionate to those they know as long as you show them the same respect in return!

The Belgian Malinois loves its family members so much that it would protect anything of theirs if needed – this trait makes them excellent guard dogs without being overly aggressive towards anyone else!

Dog Breed NameBelgian Malinois 
Activity LevelHigh
Grooming LevelModerate
Kids/Pet FriendlySometimes
Average SizeMedium Dog Breed
Average Lifespan11-13 Years Life Expectancy
Prey DriveModerate
Watchdog TraitsVery Alert Dog Breed
Owner ExperienceNot  Suited For Novice Pet Owners
Breed Registration & RecognitionAKC, ACA Registered

Activity Level: How much exercise do Belgian Malinois need?

Belgian Malinois are high-energy dogs that need to be walked or done other physical activities for a minimum of 20 minutes three times per day. They’re happy companions on hiking and jogging trips, but they also excel in agility competitions because their natural athleticism allows them to perform well outdoors with the added challenge of obstacles.

As a rule of thumb, Belgian Malinois needs plenty of exercise daily. They are highly energetic canine companions who love spending time outside exploring new environments while performing tricks like playing fetch, going down slides at playgrounds, or jumping over hurdles to burn out their insane energy levels or as part of an obedience training routine.

Belgian Malinois are naturally ideal for folks who are active and enjoy the outdoors a lot more than Netflix while cuddling up with your puppy on a sofa. These dogs are built for speed and action. If you like to hike or jog, your Belgian Malinois puppy will grow to love and enjoy your company on those adventures with the qualities they were bred specifically for in mind! 

For anyone getting a Belgian Malinois puppy today, I would recommend that you consider training them through obedience or agility contests; their natural traits would make it a breeze.

Grooming Level: How often should you bathe Belgian Malinois?

If you have a Belgian Malinois, it is important to know how often they should be bathed. The frequency of bathing puppy dogs can vary widely depending on the breed and individual dog’s needs. 

Belgian Malinois typically have a double coat that has an oily outer layer, which makes these dogs prone to getting dirty easily. This results in them needing more frequent baths than other breeds of dogs. 

In general, you should bathe your Belgian Malinois dog once or twice a week. These highly intelligent and athletic dogs can get dirty while spending most of their time outdoors exercising and burning excess energy. With their dense coat, pollen and dirt can easily build up under their coat, requiring to be bathed as often as every week up to no longer than every 6 weeks. 

Even more importantly, you should get your Belgian Malinois puppy into the routine of getting regular baths and blowouts coupled with frequent brushing which will lay the groundwork for maintaining healthy skin and coat long term!

Typically, an average recommended amount for bathing your dog would be every two weeks or so with some variation based on the size and age of your pet as well as environmental factors such as living conditions (for example, if your house gets particularly dirty). 

Be sure not to bathe too often because this may dry out their skin and cause irritation from dog shampoo residue

Belgian Malinois puppies are known to have a dense coat that may require moderate grooming. 

Trainability: Are Malinois Difficult To Train?

Belgian Malinois are known for being extremely intelligent and obedient. However, those same qualities can make them difficult to train. If you’re thinking about bringing one into your home, it’s important to be aware of their need for mental stimulation and the commitment that is required when training a Belgian Malinois. 

The Belgian Malinois is an active breed that needs plenty of room to move around in order to stay happy and healthy; they require at least two hours of exercise every day or else they will get bored and frustrated with life in general.

Generally, the Belgian Malinois puppies are hard to train but highly trainable smart dogs. They have a tendency of developing stubbornness if not engaged from a young age, which means that training them from when they are puppies requires patience from both the trainer as well as the dog itself.

In a nutshell, Belgian Malinois puppy dogs are not one to buy as a Christmas gift simply because you read that they are some of the most intelligent dogs. They are highly trainable canines in existence, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re looking to purchase a Belgian Malinois puppy, it’s important to do your research first so that you know what you’re getting into.

It’s important not only to know what drives your dog but also to keep your dog engaged and stimulated when it isn’t exercising or playing, as a bored Belgian Malinois is capable of developing some destructive behaviors.

A Belgian Malinois will become part of the family unit over time, but in order for that bonding to occur you need to make sure that he gets plenty of quality time with all family members on a regular basis; otherwise, he can develop separation anxiety.

With everything else that’s involved in owning a dog, training it properly along with spending plenty of quality time together, Belgian Malinois puppies require an owner who has the desire and determination to give them what they need. If you’re ready for this kind of commitment then perhaps a Belgian Malinois could be the right dog for you.

Adaptability: Can Belgian Malinois Live In An Apartment

When getting a puppy dog, one of the most important aspects of consideration is your lifestyle and living arrangements. As many families in cities often live in apartments, there are some dog breeds that may just not be a good fit for apartment living. 

With Belgian Malinois puppies,  It is vital to explore the possibility for your Belgian Malinois puppy’s quality life if you live in an apartment. 

In general, Belgian Malinois dogs can live in an apartment. They are highly adaptable, energetic and intelligent enough to be trained to behave indoors provided they are exercised adequately daily. 

Naturally, Belgian puppy dogs grow up needing a lot of exercise to meet their athleticism nature. Nonetheless, they are capable of adapting to apartment living and be comfortable enough to thrive.  Typically these dogs do better with homes that have a large backyard garden where they can run free during the day. 

If you’re considering getting a puppy or adopting one of these breeds at a rescue centre near you, make sure you know what your lifestyle will be like before making this commitment!

Temperament: Are Belgian Malinois Aggressive?

Belgian Malinois are renowned for their bravery and intelligence. They make excellent guard dogs, police dogs, and herding dogs alike. As they have a bite force of 195 PSI – more than any other breed in the world! Despite this power though, they can be quite gentle with children or young animals as long as they are properly trained and socialized at an early age to respect boundaries.

In general, the Belgian Malinois are temperamentally aggressive. Their aggressive temperament nature is what makes them excellent guard dogs and police dog candidates. Although they can be trained to become a good family dog, their aggression is a problem that makes them dangerous to anyone who isn’t prepared with proper training in how to deal with these dogs.

With their powerful bite force of 195 PSI, It’s best if you keep Belgian Malinois away from kids as well as other animals.

Still, Belgian Malinois have been bred over many years by working farmers who needed strong animal workers that could help herd cattle, keep coyotes away without becoming distracted by everything else going on around them. 

They are a particular breed of dogs also found to excel at military service due to their high awareness level when it comes time for combat scenarios with enemies coming from all sides while being able to do so calmly under pressure which is not a common trait in many dog breeds

The Belgian Malinois were originally bred as working and guarding dogs. They are the best dog breeds to have around if you’re trying to keep Coyotes away from your property. They are very alert, territorial, and protective by nature – so they’ll bark loudly at anything unusual happening within earshot!

At what age do Belgian Malinois calm down?

Belgian Malinois are an energetic breed that can be difficult to train and often require a lot of exercise. However, they do calm down as they get older. 

Because of their athleticism and bursts of energy levels, Belgian Malinois is a lot of fun and they can be very playful too. They like to jump and run around, but as these dogs grow older their energy levels will decrease. 

Typically, Belgian Malinois begin to calm down from when they are 5-8 years old. This is the age at which Belgian Malinois will start to calm down and enjoy staying in a lot more than going out to run around. 

Kid/Pet Friendly: Do Belgian Malinois make good family pets?

Belgian Malinois are a good family pet. These dogs need attention and training to socialize properly with the rest of your household, but they’re generally loyal watchdogs who form strong bonds with their immediate families. 

If you have any other animals in your home that might be targets for this dog’s dominant behavior, it may not work as well–but if you want an animal that will give lots of love while still being protective over its pack (which includes children), then Belgian Malinois is perfect!

Average Size: How Big Do Belgian Malinois Get?

Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog breed that can be as tall as 24 to 26 inches and weigh 55 lbs when fully grown! Belgian males grow up weighing between 25 to 34 kgs., while females only weigh 18kg on average — they’re less than half the size of their male counterparts, but don’t let it fool you: these dogs have big personalities. 

This lively breed is often seen running around looking for trouble or playing with others in an energetic manner, which makes them perfect candidates if you have an active lifestyle, love outdoor sports, and have hobbies like hiking, running, or just getting into shape!

Average Lifespan: How long can a Belgian Malinois live?

The average lifespan for a Belgian Malinois is 11-13 years old, so this should be about when you notice them slowing down in activity levels. If your dog has been acting out or getting into trouble more than usual, it might just mean that they are starting to feel their age! 

Prey Drive: Do Belgian Malinois Have High Prey Drive?

Belgian Malinois have a strong prey drive. As a herding dog breed, they are born with prey instincts. Which means they have a natural tendency to try and herd other animals. The Belgian Malinois who is not trained and socialized from when they are puppies will run in the direction of any small prey in their sights like cats or squirrels. 

With their long legs that allow them to move at high speeds for short periods of time. Belgian malinois must be socialized early on so they can avoid becoming excessively aggressive when meeting new people or pets!

Watchdog Traits: Are Belgian Malinois good protection dogs?

Belgian Malinois, also known as Belgian Shepherd Dogs, are a very popular breed of dog that is often used for protection and personal security. There are many reasons why these dogs have become a popular choice for this purpose.  

One reason is that they are highly intelligent and can be trained to do almost any task with the right training methods. They also have an incredibly strong body which makes them perfect candidates for any type of job where physical strength is required such as police work or military service. These qualities make them great protection dogs!

In general, the Belgian Malinois are a good protection dog breed. They have a’ high sense of responsibility, work ethic, intelligence and loyalty that make them the perfect protection dog. These dogs are always happy to please their owners with any task they may need from them!

Owner Experience: Are Belgian Malinois Good For First Time Owners?

The Belgian Malinois is not suitable for first-time pet owners. They are extremely intelligent and full of energy. Belgian Malinois dog breed needs an owner that can keep up with them at their energy levels and agility.

Getting a Belgian Malinois puppy for first-time pet owners may sound like not such a big deal as these dogs are generally quite intelligent dogs that tend to be trainable and do take well to training from when they’re puppies. 

But it’s those same traits — intelligence, trainability and high energy levels— that make the Belgian Malinois puppy not such a suitable dog for inexperienced dog handlers. The Belgian Malinois can develop stubbornness and such behavior prove more than a handful to own this dog breed around small kids.

 For owners who are looking for their first pet, the Belgian Malinois should probably be avoided as they often cannot handle all of these traits at once!

Registered: Are Belgian Malinois AKC Registered?

 In the dog world, there are many breeds that have been bred to be aggressive and used as guard dogs. One of these breeds is a Belgian Malinois. 

In a nutshell, Belgian Malinois are AKC registered. For those who may not know, this breed is a herding dog with AKC registry records dating back to 1959. The Belgian Malinois AKC registered status is vital as it provides some information about how they can be identified and trained in order to fit their new owner’s needs! 

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