Australian Shepherd Mixes[ Which One Is Better?]

Australian Shepherd Mixes

Australian Shepherd mixes continue to enjoy enormous popularity in many pet loving homes across the globe. Thanks to their agility, loyal traits, and amiable temperament, that makes them an ideal mixed dog breed to have in homes with children or other pets.

Now, as Australian shepherd mixes are not pure breeds, you have to crossbreed the Aussie shepherd with another pure breed to produce any of the Australian shepherds mixed dog breed we all love today.

And, there are so many good reasons why crossbreeding can produce the best-mixed dog for you and your family. 

Take the Australian shepherd mix with husky, for example, by crossbreeding the Siberian Husky, and the Australian Shepherd is that you get a reasonably active, amiable, and intelligent mixed dog between these two pure breeds.

But in order to appreciate why the Aussie shepherd is popular with crossbreeding, you have to know what they are and how their temperamental traits get very well with other dog breeds.

The Australian shepherd mix with Poodle is the best-mixed dog among the many choices of Aussie crossbreeds. And here’s why the Australian shepherd mix with Poodle stands out as the best:

  • Australian shepherd mix with Poodle Is Smart: You will love Australian shepherd mix with Poodle puppies as they are smart little cuties who make potty training them so easy and joy to watch them transform from clueless to smart and trained family additions.
  • Australian shepherd mix with Poodle is Playful: Australian shepherd mix with Poodle is an excellent choice for any family with energetic young family members as they are playful, and do not shy away from a good run in the park and a perfect fit for children with bags of energy.
  • Australian shepherd mix with Poodle Is Loyal: Australian shepherd mix with Poodle is your best shot at getting the most loyal mixed dog.
  • Australian shepherd mix with Poodle Are Intelligent: The trainability of your dog depends on how well they take instructions and the Australian shepherd mix with Poodle is a good example for the most intelligent dog to own.
  • Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle Have Good Temperament: Unlike these most aggressive dog breeds, the Aussie doodle has an amiable temperament which is an attractive trait for a good family dog.

What Is The Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd has been around since the 19th century in Western American. It is also known as the Aussie. They are given the name because of their origin. They are very good working and herding dogs, and ranch owners love them. 

They also make great companions. The dogs are very suitable for homes that are very active due to the energetic and active nature. They have also been mixed with other breeds. The following are the best Australian Shepherd mixes.

Bull Aussie

The Bull Aussie is a cross between the English bull dog and the Australian Shepherd. The dog is medium to large in size. It is also a very strong dog. 

The Bull Aussie makes a great family dog and it is very loyal. It is also very affectionate towards family members. It can sometimes be overprotective. 

Due to its high energy the breed requires a lot exercising. When exercising, you should also include mental stimulation exercises in order to stimulate the dogs mind. When not exercised enough the dog can become destructive. Therefore they are good for homes that are very active and those that like to play with dogs. 

It is also very intelligent and this ensures that training is not challenging because they learn fast. It is also essential to use positive reinforcement when training the Bull Aussie. This is because it has a willingness to learn.


The Ausky is a result of crossing the Australian Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. The Ausky is very affectionate, energetic and playful. This dog is also suitable for owners that are very active and can devote to playing with their dogs. 

They do well in spacious households and they are not suited for apartment living conditions. Because if their playful, active and energetic nature they do well in homes that have a wide spaces like a backyard where they can easily explore and run around. They also tend to bark a lot and this makes them not suitable for apartments. 

The dogs are also very intelligent. They can be stubborn sometimes especially when training them. Because of this they are not suitable for first time dog owners but require experienced owners so that they are well trained. 

Obedience training is also very important for this breed. Just like any dog, mental stimulation exercises should always be included in their exercises and training.

Australian Eskimo

The Australian Eskimo is a mix between the Australian Shepherd and the America Eskimo. The breed is medium in size. The dog is very energetic. It also has a very friendly and playful nature. It also makes a very good herding dog and a very good companion. It is very loyal to the owners and great around children. 

It has a double coat, and because of this, grooming is required a little more frequently. The coat sheds frequently. Brushing the coat will be needed almost daily to get rid of the unwanted fur and prevent it from accumulating on your carpet or around your house The double coat also allows it to adapt well to hot climates and cold climates.

Aussie Pit

The Aussie Pit is a crossing between the American Pitbull Terrier and the Australian Shepherd. It is a medium-sized dog and it has a lot of energy. 

It is known for its loyal, affectionate as well as protective nature. It is very friendly and great around children. Early socialization is a must for this breed to ensure that it can get along with the other pets and dogs that you may have in your household. 

Early socialization will also ensure that your dog has a great behavior and does not grow with some unwanted behaviors. The dog is not suitable for novice owners because it can be a little challenging and stubborn.

Border Aussie

The Border Aussie is a mix between the Australian Shepherd and the border Collie. Both of the parent breeds are very energetic and the border Aussie gets this trait for the parent breeds. The dog loves to play around and is suitable for active homes with children. 

The breed is very friendly. Early socialization is also very important because the it may not be good around strangers. Therefore owners need to ensure that the Border Aussie dog is socialized at an early stage.


The Bossie is a result of the crossbreed between the Boston Terrier and the Australian Shepherd. The Boston terrier is the male and the Australian Shepherd is the female in this cross. They are small to medium sized dogs with a height of about 15 to 24 inches and a weight of about 25 to 40 lb. The males are on the larger side as compared to the females.  

 The dogs have a body that is square like. The coat color depends on the trait it has inherited from the parent but the common colors are black, white and merle. 

The Bossie is a very intelligent dog. Training may sometimes be challenging if it has taken on the stubborn trait of the Boston terrier. Therefore first time owners may have a problem when it comes to training the breed. Exercising is also a must for this breed, it requires at least 90 minutes of exercises every day. 


The Aussiedor is a cross between the Labrador and the Australian Shepherd. It is a highly intelligent dog. The dog needs daily exercises and mental stimulation should always be included in those exercises. They are great dogs but not very suitable for homes that have young children. 

The Aussiedor can also have a personality that makes it not suitable for novice owners. It is a great dog for those owners that have experience when training a dog.

The Aussiedor may take on the overprotective traits of the Australian Shepherd. It may also take on the friendly characteristics of the Labrador.

The have a coat that sheds a lot. Therefore, they may not be great dogs around people who suffer from allergies. Due to the high shedding, it is required to brush the coats on daily basis. They can have a coat that comes in a lot of colors such as merle, chocolate, yellow, red, black depending on which parent they take after.

The Texas Heeler

The Texas Heeler is a result of a crossbreed between the Australian Shepherd and the Australian cattle dog. The Australian dog is originated from Texas and the Australian cattle dog is sometimes called the Heeler. That is why the crossbreed is called the Texas Heeler. The breed has been around for 50 years. 

The breed is very protective due to their herding nature they also use this to protect the owners from strangers. 

Early socialization and training is very important to ensure that the breed behaves well around new people and other pets. The breed is also very loyal to the owners and members of the family.

They are intelligent and willingly complete the tasks they are given. They also love to please the owners and this makes them easy to train. 


This is a mix between the Australian Shepherd and the Dalmation. It is sometimes known as the Dalmation Australian Shepherd.

The parent breeds are very active and the Dalshep takes this from the parents. It is also intelligent and loves to work well. They make take the coat after the parents and it can have a mixture of colors such as black, gray, red and blue spots. 

The dog easily adapts to many conditions and they have a long life. They may also inherit the genetic condition of auditory issues from the Dalmation parent. 


The Contralian has the Cocker spaniel and the Australian Shepherd for its it’s parents. This breed is also known as the Aussiel. It is medium to large in size and it has a height of about 16 to 22 inches. 

The Aussiel or the Contralia has a coat that is long in length. The Aussiel may inherit coat from the parent breeds. This coat also comes in multiple colors such as brown, black, grey, silver, red and what. 

Grooming is required at least once a week. The coat also needs brushing to prevent the tangles. 

It also has an athletic body. They mostly have eyes that are blue in color. They also have eyes that are similar to that of the Cocker Spaniel.  

They are also stubborn to train them. Patience and consistency helps to ensure that they are well trained.


The Auberman is a result of the cross between the Australian Shepherd and the doberman. The dog is large in size and it has a height of up to 24 inches. 

They dogs have a very friendly personality and can be loving. It is also very active therefore it needs you to exercise it for at least 60 to 90 minutes each day. You can also include games in the exercises. 

The Auberman also requires firmness when training to ensure that it has great behavior and does not challenge your authority. It is also a very sensitive dog. 


Aussiedoodles are a mixed dog breed between the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are well-loved by many households as they are very charming and independent dogs. Aussiedoodles inherit these traits from their parent breeds. And, the independent nature is likely to have come from the Australian Shepherd. 

They Aussiedoodle get very attached to the owners and they love to protect them. They also love to play around with kids. They also sometimes like to watch the kids when they play. 

Even though they are very friendly supervision is still very important around children that are very young. This is because the toddlers may end up disturbing the dog when it is eating the meals.

The dogs have a weight of about 50 to 80 pounds. They also have a height of up to 28 inches. They can have a coat that can come in many colors such as sable, black, cream, grey, and tan. They are a cross breed and because of this they inherit the traits from either of the parent breeds. 

They also need a lot of attention. When they are not given attention the dog may get destructed. This also happens when the dogs have not been exercised for a long time. 

They have a coat that does not shed a lot. This makes it a great dog for people who suffer from allergies. The grooming that they require is low. You should brush the dogs fur to remove the tangles from the skin. 

It also requires a lot of exercises because the dogs are very active. You can take them for a walk around the park, take them for a run and play games with them. These exercises will help to make your dog healthy and fit

Aussie Kita

The Aussiekita is a mixture between the Australian and the Akita. These two breeds are very hard to handle because they are dominant and because of this they need the owners to be experienced. 

They also make a good and loyal companion. They also need to be mentally stimulated and exercised properly. They also require proper training to make them devoted. They have a coat that sheds a lot and frequent brushing us required. 

The possible height and the weight of the Aussiekita can be determined by the height of the parent breeds. The Aussie has a weight of 35 to 70 lb and a height of 18 to 23 inches. The akita has a height of 26 to 28 inches and a weight of 70 to 130 lb. Therefore you should expect the Aussiekita to have a height and a weight anywhere between those figures. The average life span of this breed is 10 to 15 years. 

This breed is also known for its courageous personality. With early socialization you can be able to ward off all the bad habits from the dog. The dog does not do well when left alone for very long periods of time. It does not suit well in apartment conditions. It is suited for homes that have a backyard.

Dachsherd (Dachshund Australian Shepherd Mix)

The Dachsherd is not a very popular mix. It is between the Dachshund and the Australian Shepherd. The dog is small to medium in size. The height of this mixed breed can vary depending on the parent that they take after. 

The Dachshund is smaller in size and it has a height of 5 to 6 inches and a weight of 16 to 33 pounds. On the other hand the Australian Shepherd has a height of 18 to 23 pounds and they weigh around 35 to 75 pounds. 

They take the long coat like that of the Dachshund. The dog may also have legs that are quite short with a long body. However the main appearance depends on the parent breeds that they take after.

Socializing the breed from an early stage is very essential. This will give you a perfect pet for your family. Exercises are also needed for this breed in order to ensure that it is healthy and stays fit. They are very affectionate and make a good family pet. It can also be stubborn sometimes. Using positive reinforcement and reward base training helps to ensure that they become obedient. 

Australian Retriever

The parents of this mixed breed are the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd. They have great characteristics such as loving, playful, affectionate and smart nature. .

It is also very energetic and loves to have fun. The dog just like all other dogs will also need to be exercised so that it has a healthy lifestyle and stays fit. It also loves water and enjoys swimming and hiking. They are also very excellent around children. 

The Australian Retriever has been around since 2007. This breed has a weight of about 25 pounds to 60 pounds. The height is about 18 to 23 inches. Most of the time. The females have at smaller in size and weight as compared to the males. 

The dog is very loving and loves to get the attention from the family members. It also bonds very well with the members of the family. 

They require food that is given to a large sized dog because if the large size. The food should also include high energy. It can come in coat colors such as black, white and brown.

 They have a coat that is wavy and coarse in texture. Grooming for this breed will be required for at least two times every week. This helps to reduce matting. It’s coat also allows it to adapt to most of weather conditions.

They also adapt very well with other pets around your house. This is also ensured through early socialization. Brushing its teeth regularly is also required to ensure that they do not develop any dental problems.


There are many Australian Shepherd mixes that are available. These mixes have a lot of similarities as well as differences between them. Some of the most notable Australian Shepherd mixes include the Ausky, Aussiedoodle etc. Generally, the Australian mixes are intelligent and obedient although some can be stubborn.

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