Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle Guide With Pictures.

Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle

Australian shepherd mix with Poodle is one of Australia’s cattle herding dog breed exports between an Australian shepherd and a Poodle. Also known as AussiePoo and Aussie doodle, this breed is energetic, very playful, and fluffiest dog after Poodles, and Australian silky terriers.

Aussie doodle mixed dog breed is more common in the United States than Australia even though it first originated from Australia.

History Of Australia Shepherd Mix With Poodle.

Much is not known about the Aussie Doodle, but it is known that they first originated from an Australian Poodle. By looking at the parent breeds of Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle, we can know a little bit more about the history of this designer dog.

Both the Poodle and Australian Shepherd have a rich history as working dogs, and the Australian Shepherd worked on farms as well as ranches where they used to help their owners in herding, directing and protecting flocks. In contrast, the Poodle worked as a water dog.

The Australian shepherd we know of today is a newer breed that was developed in the farmlands of the United States in the late 19th century rather than Australia as the name might make you think.

It was developed to herd sheep and cattle and was most likely derived from basque shepherding dogs that were taken from Australia to America in the early 1800s.

Unlike the Poochon mixed dog breed, you may notice your Aussiepoo nipping tendencies at your feet. And if you have, no need for yelping at your dog as it is in their nature to bite herds

On the other hand, the Poodle also known by other names such as French Poodle is a national dog of France although it originally hails from the native Germany where it was used to hunt for ducks.This breed is over 400 years old, the standard one is most famous for its fanciful coat.It has served its owners very well as a guide dog as well as guard dog and perfoming dog.

How Do Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle Looks?

This dog breed is of medium size and it is very fluffy.Like most designer dogs its physical characteristics can vary greatly. Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle are slim with very strong bodies,their coats come in different colors such as black, white and grey, they are always curly and very soft when you touch them.

The average weight of a healthy Australian Shepherd mix with Poodle is anywhere between 25 to 70 pounds and it can stand at a height of 14 to 23 inches tall.

Aussie Doodle that is well taken care of will live for up to 12years.

Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle Temperament And Personality

The Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle are incredibly playful, loving, and intelligent dogs,these traits are inherited from its parent breeds both the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle.

They are known to be very affectionate as well as devoted to their owners. They thrive in human interaction and affection, which is why they should never be raised outside in kennels, you should instead make their bed in the house near your bedroom or somewhere near your bedroom where it can continuously see you.

These dogs are known to be very loving to children, and they make excellent family dogs.

Aussie Doodle has high energy, so they should, however, be supervised around babies or very small kids as they could end up hurting them while playing.

Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle has a few herding instincts that they retain from their parent breed the Australian Shepherd so these instincts need to be kept in check and corrected from a tender age; otherwise, they may end up herding anything that moves.

Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle Maintenance/Grooming

This dog breed requires weekly grooming as it is a seasonal shedder. You have to give your Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle a bath at least once a month; this should be enough to eliminate any odors.

Their hair is curly, and it is a lot,it is medium in length and is prone to tangling as well as matting if you do no attend to it, that is why you have to brush them every day. For their brushing, choose a slicker brush; its more suitable because it will target loose hairs in the undercoat.

To prevent the nails from getting too long, you need to cut them regularly; otherwise they keep dirt and they become uncomfortable for the dog and the owner.

Frequently brush their teeth to prevent tatar build-up.

The ears tend to keep a lot of dirt that may increase the chances of bacteria so you should wash the ears as regularly as possible.

Activity Requirements For Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle

This breed has some very high levels of energy; however, it requires a minimum amount of exercise. The exercises will help the breed stay happy and healthy,they need at least 40 minutes to one hour of activity and mental stimulation per day.

They also require walks around the neighborhood on a leash, make sure you keep the walks fun and casual. They enjoy jogs, they also respond very well to other activities such as biking, free play in the yard with toys, competitive frisbee, and herding.

Once in a while let the dog explore new places like the park,let it play with other dogs and meet new people.

This dog is good for any living space whether it is a big house with a big yard or an apartment,so let it walk around the house with you as its guide.

Other exercises may be climbing the stairs,hills but always make sure your Aussie Doodle is enjoying itself.

 Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle Training

In order to have a friendly, well-balanced dog it is very important to socialize and train it.The most important thing you have to practice is positive reinforcement, and this is the best-known training technique for an Aussie Doodle or any dog for that matter.

The Aussie Doodle are quick learners; they are very intelligent so they usually do not require a lot of repetition to learn a new behaviour or trick.

They can learn efficiently when you train them with a reward-based method, and they are known to respond poorly if they are taught using harsh techniques.

Owners of this breed should provide this dog with consistent leadership.

These dogs are always looking for new challenges and puzzles to overcome so they require a lot of mental stimulation.

Owners should always be willing to regularly invent,find and create new tricks for their dog to learn, new places to explore as well as activities to do, which will provide their Aussie Doodle lots of mental stimulation.

Food And Diet Requirements For Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle.

Feed the Australian Shepherd Mix with Poodle high-quality dry kibble at least twice a day. Make sure its the right Keeble especially made for Aussie Doodle.

This designer dog is very active and athletic, so make sure the food you choose for it reflects that.

Do not overfeed your Aussie doodle because Aussiepoo dogs often develop severe health problems when their dietary intake is not closely monitored. 

So, stick to your local vet’s recommendations on the quantity to give your dog, and if you are supplementing your crossbreed’s nutrients, make sure to split their daily dose into two meals as this should be enough to keep your doodle’s energy high all day.

Once in a while give your Aussie doodle some vegetables and fresh fruits as treats it would really enjoy that.

Known Health Problems With Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle

Generally, Aussie Doodle are healthy dogs but like any designer dog they may inherit some health problems from their parent breeds,The health problems they may inherit are as follows:

  •  Eye Problems In Aussie Doodles: Most sheepdogs are known to suffer from eye diseases, and the Australian Shepherd parent breed are included, so chances are Aussie Doodle may inherit this health problem.

This is caused by improper development of the eye and can sometimes lead to blindness. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this issue but tests can be carried out to identify whether a dog is affected, clear or a carrier.

You should ensure that both parents of your Australian Shepherd Mix with Poodle are clear.

  • Hip dysplasia is also very common in both Australian Shepherds and Poodles and it results from a malformation of the hip socket.This can make your dog’s life very uncomfortable as it can lead to lameness as well as painful arthritis. Although there is also no cure for this health problem, you can remedy it with pain killers and hydrotherapy.

Poodle dog breeds are known to suffer from immune-mediated skin diseases, which you are likely to see with any of their crossbreed offsprings. And, on that list, make sure to include the fact that Poodle dogs are more susceptible to numerous other health issues like:

  • Epilepsy
  • Addison’s disease
  • Thyroid issue
  • Bloat
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Cataracts
  • Sebaceous adenitis
  • Von Willebrand diseases-this is a genetic disease where the blood of the dog cannot clot properly.
  • Luxating patellas-this is when kneecaps are floating.
  • Cancer- this includes different types of cancers such as hemangiosarcoma and insulinoma
  • Sebaceous adenitis-this causes hair loss and hair loss on the dog.

There is no guarantee that your Australian Shephered Mix With Poodle will inherit these conditions but just keep it healthy by feeding it right,making sure it has enough exercise and take it to regular vet visits in order to minimize the risk.

Kennel Club Recognition And Pedigree

As a designer dog breed, the Australian Shepherd Mix with Poodle is not recognized by the American Kennel Club or even by the one in the United Kingdom however the following kennel clubs recognize it:

International Designer Canine Registry

Designer Dogs Kennel Club

American Canine Hybrid Club

Dog Registry of America, Incorporation

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