Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle Guide With Pictures

Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle Guide

Australian shepherd mix with Beagle is a crossbreed between two fun-loving dog breeds an Australian shepherd and a Beagle dog breed. Also known as Aussie Beagle these are happy natured dogs and if they are well taken care of they can live for 15 years and over.

History Of Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle

It is unknown where the mixed breeds began.However, a quick look at historical data of the parent breeds of Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle, it’s easy to see what to expect from your Aussie beagle’s history. 

The Australian Shepherd’s ancestral background is from a working breed of dogs who were widely used on farms as well as ranches. These dogs used to help their owners toherd, directing and protecting flocks.

Rumors has it that the Australian shepherd we know of today is actually a most recent breed that was specifically developed in the farmlands of the United States. 

According to reports, this dog was developed to herd sheep and cattle and was most likely derived from basque shepherding dogs that were taken from Australia to America in the early 1800s.

As for the Beagle, its history is very long but its exact origins are still being speculated upon. There were reports of dogs that could have been beagles predecessors in England in the year 55bc,they were small hounds.Due to the beagles ability to hunt rabbits on foot with no need for horses since then they have been in Englands history.

When the civil war ended the Beagle breed was taken to America, their happy temperament, as well as good hunting skills, were received very well and this increased their popularity.

How Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle Looks

Aussie Beagle are medium dogs, they can reach the height of between 13 and 20 inches tall, and they can weigh 20 to 60 pounds, the coat colors you can expect from these designer dogs are as follows:

Grey, black, white, and caramel, these colors often come with an Australian shepherd parent so if this parent is more dominant on your Aussie Beagle mix you can expect one of them.

The Beagle often comes with these colors, white, fawn, black, tan, blue, red tick, red, lemon, and brown, you can expect one of these colors on your Aussie Beagle if this parent breed is more dominant.

Aussie Beagle mix may sometimes come with mismatched eyes, inheriting this from their Australian Shepherd parent but mostly Aussie Beagle mix often has blue eyes with the eyeliner.

Australian Shepherd Mix with Beagle Temperament And Personality

The Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle is a very intelligent, outgoing dog breed. Aussie Beagle loves attention and they also love to be mentally challenged.

They are energetic, loyal companions and if you own this dog it will want to be with you everywhere you go, if you do not train them and teach them that it is okay to be alone sometimes, if you leave them alone for too long they may become restless and become destructive.

These dogs are very good family dogs but when it comes to strangers they may be a bit reserved, however, they are very good with children if they have been socialized with them. 

If not socialized well they may perceive anyone as a threat and snap at them. Sometimes even the well-socialized dog should be monitored around small children,for the safety of both the child and the canine.

Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle Maintenance/Grooming

These dogs shed moderately and sometimes heavily. They shed throughout the year but it becomes heavy in periods of spring and fall so during those heavy shedding periods you will have to groom your Aussie Beagle every few days.

Bathing your pets as frequent as you can is key to keeping your home free from pet smells. So, make sure that you are giving your pups a bath at least once or twice a month. 

Their hair is prone to tangling and matting that is why you have to brush them every day. For ease of brushing your pet dog choose a slicker brush its more suitable because it will target loose hairs in the undercoat.

Now, clipping your dog’s nails long before they get too long is essential. Our Staffordshire terrier and Ginger get regular nail clipping at home otherwise if I left them they would get exposed but also they tend to keep dirt. 

Above all, once they become way too long,they can be uncomfortable for the dog to move across our laminate floor. Regular brush their teeth to prevent tatar build-up.

Their floppy ears are problematic too as they tend to keep a lot of dirt and this may increase the chances of bacteria so you should wash the ears as regularly as possible.

Activity Requirements For Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle

This breed comes from two very athletic dogs, and it requires a lot of exercise. The Australian Shepherd mix with Beagle needs at least two 2 hours of exercise per day. 

The exercise should include brisk walking, jogging, hiking they also respond very well to other activities such as freestyle dancing and competitive frisbee.

Arrange to have some playtime sessions with your dog as interaction with your Aussie Beagle is very important, this dog will also benefit from some quiet time with other dogs so once in a week take it to the park for at least an hour.

This breed is known to love to be around the human” pack’ so you should let it be around people as well, whether it’s at the park or at home with you and your family.

If your Australian Shepherd Mix with Beagle gets bored or frustrated it will become a serial barker and often escape so the best thing to do to keep this dog busy is to get it some toys that way when you are not around to keep it busy it will play with the toys.

These dogs will also appreciate homes where there is a big yard, where they can run around and explore, but the yard should have a fence and gate to make sure it won’t escape.

Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle Training

Success of training this designer dog will depend entirely on which parent breed your Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle takes after the most.

Aussies are very much trainable and are very intelligent, they love to learn but the Beagle are easily distracted and they become bored very quickly even more when they pick up a scent of something.

Still no matter which parent breed is more dominant in your Aussie Beagle,it is very important to socialise and train these designer dogs early in order to have a friendly,well balanced dog.

These dogs benefits the mostfrom practicing positive reinforcement, this is the best known training technique for an Australian shephered mix with Beagle.

With simple ebooks and dog training courses available, as a pet owner you should be able to regularly invent,find and create new tricks for your puppy dog to learn new skills, and as these dogs are more energetic, taking them to new places where they can explore as well as do activities to do which will provide their Australian Shephered Mix with Beagle lots of mental stimulation.

Remember to be consistent when training your dog,stick to same schedule everyday as the parent breed Beagles are known to lose interest quickly, if you start your trainings at different times everyday your dog will not learn quickly.

When training your dog to be obedient use treats as rewards.

Food And Diet Requirements For Aussie Beagle

Feed the Australian Shephered Mix with Beagle dry kibble atleast twice a day, make sure it is high-quality dog food, and for the first 6 months of raising your dog stick to the same food and change as your dog gets older.

1500 calories is enough to keep an adult Aussie Beagle energized all day long. 

Once in a while, give your Aussie Beagle some vegetables and fresh fruits as treats they would really enjoy that.

Australian Shepherd Mix With Beagle Known Health Problems 

Generally, crossbreeds are said to be healthier than purebreds, however, there are a few health issues that designer dogs may inherit from their parent breeds and for the Australian Shepherd mix with Beagle they are the following:

  •  Unlike other dog breeds, sheepdogs are known to suffer from eye diseases and the Australian Shepherd breed is just as more susceptible to eye deseases as the other hearding dogs.

Though each case is unique, the majority of eye problems in herding dogs is due to improper development of the eye which often leads to blindness as the dog ages. 

With technology advancement in recent years, you would assume that vets havgured out how to treat dog eye deseases, sadly there is no cure. 

The only thing you can do when getting a puppy aussie shepherd mixed with beagle is run tests which can be carried out to only diagnose and see whether your puppy dog is affected, clear or a carrier of this genetic desease.

Ussually, a quick check and medical history of ensure the Australian Shepherd parent of your Australian Shepherd Mix with Beagle is clear.

  • Epilepsy is also very common in both Australian Shepherds and Beagles so you should make sure that both parent breeds are screened and cleared from this health condition,it can be very dangerous.
  • Hip dysplasia is a health issue that is very common in Australian Shepherds and it is associated with so many of mobility issues for dogs as they age. This desease also lead to severe disability or debilitating arthritis which you can remedy it with pain killers and hydrotherapy.

Kennel club Recognition And Pedigree

As a designer dog breed, the Australian Shepherd Mix with Aussie Beagle is not recognized by the American Kennel Club however it is recognized by the following kennel clubs:

  • International Designer Canine Registry
  • American Canine Hybrid Club

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