Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix Care Guide With Pictures

Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix Care Guide

Australian Shepherd mix with Dachshund is one of the most sought after hybrid dogs after the Australian Shepherd Mix With Husky, along with the Australian Shepherd Mix With Poodle crossbreed.

The Aussie Dachshund is yet another crossbreed between a purebred Australian Shepherd and purebred Dachshund. It is known by other names such as Aussie Dachshund mix, this dog is very popular among people who love small dogs and it has got a lifespan of 13 to 17 years.

History Of Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix

By looking at the parent breeds of Australian Shepherd Mix With Dachshund we can know a bit about the history of this designer dog.

The Dachshund has been a popular breed since the 15th centuary.It was originally bred in Germany and was used as a badger hound,used to dig up badger tunnels,fox as well as rabbit.

These dogs had a lot of energy,with their short legs and strong backs,they were perfect for digging up and getting the job done.

In the late 1880s they arrived in the United States and the breed was then recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1935.

Nowadays their function is very different from that of their ancestors,they are used worldwide as lap dogs and they also rival some of the best hunting dogs.

The Australian Shepherd have a rich history as working on farms as well as ranches,they used to help their owners by herding, directing and protecting flocks.

The australian shepherd we know of today is without a doubt an epitomy of most newer hybrid dog anyone should ecpect to have come from the farmland crossbreeders of the United States in the late 19th centuary rather than Australia as the name might make you think.

It was developed to herd sheep and cattle and was most likely derived from basque shepherding dogs that were taken from Australia to America in the early 1800s.

How Australian Shepherd Mix With Dachshund Mix Looks

  • Height: 18 to 23 inches.
  • Weight: Between 35 to 75 pounds.
  • Coat:  Long haired dog coat (solid multicolored)
  • Ears: Long Floopy Ears
  • Head: Apple-shaped head

When it comes to looks the Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix mostly favors the long haired dachshund,these dogs never get large,they come with short legs and long bodies.They have a height of 18 to 23 inches and weight of between 35 to 75 pounds.

They come with different coat colors,the colors are mostly solid such as cream,black,red,tan,fawn,chocolate and wheaten.Sometimes the colors could be dappled.

They have got dark brown and sometimes black eyes,the ears are big and droopy, resembling a bit those of a Australian Shepherd.They have got a long tail.

Most of the time the parent breeds determine how big the Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix gets.

Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix Temperament And Personality

The Australian Shepherd Mix With Dachshund is a very energetic dog breed.

These dogs are very courageous and very dedicated to their families.They have got a great work ethic which it inherited from their parent breeds the Australian Shepherd and the Dachshund.

They are very confident dogs that are task oriented and will perfom very well in whatever activity they are given to do,they love to do dog competitions and many other dog games.

Even though they are very good family dogs do not expect them to be calm when they are around strangers.

They can make good guard dogs as they are known to bark a lot when they see a stranger or when they are in an environment they are not familiar with.

They are very good with children however they need to be trained and socialised from a young age.If not socialised you might have a dog that perceives anyone as a threat and bark at them.

In general these dogs are very good for any type of family but they are not suitable for apartment living,they should be in a home that has a big fenced yard.

Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix Breed Maintanance/Grooming.

These are low maintanance dogs depending on which parent breed they take after in terms of hair length,the Australian Shepherd sheds more than the Dachshund.

You have to give them a bath atleast once a month or whenever you feel it necessary.In order to keep their coat smelling fresh you can use deodorizing wipes that are made for dogs ,otherwise they have a fairly low odor, this will make sure they are completely stink free.

In order to keep their hair from tangling and matting you should use a slicker brush to brush them atleast three times a week.

They like to play so regularly check their nails for any dirt and cut them when they get too long otherwise they may be uncomfortable for your dog.

Frequently brush their teeth to prevent tatar build up.

Dog ears tend to keep a lot of dirt if not cleaned and that may increase the chances of bacteria so you should wash the ears as regularly as possible.

Exercise Requirements For Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix

Physical exercises are meant to keep your dog from being too destructive at home.The exercise will also help the breed stay happy as well as healthy.

These dogs need atleast an hour of mental stimulation per day.

The exercise should include taking a walk or going for a jog but minimise the jogging because these are fairly small dogs the exercise is mostly for their entertainment than their health.

The exercise is meant to keep them balanced,boredom can make them bark a lot for no reason.

There are other activities such as freestyle dancing, competitive freesbee and herding,you should introduce them to those too they would enjoy them.

Once in a while take your Aussie Dachshund to a place populated by people and dogs like the park in order for your dog to be better socialised.Also these dogs like toys,these will keep them entertained when you are not around.

Australian Shepherd Dachshung Mix Training.

In order to have a friendly, obedient dog it is very important to socialize and train your Aussie Dachshund at a very early age.

The most important thing you have to practice is positive reinforcement, this is the best known training technique for your Aussie Dachshund,it is also recommended by most experts.

These dogs are very interlligent and they love to please so they are fairly easy to train.They require a firm leader as they can sometimes be a bit stubborn, sometimes you may even need the help of a professional trainer in order for them to learn.

The recommended dog trainer is Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer,he has helped a lot of dog owners transform their unruly dogs into obedient ones.His methods are said to be safe and effective.

Food And Diet Requirements For Australian Shepherd Mix With Dachshund.

All dogs are unique and have got unique dietary needs so you should feed them based on their exact needs.

Feed the Australian Shepherd Mix with Dachshund dry kibble atleast twice a day however you should not overfeed them as this may cause health problems.

An adult Aussie Dachshund requires atleast 1300 calories a day,this shoud be enough to keep them energised all day long.

These dogs also enjoy treats so once in a while give them some vegetables and fresh fruits.

Known Health Problems With Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix

There are some certain health problems that may affect this dog breed and most of them are inherited from their parent breeds.These health problems they may be born with them or they may sometimes develop over time.

A reliable breeder will be honest with you from the start about the health problems or it is recommended that you take the dog breed identification DNA Testing. This can provide you with your Aussie Dachshund’s detailed genetic makeup and also screen for possible health issues so you can stay prepared.

Eye Problems In Aussie Dachshund: The Australian Shepherd are known to suffer from eye diseases so your designer dog may inherit this.

The majority of eye problems in cross bred dogs like the Aussie duchshund are caused by improper development of the eye and can sometimes lead to blindness.

Unfortunately there is no cure for this healthy issue,however, when tests are carried out to identify whether your dog is affected or a carrier, it gives you alot of room to adjust his dietary needs to mitigate the dog’s vulnerabilities.

You should ensure the Australian Shepherd parent of your Australian Shepherd Mix with Dachshund is cleared of any ailments long before you buy Australian dachshund puppies.

Hip dysplasia: Hip problems is also very common in Australian Shepherds it results from a malformation of the hip socket.

This can make your dogs life very uncomfortable as it can lead to lameness as well as painful athritis, although there is also no cure for this heath problem, you can remedy it with pain killers and hydrotherapy. 

Multiple Drug sensitivity: This is when a dog is sensitive to some ordinary medications that are mostly used by vets.This may also include the common heartworm preventatives like the ivermectine.

When your dog has got this health problem they wont be able to pump these drugs out of their brain.

keep in mind that by taking good care of your dog, keeping it on a healthy diet,taking it to regular vet visits and following the right instructions as to how to take care of it you may minimize for it the risk of some of these health problems.

Kennel Club Recognition And Pedigree

As a designer dog breed the Australian Shepherd Mix with Dachshund is not recognized by the American Kennel Club however there is no need for panic as this dog breed is recognized by the following kennel clubs:

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