Are Lab Beagle Mix Good Dogs?

Are Lab Beagle Mix Good Dogs?

Are you wondering if a Beagle Lab mixed puppy dog is the right choice for you and your family? Believe it or not, more and more families are adding on to their families a pet to make their family life complete, and the Beagle labrador mixed dog breed is undoubtedly enjoying surging popularity in recent years. But are Lab Beagle mix good dogs?

Beagle Labs mixes are an excellent breed of dogs to have as your next pet. They are great for homes with children. Lab beagle mixes also have good temperamental traits, gentle and patient with kids who can be hands-on with pulling tails and stumbles here and there. 

Pretty much like most Beagle mixes, these dogs can be laid back and get along with almost anyone. They will inherit the Labrador’s love of play, meaning they will enjoy playtime hours with the kids!

What Is It Like Owning A Beagle Lab Mix?

Beagle labrador mixed dog breeds are great family pets, perfect for their playfulness, and amiable temperament suited for family homes with kids. But if your lifestyle is anything short of outdoor and more about curling up on the sofa all day, owning a Beagle lab puppy dog mix is not going to be fun for you! 

Unlike Poochon cross breed puppies who may enjoy cuddling up your sofa as you binge-watch Netflix’s blockbuster movies, Beagle labrador mixed puppy dogs are different. 

So getting a Beagle lab crossbred puppy is going to be the biggest mistake you have ever made! I have no doubt you probably have read about how beagle puppies are an excellent family dog who is easy going and does not shed a lot. 

Owning a beagle as a pet dog might not be the best choice for you, especially if your home has other smaller pets. Beagles are naturally born with strong hunting instincts. 

Having smaller pets in your household will undoubtedly make them become easy hunting targets for them to practice their hunting exploits. 

Other than that, beagle dogs are perfect medium size, and affectionate personalities, Beagles have makes them a popular family pet to own, but they can be quite handful if not high energy for your lifestyle. 

If you also have kids at home, getting a beagle puppy works well as they bounce their energy needs off each other as long as you always have an adult around to supervise your Beagle play with children.

Why should you not get a Beagle Lab Mix?

Getting a Beagle Lab mix puppy dog is highly advised that you do with caution, and here is why:

For a start, both Beagles and Labrador retrievers from which the lab beagle mix is bred are so energetic type of dogs that they are best suited for pet owners who are active and love spending time outdoors. 

The likelihood of a lab beagle mixed puppy dog inheriting energetic traits from their parents is high. The outdoor lifestyle is the only place where beagle lab crossbred dogs would get a proper workout and sniff around as beagles are descendants of a hunting dog breed.

Is a Beagle Lab Mix High Maintenance?

Because Beagle Labrador mixed dogs tend to have a short-haired coat, they are low-maintenance dog breed as they require minimal grooming. They will need more exercising time to burn off their high energy levels, but all in all, these dogs are lovely dogs, well-loved by families with little kids and other dogs

About Lab Mixed With Beagle

The lab Mixed with a beagle is a mix between the Labrador retriever and the beagle. Both the Labrador and the beagle are purebred dogs. This cross breed also goes by the name beagador. 

The breed is known for being friendly, living as well as energetic. The dog is medium sized and weighs about 25 to 45 pounds. It has a height of 19 to 22 inches. Since it is a designer breed knowing it’s appearance, temperament and other traits can be very hard because it can take after either of the parent breeds. 

Lab mixed with Beagle Highlights At A Glance

Other names:  Beagador, Labbe, Labbe Retriever, Labrador beagle mix

Average height: 19 to 22 inches

Average weight: 25 to 45 pounds

Average size:  Medium Sized

Breed type:  Cross breed

Major health concerns:  Hip dysplasia, eye problems, CBS, ear infections, Beagle dwarfism, Epilepsy, myopathy, Patellar Luxation, heart problems, intervertebral disk disease and bloat 

Coat type: short and dense coat, Tricolor

Coat colors:  black, white, brown, orange, red, tan, tricolor

Grooming needs: low – moderate needs

Safe for children: Yes

Shedding: Moderate

Brushing requirements:  One to two times a week

Good with other dogs: Yes

Sensitive to touch: Highly

Barking: Low

Good pet: Excellent pet

Suitable for first time dog owner: Yes

Suitable for apartment: Moderately, fit well in a house that has a backyard due to their active and energetic nature. 

Training: Easy to train, they learn fast

Good with other pets: Yes

A tendency to gain weight: Moderate

Average Lab beagle mix lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Good tolerance to heat and cold: Yes (moderate)

Tolerance to isolation: No

A wanderer or roamer: Moderate

Average yearly medical expenditure: $460 to $560

Average yearly non-medical expenditure: $375 to $475

Breeding History

The Beagador comes from the Labrador retriever and the Beagle. Both of these are pure bred dogs and were bred for hunting purposes. The breed has a good reputation for being a great family pet and companion. 

The Beagador was originally bred in the United States. To know more about the details of the beagador we look at the Breeding history of the parent breeds. 

Breeding History: Beagle

The Beagle has been around since the 1800s. This breed was specifically bred to be used for hunting purposes. In 1885 the Beagle was recognized by the American Kernel club. The beagle has a great appearance. It also has a keen sense of smell. 

Today the beagle is known for its gentle and loving nature. It may also be stubborn and challenging at times. They are very good with children. 

Breeding History: Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever originates from Canada. This dog just like the beagle was also bred for hunting purposes. In 1917, it was recognized by the American Kennel Club. 

The Labrador retriever is a very popular dog, especially in the United States. The dog is currently on the first position in the American Kennel Club registry. 

This dog is very intelligent, friendly and it makes a good family dog. Police officers also use them due to their loyalty as well as intelligence. 


The beagador is a designer breed and therefore it can take the physical appearance from each parent’s breeds.

Knowing the parent breeds’ size and weight can help determine how the Beagador will look like. 

A Labrador has a height of about 21 to 24 inches and a weight of 55 to 80 pounds when it is an adult. 

The beagle on the other hand has a smaller weight and size, the beagle can have a weight of up to 30 pounds and a healthy of about 15 inches. The beagador can have a weight between any of those numbers. 

The Beagador can also take the coat colors of the parents. It may take over the Labrador coat which can be black, yellow etc, or the coat of the Beagle, which can be tan, black, blue etc.

Generally, the Beagador is a medium-sized dog, it has weight of about 25 to 45 pounds. 

Its height is 17 to 24 inches. When it comes to weight and the height, most females weigh less and are shorter than the males.  

The Beagador can have a coat that is straight and dense. The length of the coat is short. Both of the parent breeds have a coat that is straight. This coat also comes in many colors such as brown, red, black, white, orange and it can be tricolor. 

The coat can also have spots and markings. Generally the eyes are brown and the nose is black. They also have ears that hang downwards.  

The Beagador mostly takes the body structure of the beagle parent however this will also depends on the genes that are more dominant.


The temperament of the beagador depends on the traits that it has inherited from the parents because it is not a purebred dog. The beagle parent is a very friendly and loyal dog. 

They have a nose that has a great sense of smell. Because of this, the beagle makes very great hunting dogs. They also have a lot of energy and are highly active. Therefore daily exercises are essential.  

The Labrador retriever also has a great temperament. They are known to be friendly and loyal dogs. 

They may not be very good around other pets and children because of their huge size. 

The Beagador is likely to take on those traits from the parent breeds. In general the Beagador has a curious nature. It is also very friendly as well as energetic. They love to play and be around members of the family. The Beagador is also highly intelligent and can be stubborn sometimes. It can also become quite protective of the owners.

The dog also has a lot of ene gym and therefore they need exercises every day. They do not like to be left alone because they are not that tolerant to Isolation. 

When left for long periods they can be bored and become naughty. Although it may have a stubborn characteristics, as they grow older they may become less stubborn. 

The dog is not known for being aggressive but early socialization will also ensure that it’s reacts well when introduced to new pets and new people.

Training Needs

The Beagador is a very intelligent dog. When it comes to training the dog does not give you any problems because they learn very fast and it is eager to please the owners. 

Proper training is essential and the dog needs to be trained at a very young age. Sometimes the breed can be a little challenging and making the training seem harder. 

Training at an early stage helps to ensure that your dog has more time to practice what he has been taught. It also ensures that it has good behaviours and does not grow up with behaviors that you do not want in your dog.

The dog can challenge the owner in training sessions therefore consistency and patience is also required when training him. When training the dog, you should make sure to use positive reinforcement methods. When the Beagador does something right you can give him treats to reward him for doing something right. 

The pace of training on your dog will also depends on his age. You can start by training him slowly and then increasing the pace as he gets used to the training. 

Although a novice owner can train the dog, a professional trainer may be better to ensure that your dog has a great behavior and does not challenge your leadership. When training him you should also ensure that extreme measures like using physical force are avoided. 

In your training, you should also include mental stimulation training that will help ensure that the dogs mind is stimulated. 

You can also send the dog to puppy training classes to interact with other animals and easily accept other animals. This also helps to prevent behaviors like aggressiveness which may develop if the dog has not been trained properly 

Behavior with other animals and children

The Beagador is very friendly with children. The dog gets along very well with the children in the household. The dog has a tolerant and patient nature that makes it very great around kids. 

The Beagador also loves to be around smaller children and play with them. Early socialization and training is also very important in order to achieve this. 

The children also need to be taught how they can play with the dogs and how they can touch them. This is important because children may end up touching the dog in a way that may cause it to react in an aggressive way and accidentally hurt them in the process. Although the dog is very friendly, supervision should always be done, especially around very young children. 

When it comes to socializing with the other pets, the Beagador have hunting traits that they inherit from both parent breeds used for hunting back in the day.

 Therefore because of these traits the Beagador may end up chasing the new animals. Socialization is very important to ensure that the Beagador does not develop this behavior.

Exercise needs

The Beagador is a dog that is known for its high energy and activeness. The dog is very active and loves to play around. It loves to play games with the owners and do many exercises. 

You can take the dog for many exercises such as taking the dog for a walk, jogging and many other exercises. They can also participate in many games such as frisbee, fetch, ball and more. 

Due to their keen sense of smell and their curious nature. It is important to ensure that they are kept in a leash so that they do not run away from you during exercises. 

The dog also loves water and therefore swimming in exercises can be very good for them. 

It is recommended that they are given at least 60 minutes if exercises every single day. 

They also need a weekly mileage of about 14 miles. You can also play with it many sporting activities like agility as well as tracking. The Beagador are also very good at digging. Therefore it is important that they stay in houses that have a fence so that they do not dig. 

Exercises are also important for your dog because they help to ensure that the dog does not gain unhealthy weight and stays fit. 

It may also get restless if it has not been given enough exercise therefore it is important to ensure that they have enough exercise every single day. This will help to ensure that your dog does not become bored and develop some unruly behaviors like excessive barking, howling, chewing and digging.

Grooming Requirements

The Beagador has a coat that is dense and short in length. Because of this, they have minimal grooming requirements. Grooming is very important because it helps to maintain the health of the dog. 

The Beagador does not shed a lot and only sheds moderately. The coat only needs to be brushed at least once to two times a week. This helps in stimulating the skin and getting rid of unwanted fur. 

The Beagador does not need to be bathed frequently. This is because bathing can sometimes strip the skin of its natural oils. These natural oils help to keep the coat healthy, clean and shiny. 

Therefore they should only be given a bath if they really need it. When bathing them you should also use shampoo that has been given to you by the veterinarian. This helps to ensure that the skin does not dry out or strip it of the natural oils.

The nails of the dog may sometimes get long and need to be clipped. The ears also need to be examined for debris and ear infections. The teeth also need to be brushed in order to prevent dental issues.

 Regular check-ups at the veterinary are also important to ensure that your dog does not have any health conditions that you don’t know about. This also ensures that some health conditions are detected at an early stage and can be treated fast.


The Beagador is a medium-sized dog. Therefore it needs to be given a diet that is formulated for a medium sized dog. The food given to the dog should be of high quality and should give energy to the dog. 

When it comes to giving your dog food, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. For example, the age, the size, the weight and the health condition can play a role in determining the kind of food that you will give to your dog. The lifestyle of your dog will also play a role in the kind of food that you will give to your dog. 

The puppies should be given food that is highly nutritious and food that will help them to grow healthy and strong. The Adults also need food that has high nutrients and energy. They need to be given dry food. 

You can also ask the veterinarian to recommend the kind of food that you should give to your dog depending on the current condition that your dog is in. You should also keep in mind that the dog will not always eat the same type of food but it will change as they grow into adulthood. 

The exercise requirements of your dog will also help to determine the amount of food that they should be given. The dog should be given 1/2 to 2.5 cups of dry dog food. 

When feeding your dogs it is also important to check their eating habits because they may end up overeating and this may lead to overweight gain. Therefore checking their eating habits can help to prevent them from becoming obese.

Living Conditions

The Beagador is very friendly, active and energetic. The dog does not have specific weather conditions and easily adapts to cold climates as well as warm climates. The Beagador can adapt moderately in apartment conditions but due to the exercise requirements, they may do even better in homes with a yard that they can easily play around. 

The beagador is prone to stress and does not tolerate well to Isolation. Therefore they do not need to be left alone for a long time. Leaving them alone for a long time can cause your dog to become stressed and develop some unruly behaviors such as excessive barking and howling.

Health problems

The lab Mixed With Beagle inherit some health problems from the parent breeds. Regular veterinary checkups can help to determine Some of these health conditions faster and hence they can also be treated earlier. Some of the most common health conditions face by the Beagador are: 

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Ear infections
  •  Beagle dwarfism
  •  Epilepsy
  •  Patellar Luxation
  •  Intervertebral disk disease
  •  Bloating


The lab Mixed With Beagle is a crossbreed between the Labrador retriever and the Beagle. The dog is known for its high energy, activeness, friendly and loyal nature. They have a long life span of 12 to 15 years. Since it is a designer breed, it is almost impossible to guess the traits of the offspring. 

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