Are Husky Pitbull Mix Good Dogs

Are Husky Pitbull Mix Good Dogs

Ever wonder if Husky Pitbull mix are good dogs to addon to your family dynamics?

The Pitbull Husky Mixed type of dog breed is fast becoming a household pet breed of choice to have. And, for a good reason, Pitbull mixed dog with Huskies are an immaculate crossbreed dog loved by many families for their playfulness, loyalty, and how well they respond to training, making them one of the most intelligent crossbreed type of dogs to own. 

Suppose you are looking at adding to your family a pet dog. In that case, the chances are that you are looking for a quick learner, a pet dog who will just fit in effortlessly and must-have traits of loyalty, amiable but also high levels of tolerance for families with kids. So, are Husky Pitbull Mix good dogs?

Husky Pitbull mixed dogs are an excellent choice for puppy dogs to choose for your family if you are looking for a loyal and playful dog to have. 

The downside for owning Pitbull Husky mixed dog is how expensive they can be to maintain. Seriously, Pitsky puppies do need high-quality dog food, social conditioning through early socialization steps, and regular exercise along with grooming to keep them looking good.

Husky Pit Mix

The Husky pit mix is a crossbreed between the Siberian Husky and the American Pitbull Terrier. It is also known as the Pitsky. The breed can come in medium to large size. They are known for being energetic and loyal. The traits that they have are inherited from the parent breeds. 

The breed is very good for active homes because they have a lot of energy. They do not have many names and are sometimes simply called husky Pit mix or pit husky mix. 

This breed also has a lot of talents such as guarding, hunting as well as sledding. It has a long life span of up to 15 years. With early socialization, the dog grows up to be very good. Thy also requires the owners to invest a lot in taking care of them because they demand many things. 

The Breeding History

The Pitsky has been around for some time and it is not a new breed. The Pitsky is a mix between the Pitbull and the husky. 

The Pitbull

The pitbull was also bred to be used for fighting in Britain. They tend to be very loving and affectionate once they have been socialized at an early stage. Pitbull’s also come in many types such as the American Pitbull Terrier, American Bulldog.

The American Pitbull Terrier has been around since 1935. Back in the day this breed was used for baiting. It had qualities such as aggressiveness as well as courageousness. This dog is also known for its confident, alertness, and loyalty. The dog is also very friendly. 

A little About The Husky

Apart from the Siberian Husky dog breed, Many types of dogs in the Husky lineage that can be mixed with the Pit successfully. Some of them include the Alaskan Malamute and the Alaskan Husky. The husky mostly has features like those of the wolf. 

They are also larger sized and can have a weight of anywhere between 34 to 100 pounds. The size will also depend on the type of Husky and can vary depending on the offspring. 

They are also known for being strong and active. They can also withstand cold climates because of their thick coat.

The Siberian Husky has also been around for a very long time. The Chukchi tribe used this dog in northeastern Siberia. The dogs were used for pulling sleds. 

The Siberian Husky is known for its athletic nature. It is also very enthusiastic and active. The dog also requires a lot of exercise. The dog is also amiable and has a gentle personality.

Husky Mixed With Pitbull Highlights At A Glance

Other names:  Pitsky, pit Husky mix

Average height: 20 to 24 inches

Average weight: 35 to 80 pounds

Average size:  medium to large sized

Breed type:  Mixed breed

Major health concernsEye infections, heart disease, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, allergies

Coat type: short coat, shiny and long

Coat colors: Black, white, grey, sable or Darker shades, they can vary

Grooming needs: Moderate needs

Safe for children: Yes, early socialization is needed

Shedding: Moderate, can be high at times

Brushing Requirements:  Every day

Good with other dogs: Yes, it should be socialized properly

Exercise needs: High 

Sensitive to touch: Moderately

Barking: Not very frequent

Good pet: Yes, when trained and socialized at an early stage

Suitable for first-time dog ownerNo

Suitable for Apartment Living: Not very suitable for apartment

Training: Easy to train

Good with other pets: No, early socialization required

A tendency to gain weight: Yes

Average lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Hypoallergenic: No

Good tolerance to heat and cold: Great tolerance to hot weather, moderately tolerates cold weather if it has the pitbull coat and excellently tolerates if it has the Husky’s coat

Tolerance to isolation: No

A wanderer or roamer: Average

Average yearly medical expenditure: $485 to $600

Average yearly non-medical expenditure: $510 to $600

Pit Husky Mix Appearance

The Husky pit mix is a dog that is medium to large in size. The size of each offspring varies. Since it is a cross breed determining the appearance or the offspring’s traits may not be easy. However, knowing the parent breeds’ appearance can help give you an idea of what the breed will look like. 

The Pitsky has a weight of about 35 to 80 pounds. Most of the time, their eyes are almond-shaped. They can look more like that of the husky parent. They also have ears that are erect. Generally, the body is shorter and sturdy. They have a height of about 20 to 24 inches. The dog also has a long muzzle.

The dog can inherit the coat of the pitbull parent or that of the husky. If they inherit the coat of the pitbull parent, they can withstand cold weather conditions Moderately because it is thick, short as well as smooth. 

On the other hand, if they inherit the Husky parent’s woolly and long coat, they can withstand the cold conditions excellently. If they inherit the short coat they will be good for those who suffer from allergies unlike when they inherit the long coat. 

The coat color can also come in many colors such as black, brown, grey, white, brindle and other dark shades. They can also have a coat that is a mixture of these colors.

Pitbull Husky Mix Dog Breed Temperament

The Pitsky is a very active dog. Therefore they are a great choice for very active people. This dog can also sometimes have some stubborn traits that it inherits from parent breeds. Because of this it requires owners that are skilled in dealing with such breeds. 

The Pitsky is a very smart and affectionate dog. It is also very athletic and love to play around. The Pitsky also has many skills. The Pitsky can be used for racing, sledding, hunting as well as guarding. The dogs are also very loyal to the owners and they family members. They can also be very protective of them.

The dog loves to spend time around people and playing around. Therefore, you should avoid leaving the dog alone for a long time because it does not tolerate isolation very well and can easily get bored. Leaving it inactive and alone for a long time can also make it develop some behaviors like chewing, barking or becoming destructive. 

The dog can also challenge your authority sometimes especially when training it. Therefore, you should ensure that they are trained at an early stage to ward off these behaviors. It may not at well around other dogs, people or pets if it has not been properly introduced to them. 

Husky Pitbull Training Needs

The Pitsky dog breed is a very intelligent type of pet dog to own. Therefore, they are easy to train and they adapt very fast. You should also ensure that the dog is given proper training and adequate exercises. 

The Pitsky has the traits of a pack since it is a pack dog; therefore it may sometimes try to challenge your authority. In such a case you need to ensure that you are consistent and firmness in your training to show them who the leader is.

You should also practice patience when training this dog and give it the attention that it needs. The dog is very obedient and loves to please the owners. Training should start when they are still very young to grow up practicing and understanding everything you are teaching him. 

This also helps to shape him up with great behaviors. 

When the dog is still young you should train him at a slower pace than the one you would train him when he is young. You should increase the pace of the training as it grows. 

Positive reinforcement should always be used when training the pitsky. This involves giving him rewards and treats when he does something correctly. Since the Pitsky loves to please the owners, giving him treats will make him more dedicated. 

Physical measures or punishments should be avoided when training the dog because this may make him disrespect you or ruin the relationship they you may have with him. 

Mental stimulation exercises should be included in the training sessions. Such training will help to stimulate your dogs mind. The dog should also be socialized at an early age. 

You can also enroll the Pitsky in dog classes so that it can learn how to interact with other dogs and see new environments. You can take him for walks at the park or in the neighborhood.

Pitbull Husky Mix Feeding

The Pitsky is a dog that is medium to large in size. Therefore, it is given food that is suitable for that dog that is medium to large in size. You should also ensure that the dog is given food that is rich in high energy and essential proteins. 

The dog should be given at least three cups of dry dog food each and everyday. This food should also be divided into two meals. The balanced diet should be well balanced. It should have all the essential nutrients and the calories that the dog needs. 

You need to note how much food is given to the dog and the essential nutrients it contains. To be sure about the amount of food that you can feed your dog, or the type of food that you should give the dog, you need to consult a pet nutritionist and the veterinarian so that they can help you formulate the diet for your dog. 

The veterinarian or pets nutritionist will formulate the diet for your dog depending on multiple factors such as the dogs age, size, weigh and current health condition.

The Pitsky should not be given the same food Everytime. The type of food will change as it grows and this means that the Pitsky puppy will not eat the same food when it grows into an adult. The dog should also be active and not overfed because this may cause obesity. 

You should also monitor how much your dog eats and all its eating habits. Avoid giving it treats and rewards at any time because this can also cause unnecessary weight gain. 

Clean water is also essential to ensure that your dog stays healthy and fit. Ensure that it is given plenty of water every day especially after meals and exercises. This also helps to digest the food easily. 

Exercise needs

The Pitsky is very active, athletic and has a lot of energy. Because of this high energy that the dog has you need to ensure that it is given enough play time and exercises. The Pitsky loves playing around and exercises. 

You should make sure to give your dog at least two hours of exercise each and every day. Consistency should also be practiced. During exercise time you can take your dog for jogging, walks or other exercises like hiking. 

Exercises are very important as they help to prevent the dog from developing behaviors like becoming destructive, chewing, barking etc. It will also ensure that the dog is kept healthy and fit. 

Your dog should also be given mental stimulation exercises. Mental stimulation exercises also helps to reduce aggressive behaviors and prevent your dog from having mood swings. You can play games with like fetch, tagging games or give it toys to play around with. A backyard is a more suitable place for exercising your dog. 

Living Conditions

The Husky pit mix is a dog that is very active, athletic and energetic. Due to its activeness the dog is not very tolerant to Isolation. 

Therefore when getting the breed you should ensure that you are ready to meet it’s high energy levels. When left alone for many hours it can easily become bored or stressed and develop some unruly behaviors. 

The Pitsky is medium to large in size. This dog is suitable for medium to large sized homes where it can easily roam around and play around. The dog does not do well in apartment conditions. 

This is b cause apartment conditions cannot provide the dog with the space that it needs to comfortably play or run around. Large homes with a backyard are also great because the dog can easily vent out all it’s energy in the backyard that doing it in your home.

Behavior With Other Animals And Children

The Pitsky needs to be properly socialized and at an early stage. This ensures that it can interact well with the children and other animals that you can have in your household. The Pitsky is also very affectionate and friendly with the children. The dog loves to play with kids and they usually become great friends. 

When you leave the Pitsky with the kids, you should ensure that the dog has been trained and properly socialized, and that it maintains it’s best behavior. 

The dog can also inherit the pitbull trait of seeing small animals as prey and may chase them around. Socialization is very important to prevent this behavior. You should also supervise this dog when it is around other dogs or pets.

It is also essential that the children be taught how to treat the dogs to avoid accidents. For example, you should always tell them never to pull the dogs ears or the tail. No matter how friendly the Pitsky is, always ensure that you are close by when it is left alone with young children. 

Pit Husky Grooming requirements

The Pitsky has moderate to high grooming requirements. It has a coat that is short and thick coat. Grooming the Pitsky can be very tough. They need to be brushed every day because they shed a lot. Due to this shedding they are not suitable for people that may have allergies. 

When bathing the Pitsky, shampoo should be used. They should not be bathed frequently. The dogs teeth should also be brushed regularly. Make sure to always inspect the ears for debris, infections and pests. 

The nails will also need to be trimmed when they get too long. You can also ask the veterinarian to help you with a routine that you can use in order to take care of your dog. 

Pit Husky Mix Health problems

The Pitsky can inherit some of the health problems that are faced by the pitbull parent and the Siberian Husky. The dog can live for up to 15 years. To really understand an in-depth of the health of the Pitsky, it is important to look at the parent breeds’ health issues. 

Taking the dog to the veterinary for checkups will also help you know the current health condition of the Pitsky. The common health problems that can be faced by this breed include:

  •  Eye infections
  • Hip dysplasia
  •  Hypothyroidism
  • Heart disease
  • Allergies


The Husky Pit mix is also known as the Pitsky. This is a result of a cross between the Siberian husky and the American Pitbull Terrier. This dog is very intelligent, active, athletic, and friendly. It makes a good pet and suitable for homes that have children. Due to the activeness the dog requires active homes and large space where it can easily release it’s energy. 

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