Are Beagle Mixes Good Dogs? – 25 Best Beagle Mixes To Own.

Are Beagle Mixes Good Dogs?

Beagle mixed breeds bring the best out of two pure breeds that have the dynamic temperament to make a playful and affectionate crossbreed dog that loves to be around its owners and children. 

So, are Beagle mixes good dogs?

Yes! Beagle mixed crossbreeds are excellent dogs for families as well as those who live in apartment accommodation. 

Especially those looking for the best therapeutic pet dog could greatly benefit from owning one of the beagle mixes as they tend to develop a great bond with the owner.

And for apartment living, the beagle mixes do make one of the best lap dogs. … 

Regardless of how you look at them, they’re such an adorable and fun-loving dog breed, and I’d recommend them over and over for anyone looking for an amiable loving lap dog.

Ask any pet owner and they will tell you that Beagles are a cute dog breed that is known for their enormous personalities as well as a great sense of smelling abilities when used as trackers in rescue missions. 

Though they look docile and reserved, this dog breed is also very curious dogs in nature and displays an independent character. 

The breed originated in the UK back in the 14th century and has since become very popular in the US and surrounding countries. 

They are perfect for homes, and many of them are used as service dogs in the military and police. 

These short dogs appear very strong and have an erect tail. They also have a big coat, which requires less grooming than other dog breeds. 

Beagles are one of the most loved dogs in the US for many reasons. Firstly, let’s explore some of these reasons and find out if a beagle is a right breed for you.

  • 1. With Beagles being a type of dog breed that naturally comes with a great sense of smell, it makes them really accurate at tracking every time when they are used in the police or rescue service work. 
  • However, they are hard to train because they are easily distracted by smells. This led to them being labeled as a dumb dog breed.
  • 2. They are very playful and have an amiable temperament. Their friendliness makes them get along well with people and make good family pet dogs.
  • 3. The beagle breed is versatile. It can do a lot of things like swimming or going on runs which makes it perfect for an outgoing person. 

Overall, they seem to suit people with various needs. They can be crossbred with other breeds to produce mixes that are unique and carry genes from both parents. 

Below are the Top beagle mixed breeds that you can choose from. 

1. Raggle


The Raggle dog breed was produced from crossbreeding the Rat terrier breed and the beagle breed. They are sometimes called rat terrier beagle mix. They are very energetic dogs and like playing with their owners. 

These dogs are best suitable when they are the dogs in the home as they tend to get aggressive with other dogs. 

They beg for a lot of attention so they are very jealous dogs if you show attention to other dogs so be prepared to own one dog. 

Besides that, they have a great personality and get along with kids just fine. 

2. Boglen Terrier

Boglen Terrier

This dog is known for its tough and territorial instincts which make it a great watchdog. So this is the dog that will protect you and your premises. 

Its parents are the Boston terrier and the beagle breed. They are very energetic dogs so if you are a calm person, this is not the breed for you.

Other than that, they are loving and affectionate dogs. They will make excellent pets and family companions.

3. Bocker

This is a small dog that is very muscular and can come in all sorts of colors. They are highly territorial and have a very loud bark which makes them excellent watchdogs. 

The Bocker is a breed which resulted in a cross between the Beagle and the Cocker spaniel breeds. 

They are well recognized by their spaniel coats, which are long and need regular grooming.

This breed is friendly and can get along well with people as well as other types of pets in the house.

4. Beabull

Beabull dog breed

This is a breed that was produced after crossbreeding the beagle and the bulldog. These breeds have become very popular in the United states since their first appearance.

These dogs take on a lot of genes from the bulldog side as it has a wrinkled face and long ears, which appear droopy. 

They are loyal and affectionate to their owners. Along with being a good companion, this dog will get along well with your family as well, even kids.

5. Poogle Mixed Dog Breed


Being one of the most common mixed breeds, the poodle is a mixture of the poodle and the beagle breeds. 

The poodle alone is loved by many, so having it as a mixed breed with beagle traits is a great idea. 

These dogs are very intelligent which makes training easy. Plus they are affectionate and friendly.

6. Beago Mixed Dog Breed

Beago dog breed

This dog is very cute and can come in black, white, red or even tri-coloured. They have a silky coat which can vary in size based on the dominant genes. 

While Golden retrievers rank in the top 3 most loved dogs in the US, the beagle breeds are recognized for their versatility of activities. 

After crossing these breeds, they produce a mixed breed which is called the Beago or the “golden retriever beagle”

7. Doxie


These are adorable dogs that came as a result of the beagle and the Dachshund breeds. Many people praise these dogs for their good looks. They have a long muzzle, big round eyes and long droopy ears.

Overall, the Doxie is a very friendly dog and easy-going so do not worry about introducing new pets in the house when you have this dog as they well get along well. 

8. Reagle


Known for its loyalty, the Reagle is very good for any type of family. However they should be kept under supervision if they are playing with small children.

Its parents are the beagle and the Rottweiler 

They are curious dogs that like to wonder and spend time on their own.

 They show an independent trait as they do not usually beg for attention from their owners. Don’r be surprised if you see this dog chasing a rat, its their nature. 

9. Beagle point

Beagle point DOG BREED

This breed is very active, strong and has good hunting instincts. it runs at incredible speeds and likes to play long fetch games.

 If you are not very active, then this is not the dog for you as you

Its was produced from the Pointer and beagle breeds. 

The size of its coat depends on which genes were dominant but most times the beagle point takes on many pointer traits than beagle.

It is important to train these dogs on socializing for them to be open to meeting new people and new pets in the home.

10. Crested Beagle

Crested Beagle MIX

This unique breed is the offspring after crossbreeding the beagle with the Chinese Crested and they first appeared in the china back in the 17th Century. 

They have a beautiful thin coat which matches that of the Chinese crested. This means that the genes of the chinese crested are dominant.

However, these dogs are not suitable in very cold weathers because of their thin coat and may need to be covered to keep them warm in such climates. 

They are loving dogs and do not cost much to maintain. 

11. Borkie


This breed is best known for its playful character and happy temperament. The Borkis is a cross of the yorkshire terrier and the beagle breed.

They have a strong-built appearance and its coat is textured like that of the Yorkshire with cute round eyes. 

12. Bea-Tzu


If there is one word that can describe this dog breed, that word would be “Elegant”. They have a good personality and are loyal to their owners.

 They can sometimes display a calm character, especially when they are indoors.

These dogs are very protective, which makes them excellent watchdogs. These dogs are suitable for small families. They also tend to beg for attention from their owners.

Other than that, they are smart dogs and are loyal so once you bond with this dog, you have a best friend for life.

13. Beagador

Beagador mix

Beagador mixed dog is very energetic and has a strong body. Its parents are the beagle and the labrador retriever. They have a medium-sized coat which sheds during the shed season. 

They require grooming once in a while, so they are easy to maintain. 

They make great family dogs, but they require patience to train them. However, they are loyal dogs that will always protect you. 

14. Beaglemation

Beaglemation mix

These breeds are athletic and can play all day. They are a blend of the beagle breed and the dalmatian breed, so if you want these breeds, you will need to look hard because they rarely come by.

While the beaglemation may be a friendly dog, they do not usually get along with other smaller pets like cats because they have a prey-drive. 

These breeds are loyal, fun and very entertaining to have. Since they have so much energy, it is good to take them for a run or for some exercises to drain out their energy.

15. Beaski

Beaski dog breed

This breed came as a mixture of the Beagle and the Siberian husky. They are sometimes called the “Beagle husky” breed. 

Their appearances may vary according to the dominant genes so expect these dogs to sometimes look like the beagle and other times it looks more like the Husky.

They are very outgoing and have a good personality. If you want a dog that will get along with you, your family as well as other dogs, then get yourself a beaski. They are also loyal and give alot of respect to their owners. 

16. Bagle Hound

Basset Hound beagle mix

This breed was produced in France and it is coming from the two very iconic breeds, the Basset hound and the beagle breed. 

This dog has one of the best senses of smell which inherited from both parents. 

They have tall legs, which make this dog rank in the top 5 most tall beagle mixed breed. 

While this breed is a combination of the lazy character of the basset hound and activeness of the Beagle, you are more likely to have a dog that is inbetween.

 It can be playful when you want to play and sleep when you do not give it attention.

17. Boggle

Boxer beagle mix

This breed is the hybrid dog that was developed from crossing a beagle breed and a boxer breed so the hybrid tends to show traits of both parents.

From its boxer side, it inherited the muscular look and their athleticism. From its beagle side, its visible traits are the deep chest and the long droopy eyes.

These dogs are very active and tend to play with everyone in the family. They are also protective which makes them good guard dogs.

18. Meagle

Miniature Pinscher beagle mix

These dogs are fun to be around and have such a goofy character which is always entertaining. They are the dogs that will make you smile when you feel sad. 

They resulted from a cross of the beagle and the Miniature Pinscher breeds. 

They have a good sense of smell which they obviously inherited from the beagle parent. 

They are also very curious dogs.

The Meagle require socializing at a young age to encourage them to be friendly and to get along well with other dogs.

19. Beagi

welsh corgi beagle mix

Its parents are the Welsh Corgi and the Beagle breed. They have short legs and a low chest which are qualities that alot of people love because they are so adorable.

These dogs need training at a very young age and they also need to learn to be around other dogs of various sizes so that they should get along well when they get older. It is difficult to socialize this dog when it is already old.

Otherwise, these dogs are loving and can suit almost every home. This dog will make a great pet for a long time.

20. Pomeagle

Pomeranian beagle mix

This is dog is known for its friendliness that makes it a good companion. 

They were developed from crossing a beagle with a Pomeranian breed. They are so cute and have a soft coat.

These dogs are very intelligent but very hard to train because they easily get distracted by scents. So it important to be patient with them during training.

Overall they are affectionate dogs that will love playing with you.

21. Jack-A-Bee

Jack Russell Terrier  beagle mix

This breed was developed in the U.S.from crossing a beagle with a Jack Russell Terrier breed. 

These dogs are becoming common as they are still new breeds and have different variations based on coat color, height or behavior.

Despite that they shed, these dogs are easy to maintain and won’t require much resources to raise them.

Since parents have similar traits of friendless and loyalty, the Jack-A-Bee has these characteristics too. This is the type og dog you can take out with you. 

22. Beaglier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel beagle mix

This is a cross between the CavalierKing Charles Spaniel and the beagle. It was developed in Australia during the early 1990s.

These dogs are naturally very social and energetic which means you have a partner to play games with.

The Beaglier is also very good with kids hence it called a family dog. It easily gets along with everyone

23. Frengle

French bulldog beagle mix

Known for their cheerful and playful demeanor, this dog is great for people who are active. 

However, they can be stubborn during training so it is best to be patient with them during training and use methods of training that are not considered as harsh.

They are a combination of the French bulldog and the beagle so they are relativily small in size but are adorable.

Aside from that, these cheerful dogs like entertaining their owners and can get along with any pet you may have.

24. Malteagle

They are a blend of the Maltese and the beagle dog breed. These dogs are small and have a soft silky coat which feels great when you are holding them. 

These dogs are affectionate and like to be close to their owners. This, along with the fact that they shed less fur, makes them the ideal lap dog.

They are also friendly and will get along with your whole family along with any pets you have.

25. Puggle

pug beagle mix

This dog is known for its barking which is very loud and can bark for a long time, so it will take you some time to get used to this dog. 

It is a hybrid that resulted from crossing a Chinese Pug to a Beagle. 

Though they might be known for being lap dogs, they are also very playful with people as well as other pets. 

The puggle naturally has a big personality and, of course, very good looking.

Overall, these dogs are ideal for any type of family and can quickly adapt to their environments. 

Finally, after having chosen the breed based on your preferences and the breed’s characteristics, prepare your home to welcome this dog. It will become a big part of your life, as you will to it.

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