American Eskimo dogs Guide With Pictures

American Eskimo

Have you ever wondered if the American Eskimo dogs make excellent watchdogs?

The American Eskimo dogs are classy dog breeds predominantly used to herd livestock, guard dogs, livestock guards, and hunters. 

Originated from Germany, this dog is known as Eskie was brought to America, and it became popular so fast there, and it was no longer used as hunter or a watchdog but as a family pet.

 So yes Eskie dog breeds are natural-born watchdogs like the Alaskan Malamute, who are excellent watchdogs even though in some other countries they are used in the circus for entertainment.

 If you are looking for a medium-sized dog to keep as a pet, then Eskies are the best, although their bark can be very irritating, sometimes this dog can make a great family pet. 

This dog is one of the smartest dog breeds with a white coat, its size doesn’t really make it a less of a dog so watch out because it might attack you if you ever invade in its family private.

Although American Eskies are no longer used as watchdogs, this cannot mean that you cannot train a puppy Eskie to become a an excellent watchdog. 

Thanks to their natural protective instincts, the American Eskimo dogs are undoubtedly natural-born watchdogs. 

So if you ever need a beautiful, smart, intelligent, watchdog, don’t ever hesitate to adopt/buy, Eskie, it is the best amusing family dog that you can trust.

 Are American Eskimo dogs make an excellent family?

This alert pet can go from friendly and easy going to overly observant and reserved with people that he doesn’t know. 

While other Eskimos become good family dog’s others seem to struggle.

 These American dog breeds need a lot of attention and care; this makes it really difficult for busy families to have these kind of dog breeds. 

These pets can play well with older children but their energy can be a bit violent for baby’s but this dog is really friendly and it makes a great companion and they are very loyal, so if well monitored, it might make great, the amusing family dog.  

Quick Facts About the Eskimo dog breed

Known for its good looks the American Eskimo dog is really friendly, though little distant when around strangers. 

This breed moves with pride and with a smile, that’s why it’s so easy for humans to fall for this pet. 

The American Eskimo is a kind of dog breed that loves to be around people or other dogs, this is so because it can easily be depressed. 

They are used in the circus because they are perfect for amusements. These dog breeds might look really tiny but they weigh the same with big dogs so never underestimate Eskie.

 These pets need to train 20-40 minutes per day, below are some important facts about these dogs: 

  • Weight:30-45 pounds(Male),25-40 pounds(females)
  • Life span:10 to 15 years
  • Height for males: 12 inches up to 15 inches
  • Height for females 11 inches to 14 inches

                                                 History of this dog breed

The American Eskimo also known as Eskies are a cheerful and energetic dog breed created by foreigners from Germany who lived in the upper Midwestern United States. 

These dogs appeared in the united states in the 19th century that’s why they are to be said to have long and accident history. 

They were often found with the German immigrants and they were an offspring of a German spitz.

In the 19th century and into the 20th century, these pets became more popular in the circuses because they were great entertainers. 

Their physical attraction, trainable skills made them to be easily loved by people and they ended up having so much fans.

The German spitz has a curly tail just like most spitz, they have a thick coat, and pointed ears. 

This was refined into its flashy- all time version as time passed, although these pets have charming looks, they tend to be wild and violent. These pets can tear up cushions and couches and baby toys.

These entertaining dog breed’s popularity, highly increased and they had so many human fans that adored to stay with them as pets. 

The national American Eskimo dog association established the official standards if the American kennel club in 1970.

The Eskimo dog club was created to make the eskimos an American kennel club breed.  

In 1995 the American Eskimo dog had achieved full recognition, Eskie dog breeds have always been smart and beautiful dog as he was in the 20th century and he deserve a smart owner. 

All in all, this beautiful dog breed makes a great companion.

                                                 Physical appearance 

These dogs have a beautiful white coat; they seem really fluffy because they have soft thick fur. They have erect ears and small dark eyes. 

These dog breeds to have a face with a smile and this look makes them to be so adorable to their buyers. 

Eskie has tiny sharp teeth that make him look really scary when his burking or tearing things in the house. 

Although friendly, this dog always holds his head high and it seem to look really classy, why it is so attractive to humans. Compared to other dogs, this breed looks really tiny and really short.

                                                    Characters of these pets

Although the American eskimo dogs can be really stubborn, they are very loyal to their owners and can be very intelligent. 

They make great watch dogs but their Burk can be very annoying and loud. Eskimo dogs don’t really like to be alone, they love to socialise with other dogs and pets, so when going for a walk or out for shopping it would be really nice to take Eskie with. 

This dog doesn’t need much exercise, just medium effort daily will do but it loves doing a bunch of different things bso if you won’t give this dog what to do, it will simply find something to do.

On the other hand, if they have nothing to do they become really destructive and can tear up valuable things in the house. 

As I mentioned above that American Eskimos dog breeds are really intelligent, these dogs can easily run off without a trace.

                                                          Diet and Nutrition

Despite the fact that these American eskimo dog breeds move a lot, they can also can weight really fast, this is so because they have so much energy factors and that they have thick fur. 

Rubbing these pets can be necessary sometimes especially if you really want to know if this dogs are gaining or not because their fur can be difficult to feel. 

You should be able to feel the definition in your dog’s hips and a few ribs quite easy, though they shouldn’t protrude out either. 

Puzzle feeders help to slow Eskie down and burn off energy and this can really help your dog enjoy their high –quality dog food. 

Since this dogs are prone to gaining weight quickly, avoid food with high-fat since it might end up leading this dog to being fat. 

The American Eskimo dog breed’s energy is really good because it makes the dog’s owner to walk a long distance without them tiring fast easily. 

When deeding Eskie always do a proper health test because good health is much more important than just a veteran’s help, usually it is advised that the parents these dog breeds should be tested, a genetic test for that matter.

This dog can suffer from a diabetic disease if you provide food all the time without controlling its diet but this disease can also occur even if the dog is not gaining any weight so as I mentioned above, frequent check-ups might be really necessary to keep your dog health and fit.

Health Concerns

These are the following diseases that this American eskimo dog is vulnerable to, if extra attention is not being given to them:

  • 1.Hip Dysplasia-This is a condition in which the dog’s hip sockets are formed abnormally.
  • 2.Luxating Patella- the condition in which the kneecap dislocates from its normal position.
  • 3.Diabetes-A metabolism disorder in which the glucose-insulin connection doesn’t work.

                                                 Grooming Requirements

This American eskimo dog breed needs a variety of grooming tools, this includes rakes, bristle brushes, rotating-tooth combs, and a wire pin brush.

It isn’t advised to shave these pets even when its summer because this can damage their double coat. 

A lot of patience is needed when grooming these dogs, because these small, hairy and beautiful pets can easily get out of control. 

These breeds may need regular brushing because it helps to keep their hair in check and reduce shedding. 

The feathers of these American eskimo dogs are hard to remove once on the carpets, Mets an and blankets so that’s the other reason why brushing this dog breed is essential.

 In summary, the American Eskimo dog is a family dog because it is amicable and amusing. Still, if its diet is not well managed, it might lead to obesity, this dog is intelligent, and it is very loyal to its owner. 

Although stubborn sometimes, American Eskimo dogs make excellent family dogs. 

Besides, they are good watchdogs, and they can be very smart and brilliant too. If you are looking for a dog with these fantastic traits, then you should know that the American Eskimo dog breed is the best.